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Support Socialite Life when you shop on Amazon using this link or when you click any of our affiliate links. Did she talk about what it meant to her? But what makes that any less valid of a tattoo to her? Ghostafe Killah Isn't a Little Bitch Anymore. Canadian rapper, Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign, Drake showers heartfelt encomium to Lil Wayne, “He should have just let it go, I doubt anything would have come of what he said anyway. It wasn't long before fans started commenting on the tattoo's resemblance to ex-girlfriend and on-off love interest Rihanna. In one series of shots, Drizzy can be seen sitting with a glass of wine by his side, and what appears to be a tattoo of a women on his inner arm. She is not like so many women, who only follow a trend, but do not dare to set one! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Weak. In my opinion this whole world's going to shit, and shit rolls downhill, so I might as well just jump in, hold my breath, and pray to God that there's a nice big soft puddle of diarrhea for me to land in once everything hits the fan. Drake is facing backlash for his latest tattoo as people think he’s throwing shade at The Beatles. When I printed up the first image of the lettering, she wanted me to go bigger, so that it went pretty much from each side of her hairline to the other. See more ideas about Tattoos, Hairline tattoos, Undercut tattoos. One can recall a fan tattooing the name of OVO’s head honcho, Drake , on her forehead … Some of the guys at the shop asked her, and she just kinda giggled at them. He is one of the best sellers. The tattoo is inked by the very famous tattoo artist, Dr Woo, featuring a small burning skull with the word untruly below it. While Rapper Drake recently got his first tattoo against the advice of Lil Wayne, one of his crazy fans decided to get her forehead tattoo in his honor. It just made him look silly IMO.”, There was a running dialog on Campbell’s account when his other followers began to weigh in, from which we’ve learned that the tattoo community is outraged about “Y.O.L.O. The More Life artist expressed interest in meeting the woman to understand her reasoning behind the tattoo, but denounced the tattoo artist for the actually doing the tattoo. He should know better. You know a tattoo is truly great when half the people you show it to screw their faces up and look like they’re about to keel over and puke, and the other half flat-out cry “fake.” If, like me, you’re a hip-hop nerd, you’ll no doubt have seen the photo of a freshly inked DRAKE forehead tattoo that went viral on the rap interwebs this past Tuesday. Meaning: Drake has got a tattoo of a flaming skull with the word untruly below it, on his upper left arm. If it was real, I’d sue the tatooist anyway for bad workmanship. DRAKE, FAKE! Drizzy’s new tattoo shows him walking in front of The Beatles on their famous Abbey Road album cover. ‘Flower and a Bee’ Tattoo. Seeing as how I haven't really established too much of a name for myself, I don't particularly want this one tattoo to represent my whole body of work. Was she high as fuck one night and thought it would be a larf, or was she emotionally inspired by Drake’s soft and tender voice? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Great! this is mad crazy, i really want to know what drake thinks about this situation. She was on a pretty good one when she came in, but I think by the time I finished she was coming down, because her attitude changed pretty drastically once the tattoo was finished. Headie One feat. My lips are permanently wonderful bright red! If those kids are dumb enough to get a drake tat, esp. Singer-songwriter, Jhene Aiko, made news when she shared her new ink of the face of boyfriend, Big Sean, earlier this month. The 32-year-old 'No Guidance' hitmaker shared a series of tropical vacation pictures this week, taking things from the basketball court to the golfing range before chilling with an ice-cold spritzer in hand. We figured that was as far as this could go until yesterday, when it was reported that Toronto’s finest paid a visit to Kevin Campbell’s LA tattoo shop to “give him a warning.”, Drake Addresses Fan’s Forehead Tattoo, Threatens Artist. Plus, the whole shaved eyebrow thing usually means you just got put on to your neighborhood or whatever, so I figured she was just some crazy shermed-out cholla who was "down for her calle" or whatever. I read an interview with the tattoo artist and he asked her three separate times if that was what she really wanted and went over the consequences of tattooing your face and she still wanted that tattoo. You won’t have to go to the store, and we’ll receive a little commission. There are a number of ways to express one’s appreciation and love for one’s favorite artists or celebrity. VICE: Hi Kevin, so who took the picture? Her eyebrows were shaved when she came into the shop, by the way. If that can happen to a weak hip hop artist…then maybe hip hop thugs are the weaker ones. You had the right to get a stupid forehead tattoo, and I have the right to think it looks dumb. I think she’ll look okay if she changes her shade of lip stick. 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This usually comes up when they come in asking for something like a tattoo of a rose but with 20 names and dates hidden in the petals or something. On December 23, Dr. I think that getting a color portrait of the Joker from Batman is a dumb idea, but who the fuck am I to judge? The funny thing is, I didn't know who Drake was. I believe that people get the tattoos that they deserve. I love it! They are a business but for a walk-in to ask for a tattoo on their face. F— you to that tat artist by the way. — 12-PACK, Brayden Harrington, Joe Biden's Brother From Another Stutter, Features In Amazing Closing Ad, Scranton Joe's Closing Ad For Pennsylvania Is Boss, Rep. 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Yeah, she was really psyched about it. !’ – Ex-Barcelona Coach,…, RCCG senior pastor, Adeboye speaks on proposed social media…, How Boko Haram burnt down Borno village after air force ‘ignored…, Arsenal beat Manchester United, break 14 years winless streak at old…, Fake news: APC threatens Joe Abah with lawsuit, Ehi Ogbebor Gifts Her Personal Assistant a Multi-Million Naira…, Nine Nigerian-Americans contesting in US elections, Alleged Victim Of Lekki Massacre, Anthony Okechukwu Laid To Rest Amid…, BBNaija’s Prince Reveals Real Reason He Went For The Reality…, FFK slams Nigeria Army as US forces rescue an American held hostage. Sadly, she didn't leave a number on her consent form, just her name. I love the way I look! A post shared by Freaky Forever Mugga ? If, like me, you’re a hip-hop nerd, you’ll no doubt have seen the photo of a freshly inked DRAKE forehead tattoo that went viral on the rap interwebs this past Tuesday. Canadian born rapper and songwriter, Drake pays a visit to artist responsible for tattooing forehead. Now you may cringe in disgust at the very idea of someone so clearly insane being allowed to get this done, but to me this is just another raw and swollen step towards the day T.O. She didn't say a word about what it meant to her.

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