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Protect. Bridges are an ominous, especially at night. [19] The wiki is moderated by staff teams; each team is responsible for a different function such as community outreach and discipline. Your walking home at night and you cross a heavily fogged bridge and then you hear it. Newsom, E. T. (2013). The floor boards creek under my every step, followed by the echo of my haunting shadow whom I never see. 1: New Home The reports are written in a scientific tone and often "redact" information. If an SCP is too widespread, elusive, or otherwise inaccessible, containment consists of suppressing all knowledge of the SCP from the public. PhD dissertation, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 11:51. Inventive and creative directing, unusual characters and truly terrifying situations make these 5 films some of the best horror films in recent times. [36], In October 2014, a stage play entitled Welcome to the Ethics Committee was performed in Dublin at the Smock Alley Theatre. They have tiny hairs that allow them to climb, they have no eyes and nothing to indicate that they have a brain. It enjoys taking on the forms of various entities and villains from horror and science fiction films it has seen. [6][26], The Wikidot website routinely holds creative writing contests to encourage submissions. SCP- “It’s not a sphere...I think.”. You think of big bubbly, kind squishy goons. [2] In July 2008, the SCP Foundation series was transferred to its current Wikidot website after EditThis switched to a paid model. It can gain energy from anything it consumes (organic or inorganic) allowing it to regenerate in the acid it’s submerged in. Like Lovecraft, SCP Foundation case files generally lack action sequences and are written in a pseudo-academic tone. Think of SCP-2006's purpose. A pair of bio-mechanical organisms with a single large eye each. A mummy which excretes honey from all openings at all times. His lustful gaze flicked across my body repeatedly throughout the night, at least I had him hooked since the night began - it would make him more easy to surprise. Finally, after a military contingent was dispatched to investigate, they quickly withdrew and contacted the Foundation. Any SCPs on this list that are not on the planned list will not re-introduced. A gas mask which can be used to transport the user to a Lovecraftian version of Moscow, Russia. [5], The existence of SCPs is withheld from the public to prevent mass panic and to allow human civilization to function normally. Those in SCP-597's presence describe it as a "mental pull" leading us to the conclusion that it is partially telepathic, although it also obviously appeals to deep instincts and is hormonal as well; endorphins associated with breast-feeding and maternal comfort are released. Test subjects acquired by the Foundation (referred to as D-class) are used to interact with dangerous SCPs due to the danger posed by those SCPs and the expendability of the D-class. [33], Bryan Alexander, writing in The New Digital Storytelling stated that the SCP Foundation is possibly "the most advanced achievement of wiki storytelling" due to the large-scale and recurring process through which the SCP Foundation's user-base creates literary content. Continuing their conversation, I excused myself to the kitchen to gather the cake and plates: When a beloved classic film is adapdated for TV, the first question is 'why? These are the important rules that all members of the S.C.P Foundation must follow. One of its favorite forms being Ro-Man from the 1950s film .css-u6hpqs-Italic{font-style:italic;}Robot Monster. There are currently 20 of these entities such as Mr. Headless which you guessed it, has no head and Mr. Brass who is a robot-like humanoid made of brass. Rather, the horror of the series was often established through the reports' "pragmatic" and "deadpan" style, as well as through the inclusion of detail. Be sure to like and share this story. [6] She noted that special containment procedures rarely contained gratuitous gore. [27] For example, in November 2014, the SCP Foundation held a "Dystopia Contest" in which its members were encouraged to submit writings about the Foundation set in a bleak or degraded world. Anyone who has came into contact with SCP-1048 have reacted positively to SCP-1048’s gestures. Oh, now I remember. [28], The Wanderer's Library is a sister website to the SCP Foundation. When an object casts a shadow on SCP-017, it will react quickly by enclosing the object in its shroud. Maybe I should write more about Dr. Wondertainment and the Little Misters in one of my next stories. [34], Andrew Paul, writing for Dark(ish) Web on Medium, noted the large variety in style throughout the works and related the short-writing format to current trends in digital media such as Snapchat and Vine. You just close your eyes, you think of balloons. [1][12][note 1], The SCP Foundation has received largely positive reviews. All life functions stop temporarily and will restart at 2-3 times the activity rate of a normal human. SCP-682 is a reptilian creature of unknown origin. In the back of your room, in the back of your head. The site is free to view to people without an account. Smiles all around as I sliced the cakes accordingly, this was a peaceful moment. Anything they do eat will circle in their respiratory system until they regurgitate it. "[32], Winston Cook-Wilson, writing for Inverse, compared the SCP Foundation to the writings of American author H. P. Lovecraft. Item Number Item Class Description Version Added Link SCP-106 Keter. Back into the dining room, I sat with three most important people in my life , all of us gathered at last- they deserved to be saved from their lives of torture of work. SCP-682 has extreme regenerative capabilities and resilience, being able to move and speak with 87% of its body destroyed or rotted. It was discovered by Dr. Wait, do I? Well unfortunately, this is so SCP-1048 can lure people into a false sense of security. Powered