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"Anyways, I'm gonna call it a night…so…goodnight," Sky stated, walking out the room, heading off to get changed. Emptying the cart will remove all products. His personality ultimately depends on the player's actions during the free roam and missions during the game. Thank you for providing more detail. She always tried to hide how nervous she felt on the inside, but she wasn't always successful with it. Sky on the other hand shrugged, and started to undo her tie, throwing it on the floor carelessly, before kicking off her boots, walking over to the wardrobe and pulling out her pyjamas, which consisted off grey shorts and a black tank top. Sky seemed alright; in fact it made Eve wonder why all the teachers looked so grim when they mentioned the girl's name. "Yep," Eve answered, suddenly feeling not so shy around Beatrice. "Hi," Eve answered, smiling shyly at the girl as she stepped into her room, who was smiling kindly at Eve as she realised how shy she was. You and your team will receive exclusive access to our experts, … Eve smiled at Pete as he she finally spotted him walking towards her, a shy and nervous smile on his face. "Um, not really, I was just a little nervous," Sky stated, glancing at the clock which hung upon the wall, before glancing back at Eve, who looked much calmer than she had a few minutes ago. "Hey guys," Pete said as he and Eve finally reached them, sounding slightly nervous. "Cliques?" He was wearing a teal sweater vest over a shirt, and had a pair of grey school slacks. On her feet she wore plain black ballet pumps, which she thought were very comfy indeed. But depending on the player's actions Jimmy can be friendlier. His pajamas are a dark blue T-shirt with a flaming skull on it, pale yellow sleep pants, and white socks. "Then there's the Greasers, they hang by the Auto Shop, they're friendly enough, but they hate the Preppies. Oh, and one more thing, sorry for the awful ending, this chapter was originally MUCH longer, but I shortened it a little as I thought it was maybe a bit too long, so I apologize for that :D. A pair of dark green glasses sat perched on her nose, and she had a few cold sores around her mouth. Mrs. Peabody asked me to show you around the school," She announced, sounding a little more confident as she pushed her glasses back up the bride of her nose, as they had slowly been sliding down. Overall his uniform was pretty messy. But he stands up for the weaker cliques like Nerds and Non-Cliques even though he takes advantage of them. Eve's looked at Pete from the corner of her eye, and saw that he looked a bit upset. "We have the exact same schedule," Beatrice stated, smiling at Eve in a friendly fashion. "Beatrice," Eve replied, making Sky smile and nod. Eve smiled as Beatrice said this. They both use the word phony a lot and they both have been kicked out of many schools before. Anyways, finally, there's the Jocks, avoid them, they're pretty mean, they hang by the Gym and Football Field. Please decrease the quantity and try again. Eve asked, raising her eyebrows. Beatrice studied it for a few moments, somehow managing to miraculously walk whilst staring at the schedule, without bumping into anything or anyone. In the winter he wears ear muffs with the astronomy club sweater and gloves. Constructive criticism is welcomed! So, where do you want to go first?" In fact, people could usually see right through her. "Anywhere you want. His school uniform consists of a blue Bullworth vest over a white shirt with khaki school slacks. Ignore Gary if he says anything, he can be a bit of a jerk," Pete warned, before heading off to the main gates with Eve walking beside him. He is 15 years old and is slightly undersized for his age. "Thanks," Eve said, blushing at the compliment. Donald is a rather small and very skinny nerd with strawberry blonde hair and half-moon glasses. Eve nodded; placing her schedule in Beatrice's outstretched hand. "Awesome, I'm Sky," She said, glancing back at Eve to see she was still biting her lip, now twirling her long hair round her finger. Bulwark Protection experts are providing education and resources to help you stay ahead of the curve, so you can keep everyone on your watch safe. "Yeah, didn't Beatrice tell you about them?" Gary Jack Smith, or better known as Gary Smith, is the main antagonist of the 2006 video game Bully. I hope you don't mind having to show me around," Eve said sheepishly, following Beatrice as she headed down the path, before turning left, heading towards the main building. He wears the astronomy club vest over a long sleeve shirt and brown slacks. Introducing the pullover that makes cold weather work a pushover: the new, online exclusive Bulwark FR Pullover Hooded Fleece. He had faint freckles on his cheeks and an auburn buzz cut, as well as a gold stud earring in his left ear. He is mean and sarcastic to the Preps, Greasers, Jocks, and Bullies. He has a rough looking face and wears an ear ring in his left ear. The girl walked over to her bed, falling down on it, before turning over so that she was lying on her