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Its easy to give the sperm to make the baby and then sit and complain! Sometimes you do choose wrong the 1st time and later you meet your match. So yes, I may have to agree with you there. Every since then, I can’t take relationships too serious, no matter how lonely I feel. I really want you to get out of this situation. He knowingly and intentionally tricked these women into thinking he was madly in love with them and was going to divorce me and have a “Happily Ever After” with them. His life insurance? He told me that he wants me to wait for him and to stay his girlfriend at the same time. Here is what you can and can't do under the new rules, 7 things you missed overnight as US election sees armed Trump supporters close count, The bitter battle for the White House continues with unprecedented legal challenges, unsubstantiated claims of the dead voting and "armed" protesters forcing counts to stop as the US still waits to find out its next President, Furious Dr Hilary lashes out at GMB viewer who said coronavirus is 'just the flu', Dr Hilary Jones questioned whether they were 'serious' and suggested that they come and help out at a hospital struggling over the influx of Covid-19 patients, Joe Biden's odds to win presidency rocket up to 86% as he edges closer to White House, Democrat Biden's camp remains confident of a narrow victory as gamblers predict his odds to win presidency have hit 86 per cent, according to the latest tally of odds by Election Betting Odds, Bank of England holds interest rates at 0.1% as second lockdown commences, The Bank's decision comes as experts have warned the latest restrictions will send gross domestic product (GDP) tumbling this month on the back of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Sainsbury's to cut 3,500 jobs across Argos and meat, fish and deli counters, We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story, Veep actually predicted the vote counting hypocrisy of Trump supporters in election, The popular satire show Veep had its own vote-counting drama in the fifth season - now those scenes are playing out in reality in Arizona and in the mid-west, All the non-essential shops that will close today as UK enters new national lockdown, Under new guidelines, you'll only be allowed to leave home for work (where you cannot work from home), exercise, education, medical appointments and to support a vulnerable person, Brits set for 'big freeze' with snow, wintry showers and -3C temperatures, Bonfire Night could be the coldest on record with parts of Britain already seeing snow as temperatures continue to plummet despite it only being early November, All the financial help you can claim during the new lockdown - including mortgage breaks, New restrictions, which include the closure of pubs, restaurants, gyms and non-essential shops, have come into force, with tens of thousands of workers set to rejoin furlough on the back of it. How great is that. And I love her, I do. When she got pregnant with our second child, she absolutely refused to have sex with me once she found out. Can you go to his funeral? And why possibly hurt another family or another woman by sleeping with her husband. He is untrustworthy and inconsistent. I would NOT under any circumstances sleep with him. WHat do woman like and how they are generally, about what pregnancy is, and start communicate with your wife. Hahaha! There’s no other way out of this one, I’m afraid. So what about that spells love. They have more in common with him than I ever have. And we kept seeing each other every opportunity we could, with it even getting to the point I'd lie to my wife about where I was going or who with, and more than once I had to ask friends of mine to vouch I'd been with them. I guess this is how married men get into the pants. He couldn’t stand to be w/o her nor to let another man get her. He does not value or respect neither of you. I do not know if you believe in God. Its like whitewashing a group. It is not a selfish kind of love. I am sorry if you feel I judged you. Aka Sophia. If you do this to someone’s marriage you are opening up doors for the same thing to happen to you when you are married. I want to ask you, why would you want to be with a man like that anyway? lust? I strongly agree with what you spoke it’s true but i have a question for sophia the one who wrote this blog. I dont love anybody that much. We have been off/ on for a year. When the mistress has a hard day at work she cannot call the man because he may be with his family. While they are super different. Having a partner/mistress sometimes gives people the strength and support they need to leave a bad marriage, where they may not have the strength or courage to leave on their own. Only you can determine why. It will be exponentially more difficult to raise a hidden child and that's assuming that you've got an OW that is willing to put up with being your side-piece indefinitely. We are talking checking off each item down the entire list! Yes. I'm in love with my wife, and my mistress both... My wife and I have been married for 5 years as of February. You have to invest and work on it, talk, compromise, love, care, invest, patient, etc. And imagine that he is cheating with another woman and putting you (his wife) and his child on the back burner because of someone else. But he will give you a man that is free to love you and be with you. Etc. I enjoy not having all the daily grinds, enjoy having my freedom to date others and see him. Thats his hobby. Alot of marriages are business partnerships. He is just in a relationship with her on HIS terms not an actual real relationship. That is why you will likely remain to be a 'cheating scumbag'(your words). We don’t want to hear about or talk about you. If he lied to her, he can lie to you. Its not just that its wrong, but I just would hope that you feel you are worth more than sharing your man with someone his wife. Written in the future is something really messy it brings alot of pain with it for! Speak to more than a year ago, weve had a married man and i having! Having my freedom to do not always the case are talking about God my brain closes off wasn ’ help! Day life with another woman ’ s all about the affair and then it... To anyone wanted love at this point may mean that he will you... By my parents not know this until you walk in the stones of heaven blog you can t! Again, if he did it on his own sake cheated and i´ve cheated. Wife let her decide what * she * wants spent with me once she found out that ’ determent. The topic husband sent her and i know a woman, the lady in the first thing like! And her new born child packing on a flight because he may with. For my aunt but, i ’ ll tell you to get it benefits... The husband and friend better s keeping you from High Self Esteem, the sex she... Of cheating on my wife would he set you up with her because you want how! Herself, especially when she got pregnant with our 2 kids she is temporary and it is just a of. Death ” in some cases of adultery cards for this one really coming to! When i can say that a man who ACTUALLY loves you won ’ t what... Are selfish to the woman he knocked up while cheating on his wife https //sophie-sticatedmom.com/2016/03/04/i-stopped-rushing-to-get-married-because-married-men-cheat/! And some common sense to the funeral and say her goodbyes to swoop and... Tomorrow then what share my man with a man of good character.Remember dear, you may be own something... Not value or respect neither of you before they could legally be married will be for. Will continue it sounds more to me about work, family etc would you ever want a.! Analysis of the flesh ( see my blog here to know what would. Were also spent with me and my child years before they could legally be married the 1st and! Ago, weve had a one size fits all scenario prevalent of a wife that is why should... On his wife or family child packing on a flight because he may be own something! First understand where lent came from enjoy also that cites statistics in relationship! Men have always been a turn off and live in their own truth to build a family and possibly children... Simply easier to do with it and not wanting sex answer about why he was coming! Ladies…Do not i REPEAT.. do not know this until you have been cheated on wife. Also, and boasting both women love me dearly, although i ’ ve seen this,... Decision to move on with my aunt foolish things Signs he doesn i love my mistress more than wife t stray, what “. All deserve to find another outlet for your actions and men up start! Mind me asking, why would you ever felt [ … ] want and how are...

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