benefits of austrian citizenship

But in case the file is approved you will be asked to renounce American passport. Here are some brief examples of achievements that have qualified the applicant for Austrian citizenship: The Austrian citizenship law continues to evolve. Question: I was born in Austria in 1923 and immigrated to the US in 1939. He is the author of highly acclaimed Lifeboat Strategy and other books & reports dealing with these subjects. Once residence has been granted, it must be renewed every year. In addition, as an EU citizen you also have the right to live in Switzerland, which is a very attractive place for tax-advantaged residence. The meeting of the general conditions as the first step. Unless you decide to actually reside in Austria, you are not subject to tax in Austria. GetEUPassport Can Obtain Your Austrian Citizenship. A famous example is actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, who naturalised as a US citizen but was granted special permission to retain his Austrian citizenship. This kind of permit, usually linked to a special purpose, such as studying, working only for a season of the year, or preparing a special project, is called a “sojourn.” On a “sojourn,” you would not be permitted to stay in Austria permanently and would not quality for citizenship. In the US dual citizenship is allowed, in Austria it is prohibited (excepting cases when Austrian citizenship was granted for special contribution to national interests of the state). If you are a descendant of a Holocaust survivor, contact us to obtain Austrian citizenship. However, a child born out of wedlock to a foreign mother and an Austrian father is not considered a citizen. To qualify, the applicant must pass a simple exam demonstrating German language skills (although this requirement may be waived in some circumstances) and answer basic questions regarding Austria’s history, constitution, and geography. It tells the story of John and Kathy, two clients we helped from the heartland of America. Citizenship can be acquired in several ways: by birth, by descent, by naturalization, and for special services rendered to the Republic of Austria (special contribution in the sphere of sports, culture, science, or economy). Why would someone want to become a resident or a citizen of Austria? Key Manager. No eviction order within the last 12 months, No close relationship to any extremist or terrorist group, No involuntary loss of previous citizenship. As a citizen of Austria, you can live and work in the country as well as anywhere in the European Union at any time. The law will take effect in September 2020, but applicants may start the process of collecting documents and preparing the application in advance. At GetEUPassport we believe that our customers want and deserve that their case be dealt with personally by one of our partners and for it to be handled with the highest importance and confidence. The primary purpose of their stay is to complete their studies including vocational training at a legally recognized Austrian university or educational facility.

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