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In the anime, with the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konoha, Team 10 was assigned alongside other genin teams to help stop the thieves. Chōchō decided to team up with Inojin and Shikadai. Deciding that Ōnoki was too sentimental to see the bigger picture, Kū usurped the Third Tsuchikage. Setelah pertempuran besar melawan Momoshiki Otsutsuki pada Boruto episode 65, kini kita memasuki episode filler seperti yang biasa terjadi setelah alur besar berakhir. In the anime, two weeks into the Academy, Chōchō was left amazed at how reckless Boruto Uzumaki was compared to his father, and asked Sarada whether she knows him. Convinced that it was his reputation as a competitive eating champion, he entered a food competition in the naive hope of impressing Karui. Wanting the students to warm up to Mitsuki, Shino organised a welcoming party for the new student. Upon discovering the puppet, they were encountered by Deepa, who demanded to be given the puppet. Deciding that they waited long enough, the group decided to look for their friends. After it was agreed that Chōchō and Sarada would bring the lunch, the two quickly took off. Her relentless anger ultimately made her changed back to her normal plumper self, ruining the dress. After splitting up to patrol the village, the culprit of the attacks unleashed their Shadow Spectre on the post chief Komame. He was narrowly saved by Boruto, who then retreated while carrying the elderly man. During the third round, however, Chōchō is defeated by Shinki. As the test began, the Ino–Shika–Chō trio fought Anko Mitarashi alongside other students, which resulted in them all being defeated and captured. Shikadai, however, was able to use his shadow to prevent him and his teammates from falling into it, passing the first round. Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. The two meet up with Sarada and Chōchō outside of the Information & Receiving Centre, but Boruto doesn't recognise Chōchō. Main article: Genin Mission Arc Kuat dan Indah, ini 5 Fakta Butterfly Mode, Teknik Akimichi di Naruto! Despite their victory, the girls made peace with the boys. In a restaurant, Chōchō complained that her father's excessive eating is making it difficult for her to control her own eating habits when she's trying to lose weight, only to be further annoyed with her mother's "hands off" policy on the matter. She casually dismissed him even after being called fat and left. Later, Chōcho joined the other genin in testing out new surveillance equipment designed to follow their location. Following a mission where Inojin failed to have the confidence to use his Mind Body Switch Technique, Chōchō noticed his mellow demeanour and offered to help him in his training to master the technique. She became impulsively convinced that any random adult she would find impressive is possibly her real parent. She inherited her father's brown hair (portrayed as orange (or blonde) in the Boruto manga), which she styles in two spiky ponytails, kept back with a pink hair-band. In the anime, after Mitsuki's apparent betrayal of Konohakagure, the village was put on lockdown. Le jour où Chôji fit la connaissance de Shikamaru, celui-ci tenta tout de même de l'intégrer au jeu, marquant le début de leur amitié. Team 10, Sarada and Boruto meet Tagorihime in Ryūchi Cave. When Shikadai ran off during their assignment, Chōchō and Inojin followed him, during which they are joined by Boruto and told that he believed the Ninjutsu Research Centre was being targeted by the Byakuya Gang. As Tomaru's kindness towards Chōchō continued to sway her, he ultimately had her try on a prop dress to rehearse a scene together. Her parents worked earnestly to get a special medicine for her, which caused Chōji to trim down so much that Chōchō didn't recognise him, making her have lingering doubts about her parentage. [5] While her physical power is decreased, she is able to use Butterfly Mode for extended periods of time without using the clan's Three Coloured Pills at all. Like her father, Chōchō never turns down an invitation when it comes to food. In the anime, having some time off with Sarada, they decided to go on a gourmet tour together. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Having become a genin, the Ino–Shika–Chō trio was placed on Team 10 under Moegi Kazamatsuri's leadership. On the way to the mission, at Chōchō's insistence, the team decided to stop for a bit to eat, where they bumped into Deepa, who casually ignored them. Chōchō then overlooked the battle against thousands of Shin clones. The creature went on a rampage, attacking the students and launched Chōchō off the roof, to which Boruto managed to save her with the help of some other students. Chōchō is a practitioner of Lightning Release, able to perform the Lightning Release: Thunderclap Fist (雷遁・迅雷拳, Raiton: Jinraiken) technique. Ultimately, Mitsuki talked to her through her love of potato chips, noting that what matters is not the outside appearance, but the quality. The Butterfly Mode is a heightened transformation of the Akimichi clan. Chōchō is the only child of Karui and Chōji Akimichi. She was shocked to find out that it was actually Chōji, who had just got back from a mission with Ino Yamanaka. Her weight, in fact, doesn't seem to bother her at all, rather, Chōchō appears to be quite confident and self-assured — a trait she perhaps inherited from her mother. When they refused, he pelted them with a barrage of carbon cubes that even Shinki's Iron Sand Wall couldn't completely block. As Aoda made his peaceful intentions known the group explained their goal of acquiring Garaga's Reverse Scale on the request of the White Snake Sage to get her help in finding Mitsuki. Chōchō is a dark-skinned girl with amber-coloured eyes and a noticeably heftier physique, similarly to most people of her clan. Upon arriving, they were met with Kagura Karatachi, who was appointed by to act as the class' tour guide. Just as Chōji predicted, war is indeed averted. Later, she joined the rest of the class to watch the fight between Boruto and Iwabee Yuino, after which Chōchō teased Sumire when she expressed her happiness with how Boruto was able to get along with the classmates. Twitter. In the anime, taking up Shino's subtle offer to try stealing the test answers for the written portion of the Genin Exams, Inojin and his friends were able to pass the test. Inojin arrived and subdued Boruto, as he was under Kirara's genjutsu. Soon afterwards, Sarada went ahead under the guise of using the restroom while Naruto stayed to watch Chōchō catch her breath. Team 10 being assigned alongside Team 7 a mission to protect the actors. As Sasuke subdued Shin with Susanoo and checked on his wife's condition, Chōchō complained about Sasuke being Sarada's father and not hers. Later, she met up with Chōji, who embarrassed Chōchō simply because of his choice of flavoured chips to walk around with. However, unlike the rest of her clan, she lacks the Akimichi facial markings. She shares with them what her father told her: that Shikamaru accompanied Naruto to the Summit, and that without Shikamaru the Summit would end with war. When the two lead actors of her favourite show received a death threat if they continued filming their show, Team 10 was assigned to protect the actors alongside Team 7. They decided to investigate. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2. Chōchō also possesses a competitive nature, challenging her father to frequent eating contests. Chōchō and her team-mates decided to face the foe while Boruto and Sarada moved on. Main article: Time Slip Arc In this form, the user's combat ability is greatly enhanced; allowing the use of the clan's high-level techniques such as Butterfly Bullet Bombing, and the ability to use the chakra wings to create gusts of chakra.

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