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Grand Central would also compete in ‘battle of the bands’ against many Minneapolis funk acts, including Flyte Tyme, which was led by Terry Lewis of future Jam & Lewis fame. Andre Cymone Prince encouraged his new friend to join him in a band that became known as Grand Central, with Prince’s cousin Chazz Smith, Hollywood Doughty, and Andre’s sister Linda in 1972.

Prince's cousin Charles Smith started the band Grand Central and later invited Cymone. Cymone’s stage name comes from a variation of his middle name, Simon; he added an accent on the "e" of his first name and turned it into "André", the french spelling of "Andre". The packages included early MP3 downloads, signed CDs and one-off personalised items. In 1994 he wrote and produced the song "Something For Your Head" on Tom Jones' "The Lead and How to Swing It" album, for which he also contributed backing vocals. Jody Vanessa Watley (born January 30, 1959) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and artist whose music crosses genres including pop, R&B, jazz, dance, and electronic soul. Start the wiki. Trust me It wasn’t easy after a 27 year hiatus but I’m glad I did. Andre Cymone Popularity . Leave feedback, André Cymone (born Andre Simon Anderson) is an American bassist, songwriter and record producer.

The two later resolved their issues and Cymone, managed by Owen Husney, went on to release 3 solo albums – Livin' In The New Wave (1982), Survivin' in the 80s (1983), and AC (1985). “We all want to feel a part of that biking pride, that skiing pride, that ice fishing pride,” said Cymone regarding Minnesota’s whitewashed state pride. Nikki Sixx. I’m not gonna bore you with how it happened, but Trump got elected under shall we say, suspicious circumstances that they still haven’t gotten to the bottom of, Campaign Chairman in Prison, his personal lawyer in Prison, his Head of National Security convicted of lying to The FBI and he (Trump) refuses to show us his tax Returns….That kind of suspicious. Oh right, so there’s a Global Pandemic. Day’s mother helped the band catch the interest of Isaac Hayes, but his backruptcy prevented him from signing the group. He talked about how eye-opening it was for Prince to move in with his family, where André and his brother talked to Prince about their encounters with Minneapolis police. André Cymone, is a bassist, singer and songwriter known for his association with mega superstar Prince. The single reached number 10 on the Billboards R&B charts. His song, "The Dance Electric", reached number ten on the R&B charts. Prince’s parents were separated, and eventually he became so at odds with his parents that he moved in with the Andersons. André succeeded in getting them a deal with Columbia in 1983; he wrote or co-wrote all of the material, including the single "Don’t Waste My Time. Black Lives Matter was released in 2017, written in 2015, Our World Is on Fire was written in 2019 and they feel as if they were written for today.

His song "Better Way", performed by James Ingram, featured on the Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack released in 1987.

After having rehearsed for a few month André plays his first concerts as Prince’s Band bass guitar player; they performed two shows in Minneapolis: The Imperials Sessions I think what happened is eventually he ran away. I don’t need to tell you because I think you already know, there’s a whole lot of love all around the world for you. On 9 March 2013, André played play at the 2nd Annual Benefit 2 Celebrate Life held in First Avenue, Minneapolis (MN), USA. Bassist. Imagine that! Minneapolis came together to stand up against injustice and within days the whole world joined them. Life is a series of choices and every choice affects where you are in any given moment.

I always imagine that the songs I have written in hopes of touching people and getting the world to pay attention to injustice long overdue for reform, will become a reflection of a time that no longer exists, but that hasn’t happened.

Like singing your songs around the world from First Avenue to Montreux. Thank you to everyone who has purchased “Our World Is On Fire” and for helping us donate to three organizations doing seriously important work for our times. Bassist. Bassist. Bassists. Andre Cymone Fans Also Viewed . R&B Singer. Shampayne André signed with Columbia Records and released Livin' In the New Wave in 1982, completely written, produced, and composed by him, which was focusing on the synth-driven new wave sound that many rockers were opposed to. Do you know any background info about this album? Not just as his bassist, but his best friend, his housemate, and near enough his brother.

Ten minutes to get in the car, start to drive, get on the freeway, drive all the way to their school, it takes ten minutes.”.

Born Andre Simon Anderson in Minneapolis in 1958, Cymone grew up alongside Prince. They recorded four songs for "The Imperials" project, a band Tony Sylvester was considering producing, at Music farm Studios in New-York: They also used the occasion to record demos for With You and Do Me, Baby, a song written by André.

