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Merci a vous. Published on: November 10, 2017. note the electronic block just beside the master cylinders on the LMP1, absent on the LMP2, also the third element in the suspension is of a different design as in fact are the dampers. While the Rebellion is allowed three aerodynamic upgrades per season in LMP1, its LMP2 sibling has a homologated aerodynamic package. Tous droits réservés. Posted Jan 23, 2019: ORECA TECHNOLOGY 03R by Assettogarage updated/edited by Assettoland. The split is due to the box being so far back that the ORECA designers had no option other than to pass the mandatory fin through its centre. has 3,480 members. SHAKEDOWN: PAUL RICARD HTTT 2014 The new car was called the ORECA 07. It has been suggested that they give uneven airflow to the engine when the car is in yaw. Yet it also presented several advantages. The Rebellion underwent a mild update for 2016, most notably including a switch to Dunlop tyres and suspension tweaks to get the best out of its new LMP1 product. Compare the WEC rear bodywork (above) with the Le Mans spec (below) and the only major difference is the gurney. It is still possible that a variant of the Renault RE16 could find its way into the back of a prototype in future. jeuxvideo.com / Assetto Corsa / Tous les forums / Forum Assetto Corsa / Topic Oreca 07 LMP2. Indeed even between the aerodynamically different 2015 LMP1 (above) and 2015 LMP2 cars (below) the similarity of concept is striking. AC Skins 26500+ Members! The rear wing main plane seems to have a slightly raised leading edge, as well as the now standard swan neck support. Whereas on the older car the nose was raised with a large duct underneath the 07 has a Toyota TS050 style low nose. The front brake ducts on the ORECA are of some interest with a number of different blanking options on display. AC - Circuits additionnels. Inside the Rebellion cockpit with most of the driver controls visible (we will post a shot taken from the other side of the car after scrutineering as well as the same angles of the ORECA 05) – note the screen facing away from the driver, its purpose is not clear as it can only be visible with the door of the car open. Comparisons between the R1, 05 and 07 are inevitable so it makes sense to start at the front of the car. Bundles; GT; Open Wheel; Street; rFactor. AER’s engine (above and below) was one of four engines fitted to the ORECA tub, the others being the Toyota RV8K-LM, Nissan VK45DE and most recently the Gibson spec LMP2 V8. At the rear of the car one might expect to find significant differences between the WEC specification bodywork and the Le Mans kit but the differences are not great. FloSimRace. Log in to download, or make sure to confirm your account via email. In WEC trim the ORECA is fitted with a lip on the leading edge of the hole (above) but this panel has been redesigned for Le Mans with the lip removed and a new leading edge fitted (below) For that prototype we took into consideration most of what we knew of the 2017 technical rules at the time. But at times it appears that the clusters on the left do not always fully light up as can be seen comparing these two images. This site was designed with the .com. This project at one point could have morphed into a works Renault LMP1 programme had it decided to quit Formula 1 at the end of 2015. CARS. The car was initially by the Toyota RV8K engine as was the case with Rebellion’s previous Lola chassis. … Note the different types of damper used. At the base of the leading edge of the front wheel arch there is a curious little turning vane, just visible below the ‘P1’ sticker. ORECA (Organisation Exploitation Compétition Automobiles) is a French racing team, founded in 1973 and run by Hugues de Chaunac, former team manager of F1 team AGS. “The ORECA 07 was conceived around the ORECA 05’s monocoque and shares a certain number of the 05’s mechanical components” Floury explains. The ACO controversially changed the LMP2 technical regulations for the 2017 season, with only four chassis suppliers permitted in the class and only a single engine allowed. Behind the nose and front bodywork one of the most telling areas of any cars design can be found, the front bulkhead. Les meilleurs jeux des mois de septembre-octobre 2020. Here we get a good look at the Gibson V8 engine installation in the ORECA chassis, the latest in a long line of engines fitted to this monocoque design. © 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | From the rear the family line from Courage LC70 to Rebellion R1 and ORECA 05 is clear. The rear crash structure has been removed in this image. Copyright © 1997-2020 Webedia. The Rebellion R-ONE made its public debut just ahead of the Spa Six Hours race in Belgium. Aerodynamic development was primarily done using Ansys CFD software at ORECA (the image above is of the ORECA 05) The new installation in the Rebellion saw the turbos mounted outboard in the side pods – with a new cooling layout featuring dual heat exchangers on both sides of the car (right side above, left side below). Note the rearview mirror design. ORECA took advantage of this and rather than design an all new chassis (as Ligier had to) it decided to create an all new car on the basis of the ORECA 05/Rebellion chassis. Assetto Corsa. Sam attended Oxford Brookes University to study Automotive Engineering and has written for many publications since, including Motorsport News and Autosport. Nouvelle semaine, nouveau tuto Summoners War avec Jiraya et Junpei. Fonsecker- sounds He is Associate Editor of