stomach, facing Eve. © Copyright 2020, Bulwark. The following product(s) are no longer avaialble at the requested quantity. "Um, it was okay I suppose, just a little…um…" Eve trailed off, not wanting to confess to this Skyler girl that she had found her first day absolutely terrifying. Eve couldn't help but feel worried as he said this, but she put on a brave face and tried to act calm. The taller of the two had brown hair which was in a low fade style, and as Eve and Pete neared the two, she noticed that he had a scar over his right eye. Eve nodded to herself, before hurrying to get changed into her pyjamas before Sky came back. Oh, before you meet them, I thought I'd just warn you. Whenever Eve heard the word clique, it reminded her of those typical high school movies, where it had all the different cliques, ranging from the nerds, to the Goths, to the Jocks and then to the outcasts, who weren't actually outcasts at all since they hung around together. Despite the fact that she thought the cliques seemed daunting, she had to admit, she was glad that she actually fitted into one. "Oh, that's great, so do I," She exclaimed happily. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They both come from a though home life and are both rebellious in nature. "Cool. Eve had never been to a school which had cliques before though, so it was quite interesting to her. Beatrice asked, as she pushed open the doors of the dormitory and stepped outside. "Oh, that's a relief, at least I have all of my classes with someone I know," Eve said, smiling cheerfully. "Where you scared on your first day here?" She quickly got ready, pulling on a pink vest top and white three-quartered joggers, and was just climbing into her surprisingly soft and comfy bed as Sky scuttled back in, throwing her uniform on the floor, before taking a running jump onto her bed. "Who the hell are you?". The next day Eve stood outside the girl's dorm, waiting for Pete. When Eve Jones first arrives at Bullworth Academy, she expects to be the schools social outcast. Sky asked, a surprised look on her face as Eve shook her head. Beatrice had even offered to introduce Eve to the Nerds, so that they could then play a game of Grottos and Gremlins, which Eve had politely declined. "Can I have a look at your schedule?". The black haired girl just studied Eve for a few moments, before grinning widely, and turning to look out of the window beside her bed. Jimmy has been kicked out of numerous private schools before his mother and new stepfather sent him to the toughest school in New England, Bullworth Academy. Even if that clique was the Nerd clique, at least at this school she actually belonged somewhere. Free Domestic Ground Shipping on Orders $99+, The Ultimate Protection for the Great Outdoors. Jimmy is a bully in nature and picks on kids. Eve stood up, walking over to what she presumed was her wardrobe, and opening it up she pulled out her new school uniform. "Wow, that sounds…scary," Eve said uncertainly, biting her lip again. Pete, despite how shy he was, had kindly offered to show Eve around Old Bullworth Vale the next day, and Eve had immediately agreed. He is very successful with the ladies at Bullworth and is able to kiss almost every girl in school. So, you can stay sharp – and ahead of the curve. "You should probably change into your uniform before we go. Once she had gotten changed she glanced in the mirror than hung on the inside of the wardrobe door, rolling the sleeves of her white school shirt up to her elbows, before turning her attention to her dark teal school skirt, which fell to the middle of her thighs. View, comment, download and edit bullworth academy Minecraft skins. Eve smiled and did the same, and suddenly the room was covered in darkness. Gary turned to Pete, and pushed him out of the school gates, forcing him to walk forward as he said, "Come on little Petey, lets show your little girlfriend around Old Bullworth Vale,". Are you sure you want to remove the following product from the cart? However, despite the awful classes, Eve was very pleased with herself as she'd managed to make yet another new friend, and this boy seemed even shyer than she was. "Ready?" The Bulwark Institute is the most extensive PPE training and educational offering ever created. He wears a jean jacket over his Bullworth vest, school slacks, and brown boots. I think their leader is Ernest…I dunno. She had dirty-blonde hair, which was tied back with a pink ribbon at the top. You and your team will receive exclusive access to our experts, insights, tips, tools, whitepapers, classes and custom services. Despite being tough and strong minded, he is a forgiving person and friendly. He has dark brown eyes. Grottos and Gremlins just didn't sound like her thing. Gary however, studied Eve intently, a large smirk on his face, which made her feel very self conscious. "Just a little scary? "Oh, he's my friend, he's in the Bullies clique," Sky explained, tapping her short nails against the window sill next to her bed, staring out of it in an absent minded manner.

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