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'Today' Co-Host Willie Geist Met His Future Wife in Sixth Grade! But I Washed My Hands! As their senior year came to an end, both assumed they’d end up at different colleges and would break up. The Sunday TODAY host ran a half-marathon this weekend to raise money for Parkinson's Disease. Geist and his wife, born Christina Elena Sharkey, have known each other since sixth grade. She wrote the children’s book Buddy’s Bedtime Battery, which was published by Penguin Random House. It’s especially difficult when Geist has to get to work so early in the morning. After college graduation, the couple started jobs in different cities and did break up for about three years. It's a journey that not a lot of people have together, and it's very special," he said. He just didn't want to be pitied. She told NBC that even though Willie has become more of a celebrity over the years, it hasn't at all affected their love for each other. After six months of working on the overnight shift, she realized that the job wasn’t for her. Before long, a sneaky little sleepwalker can be found shuffling into my room, crawling into my bed, settling into Willie’s pillow, and shifting like a compass to a completely horizontal position with his or her feet nestled comfortably on top of my face. Willie, who has held jobs at Morning Joe and Way Too Early, is currently a co-host on Today and an NBC News contributor. But she was put on the Virginia waiting list, so she went to Vanderbilt instead. Fox Foundation, which raises funds for Parkinson's disease research. Over the years, both Christina and Willie's careers have really soared. His father, TV journalist and author Bill Geist, has lived with the disease for decades. So far, Willie and Christina have raised more than $40,000 for Parkinson's research through the New York City Marathon and the Michael J. “When they were in eighth grade, I realized that they had something really special,” Christina’s mother, Joyce Sharkey, told the Times. "He's been hearing from others with Parkinson's who've said thank you for having courage, thank you for showing that you can live with this disease and have a little sense of humor about it.". “Meanwhile, we were turning 25. "This is super impressive!!!!" Christina and their 11-year-old son, George, both biked along, and at the finish line, Willie's dad surprised him. "Look what you made me do, Dad and @RealMikeJFox! In September 2015, Christina launched Boombox Gifts. Geist got his start in journalism in sports, first on CNN and then at Fox Sports Net. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Happy Birthday @WillieGeist ! They were even planning on going their separate ways in college, with Geist going to Venderbilt and Christina heading to the University of Virginia. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Willie Geist is married to Christina Geist. raised more than $40,000 for Parkinson's research, first went public with his condition in July 2012, CBS’ Bill Geist announces battle with Parkinson’s. Christina’s team puts the box together and you can invite friends and family to contribute messages to it before it’s sent out. This content is imported from {embed-name}. She moved to New York to work in brand strategy, and she has remained in that field. Find out more about her life and their family. As The New York Times noted in their wedding announcement, they dated throughout middle and high school in Ridgewood, New Jersey. She wrote on the company’s website that she was inspired by the memory boxes she and her friend were going through one day. The couple met in sixth grade and tied the knot in 2003. In September 2016, Christina became a published author. Willie Geist, the Morning Joe and Sunday Today host, is married to brand strategist Christina Geist. 'Today' Co-Host Willie Geist Met His Future Wife in Sixth Grade!Willie reminisces about meeting his wife when they were kids, then proposing to her at their old elementary school.2014-01-21T15:18:59.000Z. Savannah Guthrie added. Willie reminisces about meeting his wife when they were kids, then proposing to her at their old elementary school. The day Bill revealed his diagnosis, Willie added, was a proud day for the family. The couple married in May 2003 in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Throughout his training, Willie has received lots of support from the TODAY family. Christina, meanwhile, is the strategy director of a branding shop called True Geist, the founder of Boom Box Gifts, and an author of two children's books — Buddy's Bedtime Battery and Sorry, Grown-Ups, You Can't Go to School!. Get the best news, information and inspiration from TODAY, all day long. And, my kids sense that “click” in their sleep. Apparently, Willie and Christina first crossed paths way back on the first day of sixth grade at George Washington Middle School in Ridgewood, New Jersey. “That is so Shark,” friend Amy Yarbro Shaffer told Vanderbilt, referring to Christina as “Shark,” a reference to her maiden name. Powered by. "That was not easy for him because I know what he's gone through over the years to deal with it, so very proud ... he's going to now help people," Willie said.

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