André Cymone’s sister Linda Anderson (keyboard) and soon after William "Hollywood" Doughty (percussion) also joined the group. 62 Year Olds. Cancers. They were sometimes referred to as 'Grand Central Corporation' after Morris Day’s mother started managing them. The Vault: The Definitive Guide to the Musical World of Prince (2004), 2nd Annual Benefit 2 Celebrate Life: Bobby Z. and Friends,é_Cymone&oldid=223592, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

In early 1976 André, Prince and Morris Day recorded a demo at ASI Studio, a 16-track facility in north Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they cut six original songs: In the spring of 1976 they did more recording at Moonsound, an Eight-track studio located in Lake Nokomis, south of downtown Minneapolis. Sounds crazy I know but that’s what I heard…I know what I think you’d say and do but I would LOVE to hear it from you, somehow I imagine you would have me with tears in my eyes laughing my behind off…. They met in the 7th grade at Bryant Junior High School. In the 80’s and 90’s, André Cymone also co-wrote and produced songs for other artists, such as Pebbles, Lalah Hathaway, Jermaine Stewart and Adam Ant.

Andre added his accented e (André, the french spelling) for his stage name. Cymone was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1991 he wrote and produced Jermaine Stewart’s single "Say It Again" (on his album "Say It Again" on Arista). [3] Around this same, in 1975, Pepe Willie (the former husband of another of Prince's cousins), started the funk band 94 East, with members Cymone and Prince.

People from all walks of life, of all colors came out to stand with and for Black lives, for Black Justice and for Black equality. The you that was always there but not everyone got to see. André Cymone, is a bassist, singer and songwriter known for his association with mega superstar Prince.

“On its best days, it’s really a slice of heaven, you know? Age has been great to him. He also composed, arranged, performed and produced 5 songs for Jody Watley’s third studio album "Affairs of the Heart". [1] Cymone began a solo career in 1981. Sometimes I think about that journey and I honestly have no regrets. [2] Prince's cousin Charles Smith started the band Grand Central and later invited Cymone. © 2020 Minnesota Public Radio.

The album didn’t sell well and the Girls were dropped by Columbia just before splitting up in 1985. Andre Simon Anderson grew up in Minneapolis Minnesota with Prince.

The "Arms around the Northside" concert featured Minneapolis 94 East, Marshall Thompson & Chi-Lites, André Cymone and Bobby Z.. On 6 September 2012 André released a digital single, titled "America", in aid of United States President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign with all proceeds from the sale of the digital single being donated to the campaign. The son of Fred Anderson, a musician, and Bernadette, a social worker, Cymone was the youngest of six children. Listen Live, Acoustic, Americana and Roots On August 27th 2011, The Minneapolis Urban League organized a Minneapolis Family Day party with live events and workshops. Andre Cymone Fans Also Viewed . 1981 European Mini-tour They initially did not have a name, but when Terry Jackson (percussion) joined they briefly went by Charles; Cousin & Friends, Phoenix, Sex Machine, finally settling for Grand Central. Nearly 30 years would elapse before Cymone released a new album, 2014’s The Stone . Born Andre Simon Anderson, Cymone was a bass player in Prince’s touring band, from 1979 to 1981. Neither album gained attention and went out of print with time.

Cymone is not his birth surname either; he adopted it to liken it to his middle name, Simon.

The pair collaborated extensively until 1993. He was credited as keyboards player and producer of Pretty Poison’s 1988 album “Catch Me I’m Falling”. I don't know what Andre Cymone is doing now, but I have seen a recent pic of him and he is foine as hell.

Cymone, however, doesn't look old enough to remember that year: he could easily knock 15 years off his age of 59 without anyone raising an eyebrow. This page was last modified on 4 September 2020, at 15:46.

Well, I won’t go on, I just wanted to reach out, wish you a Big Happy Birthday and let you know what’s goin On. Andre Simon Anderson (Andre Cymone) He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the son of Fred Anderson, a musician, and Bernadette, a social worker. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. In late 1973 band Chazz departed and was replaced at the drums with Morris Day. Go directly to shout page.

Auditions and rehearsals went on during summer and autumn 1978 at Del’s Tire Mart, where a rehearsal space was rented, while Bobby Z. “I’m a fisherman.

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