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When Jasper interrupts Henry and Charlotte, they both look annoyed. Henry asked Charlotte if he could borrow her chemistry notes. When Henry put the ring on Charlotte's finger Ray, Jasper and Schwoz all teased them, like Henry was asking her to marry him. Henry asks Charlotte how her student council meeting went. Henry smiles and laughs when Charlotte agrees that she’s smarter than Schwoz. Charlotte immediately called for Henry after Bork lifted her up and swung her back and forth. Charlotte attempts to carry Henry after Schwoz makes him pass out. For more information on Cheney Ray, here are few related links. Charlotte was concerned when Henry was blasted by the machine and the effects he would soon get. Charlotte has to beat Henry up as part of her training, but he goes through with it anyway. The episode ends with a close up of Henry and Charlotte from when they were young and they're smiling, Henry says "we're all cute" which included Charlotte, Charlotte agrees with him implying she also thinks he's cute. Charlotte and Henry fist bump when they find out that they still have a chance to win the massage chair. Henry asks Charlotte to tickle his foot. jQuery('#countdown_5f98130068d576_94634687').html(text); When Bysh starts attacking Charlotte, Henry tries to come to her defense and break up the fight. Charlotte accepted Henry's apology and hugged him while she was covered in pig slop. with Ray when Henry said Veronika kissed him. It was most likely Henry who texts Charlotte that they are on their way back. } else { Henry goes quiet and listens to Charlotte when she interrupts Jasper and him from bickering. She is a celebrity dj. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups. Charlotte sits very close to Henry when discussing rather to go to the concert or save the hostage. Charlotte looks sad and uncomfortable when Henry is yelling at everyone about the Man Cave being gone. When Ray shoots a laser near Charlotte’s head while Henry is fighting with her, Henry quickly freaks out and yanks Ray’s arm down and makes him take several steps away from her. Henry tries to convince Charlotte that it's not his fault he didn't know she was dating Jack Swagger. abs_diff -= count * seconds[display[i]]; Cheney Ray has not been previously engaged. Henry doesn't find it funny that Charlotte ends up wearing Jasper's retainer due to the plan that he had suggested. At Henry’s House, they argued over who would have to start while waiting for Jasper. Henry and Charlotte were sitting together, talking,when a Jasper came into class. Charlotte was super excited telling Henry she was applying to L.I.M.P. Charlotte asked Henry about Piper's anger management class. They are also supportive of each other. When Charlotte began to aim the gun at the 2 Schwozes, Henry backed away from her. Online rumors of Cheney Rays’s dating past may vary. start2.setFullYear(today.getFullYear() + 1); What is Cheney Ray marital status? Cheney Ray had at least 1 relationship in the past. Henry grabs Charlotte and stops her from attacking Jasper then he helps her to calm down and asks what she was thinking. Henry starts running the wrong way (which is into Charlotte) when he learns that the Cave is going to self-destruct so Charlotte (and Jasper) grab him and turn him around. Charlotte gave advice to Henry of how to get Bianca. Alex Wong/Getty. When Ray scolds Henry for not knowing Charlotte’s number, Henry defensively explains that whenever he wants to call Charlotte, he just taps her name in his phone. Henry and Charlotte were both laughing as they were walking out of the elevator. As of the final episode, Henry and Charlotte (along with Jasper) fight crime together. Henry expects Charlotte to know where the 'restaurant,'The Basement' was. Henry gets annoyed again when Charlotte screams and again Charlotte tells Henry to blame Jasper, not her. Charlotte picks up the gun to seemingly shoot Henry and Jasper. In the background, Henry can be seen smiling a lot while talking to Charlotte when Ray takes the emergency call about the stolen declaration. Charlotte answers Henry's video chat request while she is brushing her teeth. Henry was likely the one on the phone with Charlotte in the third flashback as they are known to be the ones most frequently in contact with each other by phone. Charlotte tries to cheer Henry up by telling him he has perfect teeth, Henry thanks Charlotte for calling his teeth perfect, Henry asks Charlotte if she is going to move away and go off to college (clearly a little freaked out at the thought of being in Swellview without her). if(diff <= 999) { Henry smiled at Charlotte when she told Jasper the secret was true. Henry is usually the only character shown to worry about Charlotte's well being, Charlotte is also known to worry about Henry.

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