best color rims for maroon car

So if brown, gray, and silver are the best choices for hiding dirt, what are the dirtiest car colors? When it comes to finish, you don’t want a wheel spray paint that is too thick as it could clog, it needs to be a medium consistency that’s easier to apply and control. Formulated to match factory-applied paint. I think the grey you're speaking of is Dove Grey. Conversely, dirt doesn’t stick as readily to a well-waxed car with a smooth glossy surface. This makes them seem to get dirty quicker than car colors that are better at hiding dirt. Which Color Car Gets Dirtiest the Fastest? Relatively quick drying, we say leave it for at least 45 minutes before you can be confident it is touch dry. gray? Chrome. That’s where knowing the easiest car color to keep clean can help. Copyright © 2020 Fix Auto USA. Suited to both standard and custom wheels. . Follow the instructions and you will be impressed with the fast-drying results you get, which will be dry to handle within one hour. In fact, all darker colors have problems staying clean – hence the need to choose light browns when trying to reduce the frequency of car washing. In recent years, the most popular car colors were white, silver, and black. The overall finished effect is shimmery and stylish, without being overpowering. I have seen many project go awry by using a color that was way out of the "traditional, period correct" era. Scuffed, scruffy wheel rims are not a good look and can drag your auto down. The real issue is that some car colors show dirt more than others. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Roothawg, Apr 28, 2017. Driving in smoggy urban areas will also get it dirtier quicker. Now, get your various spray cans together and take a little time to read the manufacturers’ instructions so you have the timings and method clear in your head. Remove the wheel and if possible, take off the tires to make access to the wheel rims as easy as possible. Always read the label on your rim spray paint can, especially if it is a quick-drying variety, but to be safe, wait around 24 hours before putting them back on your car. Some form of light brown, such as beige, tan, champagne, or khaki. The VHT Matte Wheel Paint can be used on both standard and custom wheels and is heat resistant up to 250F. This combination resists moisture, acids and alkalines, protects your rims against abrasions and won’t crack or become brittle even in extremes of weather. Instead, the color enables the dirt to blend in rather than stand out. So, if the wheels on your ride are starting to look on the sad side, then now’s the time to tackle a rim respray – DIY style. When it comes down to what is the easiest car color to clean and what is the best car color to hide dirt, browns, grays, and silvers can reduce your trips to the car wash or hours spent washing and waxing by hand. Free advice from my experience, had a HighBoy roadster (normal sbc roadster/tweed interior)painted a fad color (PPG radiance rasberry, flip/flop type color) (Not HAMB Traditional) I liked it alot, made my car stand out, I'm a Unique individual, (car made me smile) that being said when I had it for sale, heard several times, people liked the car, not so much the color, I did trade it for a 32 and felt I did OK w/ $$$'s involved, so again IMO ,resale Red or Black always sell, have had several Black cars, PIA to keep clean, But I keep buying them so it must be my favorite. One way to reduce your car washing chores is to choose a color that “hides” the dirt and grime that accumulates on the exterior of your car. The EZ touch nozzle makes the spray go on like a dream and there’s a good choice of colors for your standard or custom wheels. You can use Rust-Oleum Wheel Spray Paint on both metal and plastic and its oil-based formula goes on well, with a nice amount of levelling even if you do over-spray. Easy to use and with a hardwearing, cool matte finish, a little goes a long way with our Top Pick – the VHT Matte Wheel Paint. You will need to buy separate primers and topcoat to effectively complete the job.

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