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Catch up with the Wetlands Cultural Scenic Byway at Louisiana Highway 1 or LA 308, which will take you past swamps and shrimpers. Lafourche Parish is one of the oldest parishes in Louisiana and is located approximately 45 miles southwest of New Orleans. Each had access to the bayou, and each had less levee to maintain. Discover generations of unique traditions, culture and flavor in the eating establishments, culinary festivals and events that celebrate cuisine and craft beverages here. All rights reserved. Just 45 minutes south of New Orleans lies Lafourche Parish, known as Louisiana's Cajun Bayou. COVID-19 - Destination Updates & Resources - View Updates, Request a Visitor Guide Here, authentic, local culture is alive and well. Here, the journey begins on the the Cajun Bayou Food Trail, where you'll venture off the main road and follow the bayou as it flows through wetlands alongside authentic Cajun communities. Early settlers explored a descending fork of the Mississippi River that mapmakers had named "LaFourche Des Chitimachas." Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals. This distributary bayou, its name soon shortened to "LaFourche" served the early settlers well as a means of communication, a method of transportation, and a source of fresh water. Exhibits feature everything from home décor and clothing to cuisine and religion, and a weekly free Cajun music jam brings the culture to vibrant life. Several swamp tours – some by airboat, others by slower crafts and kayaks – pop up on the route. Isolation resulted when Lafourche’s residents took advantage of having the bayou for a front door and the swamp as their back yard. A swamp tour sets off under a canopy of Spanish moss, Laurel Valley Sugar Plantation’s humble general store, Live music performance at the Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center, Delicious Louisiana specialties at Bubba’s II PoBoys, Showing off a big fish caught on a local fishing charter, A shrimp boat on one of the bayou's many waterways. Get to know it in the amiable bayou towns. Here the journey to unforgettable dining experiences begins when you venture a ways off the main road and follow the bayou as it flows through wetlands and authentic Cajun communities. Website managed by The Von Mack Agency, If the download is not starting please click, Bayou Lafourche Folklife & Heritage Museum, Center for Traditional Louisiana Boat Building, NO THANKS, I DON'T WANT TO PLAN MY ADVENTURE. Though the area’s rich Cajun heritage is felt nearly everywhere you go here, several attractions dedicate themselves to exploring its roots. Come and share your memories of what living on the bayou was like for you. There’s even an offshore supply vessel outside that young captains can pretend to steer through the Gulf of Mexico. Just 45 minutes south of New Orleans lies Lafourche Parish, known as Louisiana's Cajun Bayou. Sometimes described as the “longest Main Street in the world,” Bayou Lafourche stretches some 65 miles connecting communities between Donaldsonville and Leeville. Sometimes described as the “longest Main Street in the world,” Bayou Lafourche stretches some 65 miles connecting communities between Donaldsonville and Leeville. White Historic Site, right on its banks. We all have such cherished memories of our childhood in a quite unique place in south Louisiana, called Bayou Lafourche. In addition to an annual 50-mile paddling trip arranged by the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program, paddlers can enjoy the bayou at any time and are sure to see much wildlife. In Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, there’s an authenticity to the culinary experience that shows how the food and culture are deliciously intertwined. Free Download. The bayou’s role in shaping the lives of the community is so crucial that even the Bayou Country Children’s Museum devotes an interactive gallery to it, complete with a child-sized shrimp boat. With 160 kilometers running through the area, a drive along Louisiana's Cajun Bayou is definitely in order. If you launch in Donaldsonville, you’ll have the ease of a paved driveway into the bayou. A National Historic Landmark, this stately 1825 plantation home is worth a tour for the story its architecture tells about 19th century life here. Today's residents frequently refer to a given location as "up the bayou," "down the bayou," or "across the bayou.". Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism, Bike Louisiana for Great Exercise and Fun, A Taste of a Louisiana Favorite: Beignets, Louisiana's Must See-It-To-Believe-It Festivals, Louisiana State Parks Offer Cabin Getaways, Atchafalaya National Heritage Area Trails, Baton Rouge – One of the Best St. Patrick’s Day Destinations. We founded Bayou Lafourche Jiu Jitsu with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience. It is one of the original nineteen parishes created from the Territory of Orleans on March 31, 1807. Original inhabitants of the area include the Chawasha, Washa and Chitimacha tribes. 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Acadians began arriving from Canada in the mid-18th century and established the fishing and trapping legacy that remains in this heavily Cajun-influenced area today. With over 60 structures, including a mill, schoolhouse and church, the village showcases the scope of such an operation. The bayou once was a main tributary of the Mississippi River leading to the Gulf of Mexico. A pattern developed consisting of a  narrow bayou front  farm with a long “ribbon” of land streaming behind it. The bayou once was a main tributary of the Mississippi River leading to the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, visit the Chamber of Commerce in Donaldsonville or call 225-473-4814. Free Download Historians, taking note of the unique pattern of housing development, with one residence after another lined up fronting the bayou for about 50 miles from Thibodaux to Golden Meadow, began referring to it as “the longest street in the world.”  It is said that a baseball thrown from “front yard to front yard” could be started in Thibodaux and be in Golden Meadow an hour later. The bayou was even used as a point of reference when giving directions. This website uses Cookies to offer you an enhanced browsing experience. Visitors can experience the sounds of Cajun music, including songs sung in French (a language still prevalent locally), each week at Cajun Music Jams throughout the area. The swamps and marshland contained abundant animal life which could  be hunted for food or for their pelts. Take one to see bayou wildlife like alligators and bald eagles. Request a Visitor Guide The bayou contained an unlimited food supply that could be eaten or bartered. People around Bayou LaFourche say they know the drill: When it rains, you have to act fast.

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