brocchinia hecht ioides

Brocchinia is a genus and hechtioides are a species of carnivorous plants. These plants are yellow, a colour very attractive to insects. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The leaves are coated with a silver-gray powder that makes the leaf surface very slippery. Native to Venezuela, it grows alongside Heliamphora, the sun pitcher. Another group of the Bromeliaceae has one species that is carnivorous, Catopsis berteroniana. There are no related plants for species Brocchinia hechtioides. All images on this site are the property of Carlton Carnivores, or used with permission from or source links to the publishers (if sourced from general access locations) to maintain creator credit. The genus is named for Giovanni Battista Brocchi, Italian naturalist (1772–1826). Brocchinia reducta forms a tight pitcher-like structure called a "tank" that collects rainwater. hecthioides species is native to Guyana and Venezuela. Brocchinia hechtioides. Brocchinia reducta. These plants form a vertical container by holding their leaves closely together. Find help & information on Brocchinia hechtioides from the RHS The leaves are coated with a silver-gray powder that makes the leaf surface very slippery. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The leaves form an urn which captures water and also serves as a pitfall trap for insects. The two bromeliads Brocchinia reducta and Brocchinia hechtioides are carnivorous plants and grow on the sandy plains of Venezuela. Brocchinia is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, and is the sole genus of the subfamily Brocchinioideae, containing 20 species. The leaves form a pot or urn-like structure filled with water and trapping mechanism as a pit fall trap mechanism. Carlton Carnivores is a Limited Liability Corporation. Brocchinia species are native primarily to the ancient Guayana Shield in southern Venezuela and Guyana, with some species extending into Colombia and northern Brazil. Brocchinia hechtioides is a species of plant in the genus Brocchinia.This species is native to Venezuela and Guyana. Brocchinia hectioides is one of three known species of bromeliad considered carnivorous. Nursery Availability No nurseries found. Like its close relative B. reducta, B. hectioides forms a pitcher-like structure called a "tank" that collects rainwater. It is one of the two or three members of the genus (the others being B. reducta and possibly B. tatei) that appear to be carnivorous. Brocchinia reducta is a rare carnivorous bromeliad. It is one of the two or three members of the genus that appear to be carnivorous plants. As insects walk across the leaves, they fall into the reservoir of water below and drown.

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