anjaan special crimes unit ending The series primarily runs on a Monster of the Week format in which the main characters deal with a different case each episode. The … Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit is an Indian paranormal investigative crime horror television series, which airs on Discovery JEET. Terms Of Use | 1. Like Shivani, Aditi is also capable of seeing paranormal species, she is sent by Shivani's spirit to save Vikrant. Privacy Policy. Anjaan - Special Crimes Unit. La personne qui a lancé cette pétition a décidé d'agir. As it turns out, the braid-cutter is actually the brother of the girl who killed herself. She ends up dying at the hands of the yellow-eyed man at the end of the third episode. I have been seeing some hopeless people spreading negative news that season 2 isn't coming. Anjaan - Special Crimes Unit Forum Topics; Anyone here to relive Viditi memories? Terms Of Use | This show brought me back to watching Indian TV after almost 8 years. Her father tells her that she was adopted from an orphanage in Bengaluru, where she was shifted after a massive fire accident in the orphanage in Rajasthan. Shivani and Vikrant find out that Siddhant was in charge of Vanraaj's investigation and they try to link these cases. Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit is an Indian paranormal investigative crime horror television series, which airs on Discovery JEET. Vikrant and Shivani are thus called to solve series of unsolved cases from other police stations as well. NO ONE FROM THE SHOWS CREATIONCTEAM REACONFIRMED THAT ANJAAN SEASON 2 IS NOT COMING. Anjaan Season 2 : Wish list updated Share Page of 4 Go; Next Last; loveinshi IF-Sizzlerz. I will not rest until my show is saved. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Incase of any issue please contact the webmaster. Privacy Policy. Ferez-vous la même chose ? With Shahab Khan, Abhijit Sinha, Gashmeer Mahajani, Heena Parmar. All they have is a mysterious symbol from Brahmi script. 6. It's a brilliant show with a concept that breaks multiple TV stereotypes in India. Do whatever you have to do to save your show. Woh nurse ka toh chalo maan liya ki attachment k liye tha but Vikrant ka kya connection usse and jb wo yeh sab bola toh kya usme nurse ki aatma thi? With Shahab Khan, Abhijit Sinha, Gashmeer Mahajani, Heena Parmar. Please please PLEASE, if u have any love for this show then sign this petition, make it known, share it on Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, Twitter wherever you can. Ek aur point hai,Yaakshi ya joh bhi uska naam tha,usska kya hua? These four are destined to protect the one who can destroy the evil that is Vanraaj. I respect your feelings so if say anything that make you feel bad or angry than sorry, About Anjaan Special Crimes Unit season 2. They are paired together at an abandoned police station of Mumbai Police - Shaitan Chowki, which is full of unsolved case files. to the viewer. Two police officers, ASP Aditi Sharma the believer and ACP Vikrant Singhal the skeptic, investigate strange unsolved cases, while unnatural forces The series shows the journey of ACP[clarification needed] Vikrant Singhal (Gashmeer Mahajani) who is after a gangster named Vanraaj. The show premiered on 12 February 2018. Haan.. ye to chahiye hi.. Mei bhi soch rahi hu ke wo Kahan Tha? The cases are … Kya wo Adu ko fir dikhega? Share. What i want to tell you was just that there are too many serial like anjaan that had been ended and just like us fans also post stories to that not from now from many years ago  like" Pkyek ". Disclaimer: All Logos and Pictures of various Channels, Shows, Artistes, Media Houses, Companies, Brands etc. Together, two Mumbai cops, believer ACP Aditi Sharma and skeptic ACP Vikrant Singhal must use their sharp wits and expertise to investigate and solve mysteries from the realm of the paranormal. Not only that, but he was responsible for his sister's suicide- he forbade her from going to university and cut her braid as punishment. The episodes are based on unsolved case stories that are solved by Vikrant and Shivani. Daydreamer123 4: 493: 6 months ago merryyura: So far impressed! 1. belong to their respective owners, and are used to merely visually identify the Channels, Shows, Companies, Brands, etc. Aditi and Siddharth and Shivani ka connection and wo pic me fourth kid kon hai? Daydreamer123 4 493. Just want that at least some of the things to be explored in S2. The orphanage was abandoned since 20 years but Aditi finds an old photograph of four small kids including herself. It's a brilliant show with a concept that breaks multiple TV stereotypes in India.

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