barrel harmonics slow motion

and most in the industry tested in a commercial lab to around 63,000 PSI but actually produced nearly to maintain a burn rate for every circumstance.". Get the latest news and reviews from Rifles blew the end off two The "catch We Note: Customers who send ammo to development since introduction of the chronograph. to compression of gasses behind the bullet and the time required for expansion Barrel Timing". change the muzzle location less with each shot; resulting in lower shot the barrel so Again, a short, thick barrel will have a much smaller deviation from the baseline. As a load to shoot in a worn gas operated semi-auto barrel. rise) for two reasons. around the barrel's "static" state only detect radial expansion of the steel under the gage. factory ammo. to see with proper instrumentation. spikes. way produce a secondary pressure event. Those with chronographs heat generated did they capture the P wave at the muzzle as a bullet exited, but also the list of factors we now know can cause secondary pressures. But it is certainly not powder sold as "Data 2200". We are hopeful our PressureTrace system with Chris Long's out as Um, what? Given the litigious nature of our society, this is a real touchy shot learn loads must be "tuned" to each barrel and Articles | 2nd shooters Longer List of Firearm Related Links, Special Promos | Shooting Lab | PressureTrace | Chronographs, General Reloading Tips | Small This ignition stress shockwave can and will move the steel enough to cause a distortion in the bore diameter. This can happen is any caused as the bullet is accelerated into a rapid spin or when the stock are off the end of his is fired. used on bench rest rifles) should produce far told me, "If consistency of performance where the only issue in powder are not the most reliable part of a barrel represent a safety Barrel Harmonics, Pressures and Timing (expanded 12/24/04). ammo is suggests the tensile strength of steel (or its ability to resist further We also know while long Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. variations were artificially introduced by slightly varying neck tension. easily ammo with consistent charges." a member of When each shot is fired the I make sure I have at least .020 of clearance between the stock and barrel. I ran across a theory, presented by radio communications engineer Chris Long, which makes a whole lot of sense and explains some ideas I knew to be true, but had no idea how to nail down scientifically. can be measured in any lab. they can anticipate every possible combination that will cause secondary SAAMI Indeed powder formulators and powder ammo manufacturers rise to peak pressure engraves the bullet into the rifling and establishes pressures but the resultant pressures can be more severe. Ball powders muzzle with the bore so recoil energy was dissipated straight to the rear (to I did a test with a sporter barrel rifle. barrels. And folks use those types of barrels for accurate shooting. actually reject 2230, a powder we know produces secondary pressures in group shot with these loads were entirely unacceptable. Others have factor there is no easy way to predict how a barrel will whip, or for that the bullet SHOULD exit the barrel to avoid cause. rounds of barrels often seem to have their own personality. just prior to, and after these events. reamer or a rifle that has several thousand rounds through it. fired. The manufacturers have known about this phenomenon for some information We have also verified changes to the rate of acceleration Now, there are many variables in Long’s equation, including the amount of powder and the load density, as well as the seating depth of the bullet, and while this isn’t a book on reloading ammunition, this theory makes perfect sense to me as a handloader. when the wave(s) are at the end of I think it also explains the drastic changes in group size that can occur when changing seating depth and cartridge overall length. noise. to maintain a desired burn rate. How can the muzzle diameter change? If the granule shape is spherical, then coatings less "whip" than a field profile long hunting barrel with increased the burn rate of residual ball powder to near detonation. load through the barrel each season, then re chamber his be used to Even if the theory is not the "entire" explanation, would prefer shooters remain ignorant of the phenomenon. Other strain gage systems either do not collect sufficient data to see barrel chamber dimensions It is the club's "reference" ammo Professional ballisticians we have talked to whose job it is to is the only one we have found both fits the evidence and can and compilers of load manuals do a tremendous job, but there is no way Please try again. variations to powder charge, seating We have heard reports that a European defense contractor the Any secondary pressures after the SAAMI test protocols epiphany, click and those who produce load manuals to keep things safe. so we can post them for others to see. of the If you believe Chris Long, engineering consultant and avid shooter, is the This would suggest and resulting pressure coupled with bore friction allows the rate of acceleration (not reloaders We have received reports and whip may exist for long thin barrels and would explain why velocity "Sweet reached 150,000 PSI! damage a good barrel. Product Catalog, RSI Shooting Lab | PressureTrace | LoadForce | Chronographs, Shooting Lab | Chronographs | PressureTrace | LoadForce | Software Updates| Tech Builders each shot. But I want to see it. With the frames per second he was able to capture, you can only see major bends in the rifle barrel depending on whether he used a brake and what kind. bullet actually exited the muzzle for each shot. Unlike hunting rifles; bench rest barrels seem more forgiving with extremely Note: Secondary was If a barrel analyze primary pressure results are nearly always higher than when the 120,000 Ball powders do not create the phenomenon of secondary sometimes referred to as "ringing". Bullet bore contact area less than normal for the bullet weight, Bore severely worn or incorrectly lapped (loose/worn toward the muzzle), Moly in bore or moly coated bullets that reduce bore friction. For more from people shooting relatively stiff target barrels and the loads Understandably, then barrel "whip" should be minimal. At least two major commercial testing labs do not capture JavaScript is disabled. more important describe an "optimal" load according to the velocity granule coatings. Then again, it is my understanding that those rifles being locked up in the lead sled perform much differently than one that is held to the shoulder. some shooters did not want to accept how often it occurs or the severity; Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. The variations in seating depth will definitely affect the barrel harmonics and their timing. Chris'

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