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Show instructions to your co-workers and service providers. ߏƿ'� Zk�!� $l$T����4Q��Ot"�y�\b)���A�I&N�I�$R$)���TIj"]&=&�!��:dGrY@^O�$� _%�?P�(&OJEB�N9J�@y@yC�R �n�X����ZO�D}J}/G�3���ɭ���k��{%O�חw�_.�'_!J����Q�@�S���V�F��=�IE���b�b�b�b��5�Q%�����O�@��%�!BӥyҸ�M�:�e�0G7��ӓ����� e%e[�(����R�0`�3R��������4�����6�i^��)��*n*|�"�f����LUo�՝�m�O�0j&jaj�j��.��ϧ�w�ϝ_4����갺�z��j���=���U�4�5�n�ɚ��4ǴhZ�Z�Z�^0����Tf%��9�����-�>�ݫ=�c��Xg�N��]�. Complexity. Ariot is the “Lion” from the Tal-Am program. Every Friday one of the 1st grade students will get to have Ariot over for the weekend. The La-am website was created by a team living in Israel. E�6��S��2����)2�12� ��"�įl���+�ɘ�&�Y��4���Pޚ%ᣌ�\�%�g�|e�TI� ��(����L 0�_��&�l�2E�� ��9�r��9h� x�g��Ib�טi���f��S�b1+��M�xL����0��o�E%Ym�h�����Y��h����~S�=�z�U�&�ϞA��Y�l�/� �$Z����U �m@��O� � �ޜ��l^���'���ls�k.+�7���oʿ�9�����V;�?�#I3eE妧�KD����d�����9i���,�����UQ� ��h��6'~�khu_ }�9P�I�o= C#$n?z}�[1 However, one can learn far more Hebrew from the La-am website, because Hebrew is x��wTS��Ͻ7��" %�z �;HQ�I�P��&vDF)VdT�G�"cE��b� �P��QDE�݌k �5�ޚ��Y�����g�}׺ P���tX�4�X���\���X��ffG�D���=���HƳ��.�d��,�P&s���"7C$ >> The goal of the programme is for the students to enjoy the Hebrew language and develop the ability to understand Hebrew, read Hebrew, speak in Hebrew and connect with the Heritage of the Jewish people. And of course, it's also encouraged to have your children work on the program on the weekends. �H�YRp��I�)8EJ�Se�. ��.3\����r���Ϯ�_�Yq*���©�L��_�w�ד������+��]�e�������D��]�cI�II�OA��u�_�䩔���)3�ѩ�i�����B%a��+]3='�/�4�0C��i��U�@ёL(sYf����L�H�$�%�Y�j��gGe��Q�����n�����~5f5wug�v����5�k��֮\۹Nw]������m mH���Fˍe�n���Q�Q��`h����B�BQ�-�[l�ll��f��jۗ"^��b���O%ܒ��Y}W�����������w�vw����X�bY^�Ю�]�����W�Va[q`i�d��2���J�jGէ������{�����׿�m���>���Pk�Am�a�����꺿g_D�H��G�G��u�;��7�7�6�Ʊ�q�o���C{��P3���8!9������-?��|������gKϑ���9�w~�Bƅ��:Wt>���ҝ����ˁ��^�r�۽��U��g�9];}�}��������_�~i��m��p���㭎�}��]�/���}������.�{�^�=�}����^?�z8�h�c��' Games : 6. Learning these combinations will help you read Hebrew words. 2nd Grade - (Kita Bet) כיתה ב. A teacher's report is available for me to follow up on your child's progress. Any difficulties that a student may have will be indicated in the reports, which will allow for accurate monitoring and modification to ensure progress. Close. The word may not always have meaning, so just play and learn. The learning games of the La-am website teach Hebrew reading and writing since these are two of the subjects learnt in first grade in Israel. x� TTU����7��'"��'�0 j�0��$��Π��&�*��n��c٘4[m�M+�ӳ���R��眵�S'�nZ�暧��e�&���oF��������������ᄍ�{݆VH�^``�w���x�7a���حDy�(�(��j��qǐ�۶�ge�O~���V_K�����jGA�'3��������'����t�c��]ț:|�b����Z_G+���{M��\��9��M�Z��'n ��P]�2�@4��PK��J�kH�u�I�=��;y�l����j)'ޏ��I�#���r� ������)G�4r��T��QMT�^C���i4!��B'IG�� ���.��gg����}�+쟜��{©���y��ey��h/]��}�@f�)l�fdo/���[1���s���ٝy���t�+̆�t(5E���g//I�K���#��R�5)xH For building professionals by building professionals. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. We will meet in a zoom group for any question you may have. Watch Queue Queue. Once you know the shape of the Hebrew letters, you can start to write. O*��?�����f�����`ϳ�g���C/����O�ϩ�+F�F�G�Gό���z����ˌ��ㅿ)����ѫ�~w��gb���k��?Jި�9���m�d���wi獵�ޫ�?�����c�Ǒ��O�O���?w| ��x&mf������ 1) Memory Game – you and the computer (or a friend) take turns turning over Hebrew letters, trying to find the matching pairs. Adonai, s’fatai tiftach, ufi yagid t’hilatecha. Order Code: 1T-ARIOT : Hebrew Environment - Posters, Games, Music and Library Books: 3. Worksheets. Several Israeli museums offer “virtual” experiences through Google Arts and Culture including: Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre –,,,,,,,,,,,, Up to twenty minutes a day will be beneficial and keep them motivated. Turn 3D buildings into small holograms or 1:1 size AR experiences. In the Ariot’s backpack you will find Ariot along with a binder. Flash Cards - Verds : 8. PROGRESS MONITORINGA learning management system is used by teachers to monitor student progress and follow his or her work. "write in the sand" for Hebrew script letters. If you have a question before our zoom meeting you can email me. Learn Hebrew with La-am online learning games, Description of the Hebrew and Jewish holidays games. Flash Cards - Phonetics: Ariot 1 Games (5 Games) Order Code: 1G10 : Ariot 1-4 Order Code: 1F20: 7. Step by step Hebrew lessons. A1�v�jp ԁz�N�6p\W� p�G@ Kad Kachol song

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