emergency pilot episode

John and Roy are breaking in a new trainee who lacks self-confidence in tight situations, including assisting an elderly man who was injured by a falling bookcase, an ambulance broadsided by a car at the entrance of a golf course, a boy injured in a chemistry lab accident at his home, a sleeping man with a "snake" on his chest, and a man injured and trapped in a junkyard. The girl says he did not, to which the boy says she is lying. A babysitter brings in a child who had swallowed some pills, and Dixie talks to her about this. Absolutely awesome. If you're reading reviews wondering if you should give the first episode a try, do it! A teenage epileptic is stranded on a concrete beam under a bridge. The paramedics later help a man who had glued his own eyes closed and rescue a man trapped in his home from a mudslide caused by a gas explosion. Add the first question. Dixie and Dr. Brackett assist in the delivery of a baby at a restaurant during their lunch hour. Dixie gets her hand caught in a malfunctioning coffee machine; John and Roy help free it, then save a lawyer who had suffered a heart attack in the courtroom. When another young boy is brought into the ER and is diagnosed with spinal meningitis, Dr. Dixie then tells an incompetent nurse (, Dixie hears so much about a new nurse at Rampart, known as Daisy, and the firefighters, especially Johnny, are all competing for a date with her. The firefighters rescue two men involved a cargo airplane accident involving leaking, John's policeman friend is injured in, and later dies from, a car accident; the delay in treatment due to another Squad tying up the bio phone frequency with a heart case leads Roy to speculate if the delay may make a difference later. An industrial accident takes place at a railroad yard. Brackett and Early treat a woman who underwent botched plastic surgery. An injured boy using a walker wants to use crutches instead, and Dixie provides him with such crutches. Jo Evans plunges her family into a deepening mystery when she discovers a young girl on the night of an inexplicable plane crash and decides to protect her. John reveals to Dixie a picture of a baby, weighing 8 ounces. Station 51 is called up to fight an out-of-control brushfire. A store owner shoots an armed robber and is filled with remorse, a dog delays the rescue of an unconscious woman, a man is bitten by a Black Widow spider, Dr. A camera crew follows Squad 51 around as a teenager is bitten by a. Add the first question. When Roy and John have a new, hard-nosed, female paramedic trainee (Elayne Heilveil), she rides with them to help a man whose wife is holed up in a house scheduled for demolition due to freeway construction, a man who tries to commit suicide by gas, then changes his mind and suffers a head injury, and another man suffering a heart attack that they try to revive. Later, the firefighters find an engineer literally frozen in refrigeration equipment, and an old-time sailor (, John wants to trade his vehicle for Roy's convertible. This FAQ is empty. When the station tries to watch a news report on the firefighters, John and Chet blow up the television receiver after attempting a repair which Dixie inadvertently suggests to John and Roy. Chet, adopting a persona he calls "The Phantom Bomber," nails Johnny with a number of practical jokes, for which Johnny later gets his revenge. Roy and John complain about the rule that forbids squads from crossing each other's territories. In between practices, the firemen have to render almost-constant assistance to a man (, John talks about settling down after another date goes wrong. A heart transplant patient is having pains and his wife (. Roy and John aid a girl injured in the explosion of a soda bottle. Stanley is unnerved that his former captain, a certain McConnike, is now his Battalion Chief, and the station is concerned about his increasing paranoia.

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