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League discipline is a joke. I can’t believe anyone would have a problem with what Nurse did. You’re right on the mark. The Edmonton Oilers blue-liner was caught with a high stick from St. Louis Blues forward Scottie Upshall in the Oil’s 3-2 victory, which severely damaged his upper teeth. Sometimes the attitude of the other team can send someone off. After the contest, Nurse acknowledged the play and admitted he felt like a combination of Dumb & Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas and teammate Zack Kassian. Boy is darryl a monster. Polaked!! Athlete. Others look at the fight and see a guy that got jumped and dummied when he probably didn’t deserve it. From a team perspective though it’s been far too long since the Oilers had a guy stand up and announce to the whole league, “if you even think about cheap shotting one of our guys, this is the price you’re gonna pay.”. Nurse was selected by the Oilers seventh overall in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft Playing career. It’s intense and these things happen. !” I’d love to see more Oilers “Polak” the opposition! He gets kudos here because he’s YOUR bully but make no mistake, he is one. This isn’t his first suspension from being over emotional. Nurse is getting a ton of flak probably from anti-fighting groups. And honestly… No one is going to to stop hitting and pushing the Oiles around because of this. Kassian should have been Polak’d just like last night. Watch the very start of the replay, nurse dumps the puck in and polak makes a bee line straight for nurse. What did Nurse prove… He can hit a guy whose about to go off for a line change and probably had no idea it was coming? The 22-year-old now ranks near the top with defencemen Brent Burns and Dustin Byfuglien. This is hockey! I do like the catch-all answer though (“Who cares. What is a couple of thousands of dollars of fines to players making hundreds of thousands (or more?…) The only deterrent to predators like Polak is for them to know that taking liberties with the talent will be hazardous to their own health. I think you may have started something!! Some previous Oiler fighters wouldn’t throw down unless the other guy agreed, and I never really understand that. Darnell tried to cave Polak’s face in minutes after Matt Hendricks went crashing into the boards. If there’s a fight breaking out, and he’s on the ice, you know Darryl is jumping in. Personally, I love the kind of balls and leadership that Darnell Nurse showed with this fight. It’s nice to see that with guys like kassian maroon and nurse in the lineup, maybe the culture around this team can change. The NHL used to be about players policing players. Nurse just bought himself more space on the ice for his entire career. — Bob Stauffer (@Bob_Stauffer) March 9, 2016, I too love Nurse’s response to a perceived slight–Polak penalty which spilled Hendricks hard into boards–no invitations needed for Darnell, — Jim Matheson (@NHLbyMatty) March 9, 2016, Polak didn’t touch Hendricks but apparently Darnell Nurse doesn’t care. They need more guys that aren’t okay with flybys and stick checks. He seriously hurt the guy…. Remember when Nurse fought your precious Lames players. {{ video.Name Share on Facebook. Darnell Nurse’s smile took a serious hit on Thursday night. Nurse called out his team and by extension his teammates for a poor performance and even went so far as to state that the highest level of compete from his squad came during what was for all intents and purposes a meaningless game. I’d rather have people b!tching about the Oilers being too mean than standing there with their thumbs up their bu++s! The Giants lost to the Bucs on their extremely controversial final offensive play, Nyheim Hines' celebration was so impressive Simone Biles had to respond, Bill Belichick was very honest about what's happening with the New England Patriots, Brady, Gronk continue to make NFL history together, Avs prospect Nikolai Kovalenko shows he's an absolute tank with his latest goal, Tom Brady got heated on the sideline, fans are shocked at Bucs-Giants score at halftime, ranks near the top with defencemen Brent Burns and Dustin Byfuglien. Either way, I’m very interested in the inevitable [email protected]#$ show that’s gonna come out of this. Polak is a big boy and decided not to fight. Although I understand that Polak probably (likely) didn’t deserve last night’s face punchery that doesn’t make me like the fight any less. In some season where we have more on the line hopefully word gets around that Darnell has a mean streak, will be on the ice for half the game, and will kick your butt. Like it? Nurse is a wild bully. @Jkellyhockey after Upshall high-sticks Darnell Nurse: “Now Nurse needs to see a doctor.” #beauty. You can be a Lucic or Polak. I love Darnell’s game, but let’s be real – he was not the good guy in that moment. It was just the latest in a long series of disappointments for fans of the franchise but the lackluster effort that appeared to come from some of the organization's players on the ice has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. He should send Nurse a thank you note for making the hockey world aware that he is still n the NHL. Apparently SO!! Especially seeing the nose bleeding. To me, seeing that Nurse will face a hearing for the fight Polak beatdown wasn’t really all that much of a surprise. Next time it will only be higher. He is one of the few Oilers that never needs an invitation to jump into a melee. Seeing as how Nurse wasn’t given an iPad to review the play, his perception justified the defense of a teammate. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Noses bleed and that has people upset. The responsible player is a bit short on excuses.Follow the Science To many head punches can seriously injure.More than 3 games should have been given.The NHL is involved with a law suit.Could it involve Concussions? He will stand up for his teammates without anyone telling him to do it, and that’s the type of play that we haven’t seen around here in a long time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below? We can all speculate based on a camera angle, but Nurse knew what he was going to do and Polak knew he was about to go for a change. The information you requested is not available at this time, please check back again soon. Damned bleeding heart half-assed hockey fans don’t get this. And why did no one take liberties when McD was driven into the boards? Or Hall too for that matter? Heads up if you f#ck up. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Ok in my books! I respect your enthusiasm but head hunting star players is the exact opposite of the message that Nurse sent last night. I like it! Defense -- shoots L Born Feb 4 1995 -- Hamilton, ONT [25 yrs. He’d probably get starched by Nurse but the kid’s got balls the size of melons. It was a dirty and cheap hit because his team was losing. 2/2 opponent who is in a defenseless position or who is an unwillingcombatant. Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse will have a hearing tomorrow under Rule 46.2 (Aggressor) for an altercation with San Jose’s Roman Polak. Any player in any Sport who beats a defensless player is committing an Assault. One of the craziest rumours in the NHL doesn't actually sound so crazy. Felt like a nice mix of Lloyd Christmas and @zkass09 the last 18 hours... Dentist time, A post shared by Darnell Nurse (@drtwofive) on Dec 22, 2017 at 11:52am PST. It was worth every minute.”). Damn, the more I think about it the more I want to see them go at it. Glad to see him get 3 games. For me, one of the most interesting thing about this “fight” is the reaction that followed. This is uncalled for. They need more guys that are willing to pay the price for the team. this was a man hitting someone who wasn’t fighting. It was beautiful. On Friday night, the Edmonton Oilers, a team whose city will play host for the entirety of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2020, suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks, one that effectively eliminated them from those playoffs before they truly even began in the eyes of many. , Codie McLachlan/Getty Images. Frankly, the Oilers need more players like Nurse. Also, I get the impression that Nurse is getting a phone call from the NHL now in part because the call on-ice was so bonkers: no instigator, and Polak is somehow equally guilty of fighting? As a sometimes Oilers fan I’m mostly fine with this. I remember him holding his own in those fights. He will (and should) expect to be called out by Polak the next time these two teams play – there will be a rematch. For years we’ve been complaining that the Oilers don’t defend themselves, and I’m not about to complain when someone finally jumps in to take care of business. Earlier this season, New York Rangers forward Jimmy Vesey suffered a vicious cut after Kassian (ironically enough) accidentally kicked him in the face. Maybe it makes sense for a staged fight off of a faceoff but not for an accountability fight. Darnell Nurse calls out the Oilers and it backfires horribly. Dirty or careless plays deserve retribution. }}. Nurse is going to require a seriously long trip to the dentist, but at least he can say he has one of the NHL’s best smiles in the meantime. Darryls first fight against Lucic was the equivalent of finding the biggest guy on the prison yard and picking a fight with him to show everyone you’re either tough or crazy, or both. I hope Nurse goes head hunting for the best player in the league in the eyes of Flames fans (Johnny G) the next time Oilers and Flames play. One need only look at the reaction comments made by Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse received following the Qualifying Round exit from the Oilers for evidence of that. Darnell Nurse.

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