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Although it can be difficult to refrain from participating with your favorite activities, a broken fibula requires time to regain its strength and stability. Patients with metabolic disorders, hormone problems or nutritional deficiencies have a greater risk. While your fibula—the long, thin outside bone of your lower leg—is healing, you should stay mobile through the use of a walking boot. Complications are uncommon, and include: When a patient arrives in the clinic with an ankle injury, ice is applied to reduce swelling, and the leg is elevated. Yoga – Can be performed while seated, lying down or standing and at the pace you choose. Broken Fibula Recovery Takes Time. “Dr. Call All-Pro Orthopedic & Sports Medicine to schedule your consultation today. 4-6 weeks: The classic answer for most fractures is that it takes 6 weeks to heal and limited weight bearing for 6 weeks is recommended. Recovery and home care The general process for healing a fibula fracture is immobilization with a splint or cast for several weeks, after which you … A forceful impact, such as landing after a high jump or any impact to the outer aspect of the leg, can cause a fracture. Even if you are not experiencing severe pain, you do not want to take the risk of prolonging your broken fibula recovery process, re injuring your leg without proper guidance or having your fibula heal improperly (nonunion). Whether or not there is surgery, strengthening and stretching exercises are prescribed to help you regain full range of motion. Give yourself the best chance of making a quick and full recovery by contacting your local orthopedic & sports medicine doctor the day that you experience your injury. Non-union of a bone that doesn’t ‘knit’ back together, The bone is shortened by the injury (this can happen in children), Surgery leads to infection, bleeding or injury to nerves (rare but not unknown), Pressure in the leg disrupts the blood supply, which results in injury to nerves and muscles, grasp your foot and pull the foot towards you until you feel a gentle stretching at the top of the foot and ankle, sitting with your ankle crossed over the opposite knee, push your foot downward and rotate it slightly, while seated, imagine your big toe is a pen and write the alphabet in the air, Rowing, which builds the back, arms, shoulders, chest and leg muscles, Yoga, which can be as aerobic as you choose, Training on an elliptical machine with one leg supported. Try these workouts to stay game ready during your fractured fibula recovery: Don’t put your broken fibula recovery up to fate. Our goal will be to build strength and endurance so you can resume your everyday activities. Our medical center can give you a full diagnosis and treatment plan so that you can get back on the field as soon as possible. I am in a Walking boot for a clean fracture of right fibula. This small bone bears only 17% of your body weight but if it’s fractured, you’ll be staying off your feet for a while. Most patients are advised to use crutches. The physical therapist will demonstrate exercises that keep the blood flowing and help the tissues heal. Although the fibula is considered a weight-bearing bone, it bears only 17% of your total body weight when upright. The walking motion reduces muscle atrophy, which in the end makes physical therapy more effective because, without atrophy, strengthening exercises can start sooner. They are generally caused by severe injuries from car crashes, sports injuries, or falls. It does you no good to try to tough it out. Physical therapy is most effective when you stick to the schedule and assigned exercises, and continue to care for the injury while at home. However, for a minimall ... Read More. Followed by completion of a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at The University of Kentucky in 2011. Although the boot speeds up general recovery time, recovery times fluctuate depending on the severity of the break and the patient’s commitment to physical therapy.It is important to remember that when physical therapy begins, there is a strong possibility of muscle pain and fatigue. by Raj Issuree, MPT . He became board certified as a clinical specialist in Sports Physical Therapy in 2014. Biomechanics of fracture healing. Free weight or machine lifting – You can still keep your back, chest and arms engaged while you’re rehabbing your broken fibula. The boot immobilizes the leg and protects the bone, but it does not restrict movement of the surrounding muscle tissue. Despite its smaller role in supporting the body weight, a fibula that is fractured will limit your foot strength. Don’t worry—this is normal. With their bodies used to and designed for rigourous movement, it’s a challenge to be patient during a long 6 weeks recovery. While the fibula is the smaller of two lower leg bones (the other is the tibia), it is somewhat vulnerable in contact sports such as football, soccer or lacrosse. But six weeks is not right for everyone. We may fit the patient with a brace or walking boot to immobilize the lower leg. We will order x-rays to determine the nature and extent of the injury. Stress fractures can affect long-distance runners and usually worsen with … Remember, you are rehabilitating the muscles around a bone that suffered a traumatic injury. Now begins 2-3 months of rehabilitation to … Achieving this care as soon as possible, prevents the bone from further misalignment and gets the patient on the right track for a full recovery. J Bone Joint Surg 1978; 60-B (2): 150-162. If the break involves damage to the bone, blood vessels, soft tissue, and nerves, it normally takes three months or more to recover. MDT | June 13, 2019 After spending between 1-3 months with your foot in a CAM walker (boot), you might be eager to get back to the things you love doing, whether that’s running, dancing, or playing with your kids. With their bodies used to and designed for rigourous movement, it’s a challenge to be patient during a long 6 weeks recovery. Swimming is not only the most effective full-body aerobic workout, but it’s also entirely no impact. Orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors