discord unusual option activity

What is unusual options activity? It is very common for these institutions to position themselves in advance of a pending news announcements, such as a buyout or bankruptcy, that may not have gone public yet. Still, we want to be clear about the expectations for our users. It does NOT disable this function BUT it will be a step in the right direction. Literally hundreds of thousands of options orders are reported every day. They're professional option flow traders. An active and engaging discord group revolved around trading securities within the Stock Market! For example on an options trade that I took because of information provided through Sang Lucci's service - I've seen so much bull activity go into $FOLD over the last couple months so I decided to buy some long dated ATM calls a couple weeks ago. While these setups are not a 100% guarantee (nothing is), they can lead you to find hidden gems in the market with the major potential of moving in smart money’s favor, very quickly in some cases. TheMarkus1204 March 13, 2020 07:17; Right! The process of breaking down what is considered to be valid unusual options activity can be daunting. the price of the underlying mathematically determines the price of the derivative, not the other way around (although maybe some people look at derivatives as indicators to buy or sell the underlying? If smart money is playing weeklys, you may miss much of the move if you come in late. i obviously know that when looking at an option chain, you can see open interest and volume. as far as whether they're bullish, well... someone is bullish and someone is bearish. Size vs Daily Avg. Stock and Options alerts as well as watchlists are sent out daily. Trades at or above the ask tend to be much more significant. We consist of experienced traders who are always willing to give advice and any questions you may have about the market. At or Above Ask Price Cookies help us deliver our Services. Compare volume to open interest. It includes stock options bought on the ask or sold on the bid with unusual … Note I said “typically”. Join this server, we post stock gains Financial decisions and great Resources to get the Money Mindset. like most of us (i assume), i watch a decent amount of CNBC. The Stock Market Bulls is a completely free server with the goal of sharing knowledge, growing, and getting that cash together. The options channel on the channel bar features many options windows, including “Somebody Knows Something” shown below. A community of traders led by Quantitative Finance professionals offering up advice and help for traders new or old. However, when you buy either, your downside is always limited to your capital invested. It refers to order flow that is out of the ordinary. Roughly 4 times the normal volume would typically qualify as unusual. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Live Stock Market Trading Discord and Options trading community and chatrooms on Discord. Q&A, Press J to jump to the feed. Redwood Alerts & Indicators is a FREE trading group where people can gather to discuss the stock or cryptocurrency market! is this partially a function of other people seeing the same thing, you getting in before them, and profiting off of an IV increase? Several viable platforms are available, but my favorite by far is Cheddar Flow.

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