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Search celebrity homes at®. They are perhaps one of the most well-known of the handful of celebrity bus tour Los Angeles options. © 2020 All Rights Reserved by Velvet Ropes, Inc. Legendary Forest Lawn also holds the remains of famous people from all eras, but they are less helpful to visitors. There’s a huge tennis court on the property, guest homes, a gazebo, a gorgeous pond and the longest driveway you’ve ever seen in your life. By using the map, you can carve out your own path as to which homes you would like to see on your tour instead of the pre-set, expensive tours. This entertaining tour will take you to lots of interesting spots and celebrities' homes and locales where the oddest things have happened. This 6-bedroom, 6 bath, 7,851 square foot home is situated in Brentwood and estimated at $2.3 million. Log In; Sign Up; Recently Updated. The foyer is absolutely to-die-for with a double spiral staircase and the kitchen has a rustic Restoration Hardware vibe. The gorgeous spiral staircase, the marble fireplaces, countertops, and showers – dear Lord baby Jesus. We’ve got the hook up for you. The exterior is breathtakingly beautiful and includes a courtyard, an outdoor patio with a stone fireplace and probably the most gorgeous pool you’ve ever seen complete with a waterfall and lush, perfectly manicured greenery. Celine Dion 5 . I mean she’s got it all – a  huge collection of antique books, vintage signage EVERYWHERE and even these super cute vintage tea caddies she discovered in a flea market in Franklin. When I'm not out & about enjoying the Nashville area, you will find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). Jennifer Lopez 4 . As for me, I’m spending some time looking at Google Earth maps that pinpoint homes of the stars: I'm a wife, mom of 4, and resident of Brentwood, Tennessee. After all, many celebrities own quite the enviable real estate portfolio with homes all over the world and spend their time traveling back and forth between mansions. Check out Todd Chrisley House Photos here! If you love celebrities, you won’t regret our expertly curated Nashville Celebrity Homes Tour. Everyone from singer Justin Timberlake to actress/dancer Julianne Hough and Jason Bateman have fallen in love with the area and called it home. There’s also a gorgeous back balcony that leads down to a beautiful outdoor pool area, a volleyball pit, and the most adorable wooden playground for the kiddos. Permanently. Here is an awesome post about Hollywood Stars Map: Everything You Need To Know About Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. Skip to main content ... Maps 22 The ultimate ... Jimmy Stewart’s Brentwood bachelor pad listed for $7.75M. Gotta love a guy with a sense of flair. However, there are certain hidden routes from which you could get a peek – hint Zonker Harris Accessway. And they take you on a drive through some of the city's ritziest neighborhoods. So, which celebrities live in Brentwood — or near Brentwood? At about $60 per person, it’s a bit pricey given the lack of customization that you get (they take you to the homes they want to, you don’t get to choose) but if you have no transportation of your own, it’s a nice experience! The former running back for the Tennessee Titans owns a home in Franklin currently being listed for $3.29 million. I know there are some Google Maps out there in various states of accuracy. Six bedrooms, 6 baths and 10,377 square feet of pure country luxury, y’all. Check out Martina McBride House Photos here! Google Maps street view car by woodleywonderworks. The king and queen of Country actually have a second estate in Franklin as well which sits on 753 acres of land. She’s been trying to sell it for quite a while. The ranch-style residence is gated and the home clocks in at a whopping 10,621 square feet. The interior includes a theater room, a large outdoor pool, a grand entry, a game room, a spa bath, a coffee bar, six bedroom suites, seven full bathroom suites, three half baths, and an elevator. To top it all off – she literally built her own church on her own property as a little safe haven and decorated it with her collection of religious statues, figurines, glass cloches, vintage suitcase, and oil portraits. Personal lake. Check out Amy Grant & Vince Gill House Photos here! But the master bathroom, LAWD honey child. While it is located right in the middle of the Los Angeles metropolis, the cozy location between the mountains of the Hollywood Hills manages to provide the couple with great privacy. Now you can! Check out Reba McEntire House Photos here! There are also several bus tours available. There’s also a pool, a tennis court, and a dock out back as it sits just on the water. From an Olympian to country music stars, take a look at the homes of some notable people. There’s something about Franklin that keeps pulling Ms. Underwood back. Hollywood Hills. Danni Holland is a writer, artist and self-professed celebrity news junkie. Anne Hathaway 17 . Here are some great photos of the homes of Nashville celebrities. On Hollywood Boulevard, in Beverly Hills, in Brentwood and on Sunset Strip, you'll find dozens of streetside vendors hawking maps that claim to show you where the movie star's homes are, their hand-lettered signs boasting "Maps to the Stars Homes." Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes Address. Parton’s Brentwood home is absolutely stunning. The truth about taking a movie star home tour, Richard Cummins/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images Plus. Clarkson’s 20,000 square foot, manor home is located in Hendersonville just 20 miles north of Nashville. Bel Air is one of the more popular neighborhoods located on the Westside of Los Angeles in the foothills the Santa Monica Mountains. Before you go on a movie star homes tour or go looking for their residences on your own, there are some things you need to know. Check. I mean this thing is insane. Betsy has been writing about California for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy's expert on the state. The home itself is 10,898 square feet and sits on 16 acres of land, worth an approximate $8.9 million. Thanks to modern technology, the most avid stargazers can use Google Maps to scout locations. Vaulted ceilings in the formal living room, a den, a study, a terrace room, guest suites, and a gorgeous outdoor patio and pool area. It comes with a chef kitchen, a workout room, an elevator, a recording studio, a tiki bar and is sitting on over 7 wooded acres. Photo: Bayron Binkley of SilverPointe Properties via Zillow. Check. Read this article on Celebrity homes on Google Maps. Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady 13 . It has bullet proof windows, four pools and a 15-car garage. One of the main attractions when traveling to opulent locations is to check out celebrity homes. The Colony is guarded by gates and it’s the privacy of the colony that most celebrity residents love about it. Don't fall for it. There’s also a 4,000 square foot guest house, a greenhouse, a spa, a horse barn, a pool, and a riding ring. Just use this guide to seeing celebrities in Los Angeles. As of this post, it’s listed at $8.75 million. Most recently, John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen sold one beautiful abode and purchased another. She can be seen walking along Venice Beach with her yellow lab mix in tow, staring off into the sky hoping that looking uninterested and deep will get her discovered. The farmhouse style mansion sits on 10 acres of land and features a gorgeous wrap-around patio. Check. Check her out on Instagram @iheartcandyfromstrangers and Facebook! If you’re thinking about how to make the most of your tour, asking yourself “Where do most celebrities live?”, focus on Beverly Hills and Malibu – the places with the densest celebrity populations. Give your map a name or just continue to the next step to get your map's link. Check out Jason Aldean House Photos here! So if you’re wondering how to see celebrity homes or trying to figure out which celebrities live in Hollywood—look no further. Share or Save this Map. Check out Tim McGraw & Faith Hill House Photos here! All signs point to the fact that we will probably retire here -- by choice. Celebrity Home Address Map. However, there are a couple of tours that are worth your time: Beverly Hills Trolley Tour tells you up front that they're going to respect current residents' privacy, but they do dish up generous helpings of tales about those who used to live there. Orchestrate a day’s worth of drive-bys with the help of”, Kendall Jenner Condo in Los Angeles California, Kellyanne Conway’s House in Washington DC, Trent Reznor House in Beverly Hills California. Jessica loves two things most in this world; celebrities and her dog. Here are photos and directions to the homes of Nashville celebrities.I'm not sure if I've ever spotted a celebrity here, so I thought I'd better look up just which stars live near Brentwood. What’s interesting about the area is that it used to be an empty landscape between communities. Photo: Fiona Parish King of Worth Properties LLC via Movoto. The other half of Brooks & Dunn owns a beautiful 6-bedroom, 7 bathroom farm manor that’s been coined as “Parkview Farm”. Jake Owen’s former pad was located in Kingston Springs which is just about 23 miles southwest of Nashville. While it is located right in the middle of the Los Angeles metropolis, the cozy location between the mountains of the Hollywood Hills manages to provide the couple with great privacy. And despite what all those tour companies and streetside map sellers want you to think, startlingly few of today’s favorite celebs own houses in those areas. On Hollywood Boulevard, in Beverly Hills, in Brentwood and on Sunset Strip, you'll find dozens of streetside vendors hawking maps that claim to show you where the movie star's homes are, their hand-lettered signs boasting "Maps to the Stars Homes.". And guess what? Many of today's Hollywood stars don't live in Hollywood, or Beverly Hills, or any of the other neighboring areas. Lambert’s beautiful rustic home hidden away in Williamsport just under 60 miles south of Nashville, is a beautiful, serene little getaway that cost her $3.4 million in 2015. We L O V E Nashville! Hollywood Homes tours of celebrities have become a huge industry with many copycat buses poping up. Hollywood Hills is located north of the Los Angeles city center, south of Burbank and north of West Hollywood. West Hollywood aka “WeHo” or “The Gayborhood” as it’s known by the locals is home to the infamous Sunset Strip. This is perhaps the mecca of Hollywood high-life and luxuriousness. Terms of service. You can use the interactive map at to find them. It measures just 6.371 miles in square mileage but packs quite a punch in terms of financial demographics. Don't expect to see Nashville celebrities when taking a drive-by tour of their homes. The Adelicia Nashville, where Taylor lives. Photo: Amy Smith of French Christianson Patterson via Zillow. I mean this thing is MEGA. In 1929, it was opened for public and stars started to rent properties here. Our girl’s gated country estate is located in Forest Hills, TN, which is just next to Brentwood, just outside of Nashville. When I say it’s the most beautiful home I’ve laid my eyes on thus far – I mean it. Notable residents have included the likes of George Lucas, Elon Musk, Jennifer Aniston, Joni Mitchel, former-President Reagan, as well as the ever so classic Elizabeth Taylor. Purchased in 2011 for $3.6 million, Crow’s country estate was covered in Country Living and is literally just to die for. I know I’d recognize Brentwood’s Melinda Doolittle. He had it listed for $7.875 million for quite some time and finally sold it for $7 million in early 2019. This French manor-style home features beautifully manicured garden and a gorgeous outdoor pool area. I mean, the interior is to-die-for. In fact, you can find their locations on a handy map right on their website. Richmore”. Another really interesting thing about the homes here is that most celebrities come here to spend their vacations and leisure time. And while taking a stroll through these neighborhoods, if you glance at a face and spontaneously say, “Is that him/her?” then it probably is! Hollywood Forever Cemetery is chock full of celebs of yesteryear and happy to help you find their graves. Among the outrageous claims they make may include saying that Beverly Hills' fire hydrants are platinum-plated, possibly thinking that their guests are so gullible that they won't wonder why someone hadn't ripped them off just to get the precious metal.

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