are equipped with devices that their patients can utilize to properly immobilize their injured leg and hasten their recovery. It’s one of the most common injuries known to man or woman. However, in most cases involving a broken fibula, it will take at least twice that amount of time, if not longer. While your fibula—the long, thin outside bone of your lower leg—is healing, you should stay mobile through the use of a walking boot to speed up the recovery … Take advantage of whatever medical equipment you can to maximize the success of your recovery and help yourself get back in play sooner. If you experienced a full break, you will require at least a medical boot to stabilize your leg to prevent further injury. A broken fibula often starts immobilization. (There’s a reason for wearing shin guards in soccer.) Call STARS at (208) 367-3315 if you have any questions regarding fibula fracture. A fibular fracture can present challenges for patients who’d like to maintain their general conditioning. Michael graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. Perren SM, Rahn BA. A good warm-up session and maintaining strength and flexibility in the legs are the best means of protection against fibular fractures. He has remained as a faculty member in The Upper Extremity Sports Physical Therapy Fellowship to continue to provide education and mentoring to fellows-in-training. "i had a broken fibula and tibula and i am out of the boot now 3 weeks is it ok to walk without the use of a crutch i still have a limp?" The length of recovery is not the same for everyone. A fibula fracture is used to describe a break in the fibula bone. Your body needs time to repair its injury and regain its strength. This theory applies to all types of fractures: nondisplaced (the bone retains its proper alignment), displaced (the bone ends do not line up) and compound (the bone breaks through the skin). We know you have more important things to do than have people sign a cast! Because the burden on the bone is minimal—compared with the burden on the tibia or femur—using a walking boot often shortens recovery time. Six weeks is a commonly prescribed time frame for athletes who suffer a stress fracture or severe tendinitis issue and have been placed in a fracture walking boot. Attempting to rush the process against your doctor’s advice will only result in furthering your recovery time. What Makes Our Clinic So Effective At Treating Knee Injuries? It may not be much fun walking around with a boot or on crutches, but neither is re-injuring your leg or prolonging your recovery from your broken or fractured fibula. The biology of fracture healing in long bones. Fibula fracture recovery time. Followed by completion of The Upper Extremity Athlete Sports Physical Therapy Fellowship program through The Jackson Clinics in 2017. Floor workouts – movements such as planks and push-ups can help you break a sweat without prolonging your recovery process. We may recommend a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to relieve pain. It can be really painful to rest your entire weight on a fractured fibula, and thus knowing how it is going to recover and … However, as any veteran of a fractured fibula can tell you, this one makes itself known. Treatment for a broken fibula includes elevation of the break, ice and anti-inflammatory medication to control swelling, reports Baylor Scott & White Health. However, when it comes to bone breaks or fractures, you can’t simply mask the pain or play through it. Sprained ankles, fractured ankles, what’s the big deal? Athletes especially have a hard time accepting immobilizing injuries. Most cases of fibular fracture, if there is not a complete break, can be treated conservatively. (Recovery: at least 6 Weeks) Tibia-fibula fractures: These injuries result in fractures of both of the long bones in the lower leg. But the work isn’t over yet. Commitment to the physical therapy plan is key to effective healing. Second, take the weight off. Patients typically use crutches for walking while the break heals. If you are creative, there are ways to work out with only one working leg. Dr. Jesse Shaw is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in Sports Medicine. The following are considered safe and appropriate for fibular rehab: For more information from the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society on exercises for fibular fracture, check this website. (to test if it’s broken) is not a good diagnostic tool. So, if you are faced with a broken fibula, don’t panic. (Recovery: 3-6 Months) Fibula stress fractures: The fibula becomes fractured as a result of repeated stress to the bone. For those of you that are suffering from a broken fibula and are itching to get back in the game, there are certain no or low-impact exercises that can keep you in shape and active even while you are still recovering from your fibula injury. Don’t worry—this is normal. Talk to your physician about the walking boot option. Give Your Broken Fibula the Boot. Dr. Schottenstein is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, © 2020 All-Pro Orthopedics & Sports Medicine | All Rights Reserved |, Options for Effectively Treating a Painful Bone Spur, Total Knee Replacement Achieves New Success. Aside from the normal physical therapy exercises that can help stretch and strengthen your injured leg, there are full-body and other workouts that you can still do with one leg or while seated. Michael is a current member of The American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists. For minor fibula fractures or breaks, it may only take about six weeks to make a full recovery. Can J Surg 1980; 23(3): 228-32 … Remember, you are rehabilitating the muscles around a bone that suffered a traumatic injury. However, when it comes to bone breaks or fractures, you can’t simply mask the pain or play through it. But after the initial phase, sitting on the couch and letting it heal on its own is probably not the best approach. The fibula has also been known to fracture in sports that involve twisting, such as basketball or skiing.

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