cats and spirituality

They were both going to be born the same month. She kept saying it over and over to people but something didn’t quite clicked enough to respond to people when they offered to give her one of those new kitties being born. Hi everyone im sending you all loving energies. Guess what? Actually my kids wanted to own it. We all have energy or vibrational fields around us and they are a representation of our thoughts, emotions, life’s path, journey and focused attention. We had him for about a year, took care of him, brought him to the vet for shots, health check ups, we had him neutered, too. This four month old kitten was a stray that needed a home. THANK YOU for this beautiful explanation. If you ever wondered if cats have telepathic abilities, the answer is yes but just as we have also. not all spirits are bad of course, if they do notice a kindred spirit, they usually stare for a while and then they go back to their thing. They bring luck to both land and sea. Feel free to observe, visit some fellow cats available for adoption but listen to your inner guidance before you commit. She found herself drawn to it, she feed it, she observed it, she became friends with it. Cats spiritual powers and their colors. She makes me laugh all the time. Seriously though, cats (and dogs as well) sometimes do display a sense of spirituality — not often perhaps, and certainly not all the time. Enter your email address to receive free newsletters from NCR. The older the cat, the bigger the energetic body. Nobody came forward to claim him. I was devastated. Therefore, cats are quite beneficial to you if you are moving to a new place. I'm not saying … Well thats just abilities that im learning that i have. I asked if she was there and there she was meowing and telling me in a way I never had seen before how she was scared. We put up signs all over town (posted on Facebook, called around) saying we found this white cat – is anybody missing a white cat? She is mostly white, with some gray and a few orange markings and a calico-looking tail. Einstein is back on my bed sleeping — as he does most of the day. If you communicate with a person that is grumpy and low in energy, while you are happy and full of positivity, there is a mismatch of energy that neither one enjoys. If you shoo away the cat, then the energy it was trying to share with you is blocked. That is why they prefer children, they often chase butterflies or other insects, and you might see them seeing something, or observe something that you can’t see (yes you guessed right angels and fairies and spirits). One of the methods of healing is just stroking the cat, which releases mental and emotional stress. I felt the contoures of her and was caressing her. Tabby cat: they are a symbol of luck, optimism and positive energy. She stayed for a while. Similarly, people with big energy fields, are drawn to cats because of their own high frequency. If you see them hiss and attack someone they are not a match to their vibration. They give you joy and lightness to face the most delicate situations in life. (The people never showed up to pick her up.) Cats have been by our side throughout the ages. Cat Spirit may arrive when you feel your timing is all off, and your patience is worn down to a thread. They are a symbol of luck and home, putting away everyone and everything that can cause you bad. Or just ask and let it come to you. Two-Tone – Gray and white – black and white – orange white. With your hands you can actually feel if the being/spirit is big or small. Totem animals in the form of cats often symbolize personal power, writes Gerina Dunwich in her book "Your Magickal Cat: Feline Magick, Lore, and Worship." : Afterlife Animal Miracles, Archangel Michael Escorts Souls to Heaven, How to Work with Angels to Overcome a Pornography Addiction, How to Work with Mother Mary and Angels to Heal Relationships. I can not always see or feel their presence, once a (real) psychic told me that there are more cats visiting me often. I took that one, too. Not just any cat, an adult black cat, (that was the one color she said she didn’t want). "Angels sometimes ‘assume’ bodies, as we would put on a costume," writes Peter Kreeft in his book "Angels (and Demons): What Do We Really Know About Them?" And if you had known this about your cat, you can see how good they are at removing negative energy. Cats spiritual powers are important to us and the environment and in this article, you are going to know what they are. We have had a spiritual bond with cats dating back to their regal origins in ancient Egypt. Every day I tell him how perfect he is. They also attract success and popularity. They also create lunar magic. Every cat has a lot of quartz in the pineal gland and this is how they do the recycling of energies. They have grown to represent a whole host of symbolic meaning in time, as well as becoming pet companions for many of us. Dan Turner, mystic activist from the prairie to the streets, dies at 81, Ambrose, St. Bernard dog and evangelist, was a great grace to many people. I began to feed him, first outside, then inside. Cats are mysterious beings by nature and have long been related to the mystical world. Orange Cat Symbolism | Everything You Need To Know. What Does It Mean When A Black Cat Follows You. It was 4.

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