best backpacking water filter

Filter life: Lifetime What we like: Super lightweight, fast flow rate, long-lasting. Sawyer Squeeze – Best Backpacking Water Filter Key Features: The Sawyer Squeeze is easy to use as it is portable and lightweight. The best backpacking water filters will help make sure that you have a safe outdoor adventure and also protect you from parasites, bacteria as well as viruses. Each comes in either jars or prepacked packets that can go into a plastic bag. First, the ceramic pre-filter rids your water of … The Sawyer systems come with handy water storage pouches that allow you to grab water on the go, and store it for whatever distance you intend to travel. While UV purification is relatively fast, it’s not good for processing large quantities of water. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Written by. The sources I was filtering were pretty clean though so ymmv. It treats vast quantities of water in minutes, making it an excellent option for a large group or solo use. Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter ($37) Type: Bottle/gravity filter Weight: 3 oz. The Platypus is made of a strong plastic composite that could come apart at the seams, while the MSR is made of a more rubberized plastic compound. When considering the price, consider how you'd like to pay for your system — either with small, repetitive costs, or a larger sum but much less frequently. Dirt is much larger than all of these microorganisms. Imagine sitting on a beach in Mexico with a tequila-infused beverage with ice. Scoop water on-the-go and drink straight from it. oz. We tried this on a particularly contaminated stream in Ouray, Colorado, that runs yellow from pollutants like lead, arsenic, chromium, and iron oxides. It's one of the most consistent in its performance, offered at a great price. It's more durable and performs a bit better. We explore options from simple tablets to complex purification systems. The filter absorbs water and cannot be subject to freezing. The biggest issue with this product is the durability of the soft bottle. Few contenders offer this level of versatility and portability, making it our favorite for personal use. It has a pre-filter to strain larger particles and the carbon filter section helps to treat some viruses as well as the other usual organisms lurking in the water. Below is a list of the top 5 water filters and a complete buyers guide so you can choose which one is best for you. If the best backpacking water filter is what you’re after, you’re bound to like this one. For example, the Lifestraw Flex and Aquamira Frontier Max have comparable flow rates, not requiring as much effort as the laborious Lifestraw Personal Straw. Bottle filters and smaller pump filters are prevalent in the middle range, from $29 to $49. Everybody has different needs when it comes to filters. Others are harder, like the Sawyer Mini, that gives you very little water for each suckle. The Grayl Geopress quickly turned into one of our most used and favorite purification systems. All trademarks property of their respective owners These filters have exploded in popularity and you’re guaranteed to find hundreds of rave reviews and other users on the trail the next time you’re out backpacking and since it can filter a lot of water it’s also one of the best camping water filters. They may be bulky and weight a bit more than the others’ but has never fail me on any trip. My suggested alternative setup using the SP182 package gets the Squeeze a bit cheaper and imo better than the stock Sawyer setup assuming you are going to use a CNOC Vectro which is why I thought it was worth mentioning. The Aquamira Water Treatment Drops are also pretty simple, but with a steeper learning curve. We'd also take the MSR Guardian with us, but we'd be more careful about where we get our water from. The lightest filtration systems out there are on-the-go systems like the collapsable Katadyn BeFree and Lifestraw Personal Filter. The Aquamira Treatment Drops can't be parsed out like the tablets, but some prefer them because they don't taste as bad as the tablet options. Other categories are chemical tablets and UV light systems. The fastest times did best in this metric. By looking at this data, you can see which systems offer the best upfront and long-term value. Types of water filters and water purifiers: The effort required for each type of water-treatment method varies, as does the time for water to be ready to drink. That'd be an amazing innovation. We love that we can simply hang it up, walk away, and enjoy pump-free filtered water whenever we get into the backcountry. The Aquamira Frontier Max and Lifestraw Flex are a few of our favorites. Clearwater will remain in the upper column, with sediment falling to the bottom. You can even screw it to the top of a compatible water bottle and drink directly from puddles with its complementary straw. Cysts that come from Giardia and Cryptosporidium need a filter media smaller than 0.2-microns (a micron is 1 X 10^-6 meter). These drops are our favorite chemical treatment for backcountry water. If you like the Squeeze products and want one with an awesome flow rate, the Sawyer Squeeze is the way to go. It uses a ceramic-carbon core that can easily be serviced in the field. We especially like the bag's fabric design that seems quite durable, increasing its value in our eyes. That said, the MSR Guardian has a much longer lifespan and can process more water in bulk, where the Grayl can only process 750mL at a time. Stay healthy on the trail by drinking clean water. We love the Katadyn GravityWorks for its easy to use design and fast flow rate. As long as users know and accept this fact, it's a fantastic large group option. This is by far one of the easiest purifier systems we've ever used. We drank it shortly after, not noting any weird tastes or side-effects. We've included the reviews of reliable backpacking water filters for rigorous backcountry conditions. This review will help you decide which portable water filter suits you best. What we don’t: More effort than gravity filters. Most backpacking water filters and purification systems cannot deal with the amount of sediment and silt in water sources like this. The best filtration systems can remove chemicals, heavy metals, and odors using activated carbon embedded in the core of the media. It also doubles as a handwash station or even a shower during the warmer seasons. Top Water Filters for Camping and Backpacking Making sure you have access to safe drinking water in the outdoors is a must. It also doesn’t need a syringe for cleaning, and of course, it’s fast. Updated 10/30/19. • Sawyer Squeeze filter: SP 415 To ease it out for you, we’ve rounded up the best water filters for backpacking in 2020. The filter, when clogged, can only be backflushed. Water treatment is an important consideration, especially when you are taking from questionable and stagnant sources.

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