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Volume is calculated by multiplying the length x depth x height. Member States shall calculate the number of hectares to be included in calculation of the single payment proportionately to the number of tons of seed produced for which the aid provided for in Article 3 of Regulation (EEC) No 2358/71 has been granted, respectively, in each year of the reference period, and within the limits of a base area to be fixed by the Commission on the basis of the number of hectares, covered by a cultivation contract in the reference period, communicated by Member States. A reference value 2 is calculated, by multiplying the reference voltage 1 with a correction factor, calculated based on the battery charging level (Step 13). Pronto, sei tu Susan? A month's losses are calculated by multiplying the weekly figure by 4.3, the number of weeks in an average month. This is also known as the longest chord of the circle. Ever since, I suggest it to my translators at ProSciEditing. : Il volume viene calcolato moltiplicando la lunghezza x profondità x altezza. The amount of the surplus Total Capital that. La sua quantità è calcolato moltiplicando occupazione ore medie di lavoro. Il requisito patrimoniale determinato dalla componente Base (BIA). by a mean value of 60 mg protein per egg according to the data of Figure 2. per un valore medio di 60 mg di proteina per. P.IVA 06333200829 REA PA-314445. Non dovrebbe essere tra le voci in arancione. A measure operates on aggregations of data defined by the current context, which depends on the filter applied in the report – such as slicer, rows, and columns selection in a pivot table, or axes and filters applied to a chart. a) quando sono superati i limiti di tolleranza relativi al magazzinaggio o alla trasformazione dei prodotti o quando sono accertati. ai bovini maschi, compreso il pagamento per l'estensivizzazione quando rientri in detto premio, rispettivamente in ciascun anno del periodo di riferimento per gli importi per capo stabiliti per l'anno civile 2002 ai corrispondenti articoli indicati nell'allegato VI. Процентный барьер рассчитывается путём умножения количества участвующих в выборах партий на 0,4, учитывая, что барьер не должен превышать 3,5 %. Storage fees are determined by the formula "estimated in thousands of euro multiplied by the size in square feet" per day (example: If a lot is estimated 5.000,00 euros and it is 1,2 square meters, it would pay a deposit equal to 5x1,2 = 6 euros per day; extimation 3.400,00 euros, size 0,850cc: 3,4 x 0,850 = 2,9 euros per day); the size of a painting is calculated from its surface (example of a painting having a 35x50 cm. Answer in 3 sentences. Since I tried Ludwig back in 2017, I have been constantly using it in both editing and translation. Aggiungi la tua voce nel Dizionario Collaborativo. Se l’agricoltore ha ricevuto un aiuto per. Volume is calculated by multiplying the length x depth x height. 例文帳に追加 この基準値1にバッテリ充電レベルに基づいて算出した補正係数をかけて基準値2を算出する(ステップ13)。 : Its quantity is calculated by multiplying employment by average work hours. per il capitale sottoscritto rivalutato sulla base dell’inflazione verificatasi tra la data di godimento e la data di pagamento della cedola. under the Purchase Order to the actual quantities of goods and/or services being measured as contractually agreed. Expert Answer . Def. and an estimation of 2.500,00 euros; multiplying 1.75 for 2.5, the deposit payable amounts to 4,40 euros; for paintings of more than 2 sq.m. 2) metodo standard (“standardised approach”) con questo metodo l’attività della banca viene divisa in otto linee operative3 ; il requisito. All Rights Reserved. Surface = 1, 750 sq.m. per i tassi ai quali ci si attende che affluiscano nello scenario in esame, fino a un massimo del 75% del totale dei deflussi di cassa attesi. Total Capital that is held by third party investors. receivables by the rates at which they are expected to flow in under the scenario up to an aggregate cap of 75% of total expected cash outflows. del patrimonio di vigilanza detenuta da tali investitori.

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