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When he is not participating in ritual sacrifice, drinking blood or furthering his study of the dark arts, Doyle can be found prowling the Peak District under the full moon with his beautiful partner Flora and thieving Border Collie Loki. Silence greeted them once more. Further evidence from Nick Brown suggested there IS a big cat roaming the Chase. What happened was, many of these pets were released into the wild as a convenient way for their owners to be rid of them. VAT EU: CZ08077215 - Night-Time Guided Walking Tours, Cannock Chase – Aliens Demons and Wild Animals, The Catacombs of Paris: Lifeless and Lost. As recently as July of this year Mrs V Golder wrote to us reporting that a friend saw the animal twice skulking in Union Street, Chasetown, at around 8am. Neil Arnold, of Kent Big Cat Research, said: “It’s time the public, especially sceptics, realised that large exotic animals are nothing unusual in our countryside any more - and the only mystery is that they’ve become a mystery.”, Big cat expert Martin Rainer said: “Maybe they are not at the heart of the Chase, but possibly around the fringes which do not receive as much human traffic.”. The lady took a step forward to approach. The 1976 Dangerous Animals Act put an end to that, making it an offence to own them. WATCH OUT FOR DEER, THEY LIVE HERE too many road collisions happen each year! The couple begin wading into the undergrowth calling out, “Are you okay?”, “Where are you?”. She's been described as tall and slim, with large, dark, hypnotic eyes. Située entre Stafford, Cannock, Rugeley et Lichfield. It is early evening and the sun is beginning to set, the couple pause for a moment to enjoy the stillness and capture forever this moment in time. I know it sounds crazy, but these people think they’ve seen a wolf.”. The Beast of Cannock Chase is back - and this time he’s even made it on radio. The aircraft was moving too slowly to be a private or commercial plane and flight records also suggest this would be impossible. “Help”, it is louder this time and more urgent and seems to be coming from the waist-high Heather plants. Seconds that felt like hours passed and the girl did not respond. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. A lucky tourist trekking through the Amazon would be surprised and fortunate to encounter one of these elusive creatures, you would be even more surprised, to encounter one of these Big Cats on the moorlands of Cannock Chase, but it has been known. Cannock Chase est une région rurale du Staffordshire, en Angleterre. Please note, I do not consider what follows to be suitable material for any readership, tales as dark as these can be of no spiritual nourishment for any goodly human. World-renowned paranormal investigator Nick Redfern certainly thinks so. If sightings are to be believed, a single black panther has been roaming our woods for over 30 years. It could be either a black jaguar or black leopard, both more commonly known as black panthers. The most common sightings are around Katyn Memorial and The German War Cemetery, but the beast has been seen as far afield as Chasetown and Heath Hayes. With wolves extinct on our shores for centuries, could it be the mysterious creature was, in fact, the legendary Beast of Cannock Chase? The more likely explanation is military base RAF Cosford were trialling new military prototype aeronautical technology. Elle a été déclarée Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty en 1958. Copyright © 2020 Mysterium Tours s.r.o. There have been sightings all over Britain of these skulking creatures, ranging from West Wales to Lancashire. Some may have escaped from private collections, zoos and even safari parks. The most promising account came when a fairly large group of people saw something peculiar during their lunch break late in August, 2005, in woodlands near Cannock Chase Enterprise Centre. With the number of sightings from independent witnesses, it seems likely a Big Cat is in fact prowling Cannock Chase. Avec ses 68 km2, c'est l'une des plus petites AONB de Grande-Bretagne. Stealthy, isolated and majestic are three words used to describe the Jaguar Panther who dominates the rainforests of South America. Motorists on Junction 10A of the M6, near Cannock, jammed Highways Agency helplines on Wednesday morning, with reports of a ‘wolf-like creature’ racing between lanes at rush hour. Do not appear afraid. Suddenly the silence is broken by a whisper carried on the wind, “Help”, it is a child’s voice, a young girl surely no older than ten. Beast of Cannock Chase – Part 1. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Doyle now resides in Staffordshire, England. There are several theories about the origins of black panthers. The paw prints are easy to side-step; the mutilated deer carcasses, however, are not. For over fifty years, there have been sightings of flashing lights and strange sounds in the skies above Cannock Chase, but nothing compared to the frenzy of reports the British UFO Research Society received from the Cannock area in March 2015. In fact, eyewitness accounts date back to the ‘70s, shortly after a change in legislation about keeping dangerous animals led to exotic pets being released into the British countryside. December 29, 2010. As Rafiki the wise baboon holds Simba up to the sun, it is impossible not to feel a maternal love for the young lion cub depicted in the Disney classic. In the blink of an eye, the little girl disappeared. Some say she is Margaret Reynolds, whose body was discovered aged six in a ditch in Mansty Gully, Cannock Chase. “Where are your parents?” the lady enquired. The beast is not unique to Cannock. But everyone who saw it is convinced it was something more than a domestic dog. I then added 3 edge loops down the length of the cube and then added 2 around the width of the cube. There have been a number of sightings of The Black Eyed Girl on Cannock Chase over the years, as to who she is, there are a plethora of theories to this. Where her young, bright, hopeful eyes should be, was only chaos black. In 1976, the UK Parliament passed The Dangerous Wild Animals Act, outlawing UK citizens from purchasing or owning, “a potentially dangerous animal”, this caused a problem for a number of residents caring for an exotic animal. Slow down and be deer aware. Last week’s paw prints are by no means the first mystery tracks. Can it still be possible that after all this time the beast has survived and is still thriving in our neck of the woods? But such animals must be taken seriously.”. In May, 2008, he was cycling with friends when he spotted the remains of a deer, stripped to the bone. 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