by Vocal © 2020 Jerrick Ventures LLC. When you need some presents in neon pink wrapping. [6] Every article on the wiki is assigned a discussion page, where members can evaluate and provide constructive criticism on submitted stories. They usually kill their prey with a bite to the head or neck and have a bite force of 35 MPa. [6] In a typical article, an SCP object is assigned a unique identification number. [22][2] The EditThis website did not have moderators, or the ability to delete articles. Bottles of soda that, when drunken, increase the drinker's metabolism, however have adverse effects when consumed too much. More in the sense that it only helps, not harms. The Foundation has inspired numerous spin-off works, including the horror indie video game, SCP – Containment Breach. In the pages of fantasy books that you read. It can corrode anything organic or inorganic breaking it down into a pool of the substance. The whereabouts of SCP-1048, A, B, and C are currently unknown and are still believed to be somewhere in site 24. The SCP Foundation maintains documentation for all of the SCPs in its custody, which can include or link to related reports and files. SCP-610 is a very contagious skin disease that was discovered in Russia after local police, regional police, and a government agent all failed to report back within 72 hours when investigating the disappearances of local farmers in the region. Is it taken to another dimension? A candy that, when consumed, makes the user's blood emerge as pink soap bubbles. Please check out my other stories and be on the lookout for more scary content written by yours truly. Those infected with the disease develop itchy, rashy skin and increased skin sensitivity. Carver as he was writing up a report on the SCP-1048-B incident. Anyone within 5-6 feet of the mask or in visual contact with it will have a strong urge to put it on. Lovecraft Fans", Seven Seas Licenses Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? The intentions behind this is unknown. A variety of ducks with strange properties. SCP-035 has been shown to have a highly intelligent and charismatic personality, being friendly and flattering to anyone who interviews it but careful, because it uses this personality to manipulate people. It does not really serve any purpose other than emitting AMN-C227 (will explain later). Those who were closer to it grew ear-like growths on their bodies and died soon after. Including deliberately humorous "joke" SCP objects, SCP objects that were archived in lieu of deletion, and translations of SCPs from foreign language branches. Some may root themselves into the ground, branch out to all surrounding areas and consume them. SCP-017 is a humanoid entity similar in shape to that of a small child and no discernible features are visible. [23] Wikidot users are required to submit an application before they are allowed to post content. [2] Members communicated through individual article talk pages and the /x/ board; the website lacked a central discussion forum. The following is a list of joke SCPs currently in-game (should any joke SCPs be upcoming, they will be in the chart above). The list on the game's discord this list draws from no longer exists, so everything on this list should be treated as pure speculation based on information provided in the past. ", _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9: the mysterious tale terrifying Reddit, "Scare Season: SCP, the Creepypasta for 'X-Files' and H.P. A machine with five settings that can refine an item to varying degrees. Imagine what would happen if SCP-2006 broke containment, and found out what really scared people. dedicated to secure, contain, and protect any and all anomalous objects, entities, creatures and locations. Others will seek out other living organisms to infect. It wishes to scare people. Now I will go into detail about how SCP-1048 created them and the events that followed its creations. While Foundation members are allowed to interview it, take pictures, take video/audio recordings, take notes, or illustrations, the information just leaks out of their minds as they leave the containment site. Imagine if it saw the horror and fear of war, or the concepts of paranoia or phobias common to each and every human being. I walk around my gloomy house feeling the shiver of a cold spirit following my every turn. Removed SCPs currently planned to come back are also on this list. SCP-1048 is a anthropomorphic teddy bear that communicates through a series of small gestures like hugging people’s legs, dancing, jumping and drawing child-like pictures. [11] The SCP object is then assigned an "object class" (for example, "Euclid" or "Keter") based on the difficulty of containing it. A bowl of candy that will sever the hands of whoever attempts to take more than two candies from the bowl. The S.C.P. To create this one, SCP-1048 used ears it severed from Foundation members. It will attempt to scare or startle any individual who comes in contact with it but after doing so, will become affable and friendly. [29] It uses the same setting as the SCP Foundation, but is made up of fantastical stories rather than scientific reports. What are some of your favorite SCPs and were there any that you thought were worthy of mentioning in this list? Foundation? Think there could be an organization like the S.C.P. A pair of 3D glasses that, when worn, reveal several entities hostile to touch. Just by talking about it I’m endangering myself, so if you don’t want this thing coming after you, I’d suggest you move onto the last entry. A colony of crystal butterfly-shaped organisms. Normal human features become distorted and random mutations occur such as extra limbs and certain parts of the body may split open where branches of flesh will grow. When they open their mouth out comes Wondrous sound. The night started of as laughter, food and reminiscing of past events and memories coating my brain with a sense of nostalgia and belonging.

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