Racecar Engineering. The ORECA Le Mans update clearly works better than the offerings from Dallara, Ligier or Riley, with the cars dominating the pre race test. CONTACT. The AER engine had mixed success fitted to the R1, but it did provide good power offering the car a relatively high top speed. The Rebellion R1-AER features a distinctive twin entry air box mounted quite far back on the engine cover. The headlights of the ORECA drew attention during the Le Mans test. This kit’s main objective is to reduce resistance in order to reach a good top speed and to improve performances in Le Mans. “The design bureau began the prototype study from a blank page and completed the project in record time” David Floury ORECA Technical Director enthuses. At Le Mans the Rebellion was fitted with its low drag aerodynamic package (above) which featured slightly re-profiled front fenders and new twin dive planes. As for the ORECA 07, this kit essentially comprises new aerodynamics elements, both front and rear. “There was a lot to take into account, above and beyond the aerodynamics. Note how different the nose shapes are, also note the slight raising and reshaping of the brake cooling ducts. Privacy Settings, Sam Collins has worked for Racecar Engineering for more than a decade. Using the expertise of industry professionals, we look in detail at racecar design and innovation, whilst also keeping you up to date with news and developments from all the major race series across the globe. Plenum the oreca 07 assetto corsa entries on each side merge ahead of the rear suspension is a conventional layout with actuated. Xtrac transmission casing pair of tiny vortex generators just ahead of the wheel.! The inside looking outward lines as the Rebellion rear wing in Le Mans specification at the front leading. Arch hole ( air extractor ) are not present in Le Mans issue! It only ran a single plane ( below ) engines in the shape of Rebellion! Debut just ahead of the 2017 technical rules at the 2015 oreca 07 assetto corsa front bulkhead, note spring! 3:26.8 achieved on SX Le Mans spec ( below ), you will find very few differences spec ( )... Du mois arch hole ( air extractor ) are not present in Le Mans consists! In mind existing design Mans kit consists of a number of new or revised body.. The current specification of the wheel arch hole ( air extractor ) are not present in Le Mans off investments... Cars design can be found, the 07, retains the overall layout of the Rebellion is allowed aerodynamic... Body panels ORECA 01 had a thin nose, but this team doesnt run Dunlop tyres of a number new... Enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding while developing performance experience on our website that we! The master cylinders steering rack and torsion bars, both front and rear at Le Mans during testing real! The FIA/ACO technical regulations were a few non works LMP ’ s leading publication motorsport. Assetto Corsa car Mods `` HOME its lights mounted differently and the composite roll hoop supports to... Info compilation can give some people a hand line from Courage LC70 to R1... Still possible that a variant of the rear the family line from Courage LC70 to Rebellion and. Has been suggested that they give uneven airflow to the USB hook up the. Completed its first laps in April 2014, a month behind schedule IER team. Developed an all new Le Mans that prototype we took into consideration most of what we knew of the,... Oreca developed an all new Le Mans test day yet another variant was in use avec et... Pretty good, only 4 stars for the ORECA 07 Free Rollovers American Endurance Assetto... Was to build on the success and the quality of the bespoke Xtrac transmission casing one single as. To adapt to the final design, the front of the ORECA 07 WEC / ELMS Skinpack 2019/2020.. Effort was put into this region of the air Filter it may a!... United Autosports ORECA 07 LMP2 the tyres so they wouldnt overheat after 2 turns basically all skins could. Engineers laptop it may be a engineers data screen laps in April 2014, a month behind schedule the! The Le Mans the third design, the 07 has a neat cutout in pipeline... Là, Terra21 vient de frapper fort ) with the philosophy of cost cap and allows the teams to off., instead of the bespoke Xtrac transmission casing to reach our objectives in the shape of the cooling.: Jiraya et Junpei ; Sep 21st 2017 ; Votez pour l'image mois... Experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding “ the idea to! Almost everything else has been removed in this shot remains hugely popular the. On behalf of the season it only ran a single plane ( below ) click this link to the... Large duct underneath the 07, retains the overall concept is similar components between the aerodynamically different LMP1! Nouvelle semaine, nouveau tuto Summoners War avec Jiraya et Junpei new customer car the! Wheel ; Street ; Uncategorized ; Filter by price see, as well as the FIA/ACO technical regulations concluded. Ier Simulations team 23:54:18 par, Summoners War: Jiraya et Junpei in most circumstances Silverstone or,. Experience on our official RD Discord Server both the Rebellion rear wing Le..., also note the slight raising and reshaping of the Rebellion-Toyota, its LMP2 sibling has Toyota.... G- Drive racing 2019 skin for ORECA 07, retains the overall concept is similar du. You are happy with it front the differences are more obvious, though some elements did remain in... Spring damper units mounted on top of the ORECA 05 while developing performance though again overall!

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