empires and puzzles season 1 final boss

Empires and puzzles Atlantis season 2 normal final boss. These are goals that when achieved will afford you a reward for the time and effort put in. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); I have finished season 1 about three weeks ago. Requirements may range from having a building a Level 5 Farm, to killing the Dark Lord and thus completing Season 1. Province 23, 11 (Last level) – Is it just the boss, or are there monster waves first. This morning I finished off the Dark Lord & my nature chest was similar to yours minus one hero token…but I drew a 4* purple troop so that was bonus!!! - Replace your 1-Star heroes with 2-Star heroes as you go, but still maintain all 5 Factions in your team. Congrats on the Nature Chest! They really helped, and in the end I was down to a sliver of Sartana with no weapons left! Weirdly, I got a 4* purple troop yesterday too…we seem to have the same loot RNG going lol. February 1, 2020, 9:36 pm, by Good luck with the Dark Lord! The Boss Hoss You can more Iron from normal battles. He’s a good guy. Read More 4.9k Views. Follow and complete your Missions to receive more resources. 100% Upvoted. Missions in Empires & Puzzles are what most games refer to as Achivements.. Houses: Id you din't have enough space, it's ok, you can get more recruits from normal battles anyway. Sorry I didn’t notice it earlier, I would have answered myself. var _g1; The primary goal is taking out the enemy team as fast as possible and you can only deal damage in two different ways… using your heroes special and clearing tiles.Now the heroes special deal a massive load of damage compared to the tiles and when using less colors, you will do two things: 1. Subscribe to latest guides directly via Email. The Boss Hoss Thanks again!!! } catch(e) {}, by - 1 Iron Storage (upgrade to Lvl 3 to increase capacity), - 1 Food Storage (upgrade to Lvl 2 to increase capacity), - 1 House, 1 Forge, and 1 Training Camp (all still at Lvl 1). Empires and puzzles Atlantis season 2 normal final boss. The Boss Hoss Note: - Unused heroes can be absorbed by your core heroes to level them up. I know it’s random, but sometimes… Pulled a Balthazar with my epic hero token… disappointed but realized he will fit nicely into my sixth team if I ever get to him. - Follow the [!] by The Boss Hoss December 11, 2019, 7:04 pm. Empires and Puzzles: Quick Walkthrough, Tips and Strategy Guide Empires and Puzzles: Quick Walkthrough, Tips and Strategy Guide ... then unleash them later in the final wave to make boss fights easier. Hoping it’s full of good random things to brighten my mood after it has started to sink in that some serious issues exist amidst the noise of complaining. THANK YOU!!! _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Thank you!!! - Follow the tutorial and build the following: - 1 Mine, 1 Iron Storage, 1 House, and 1 Forge. December 10, 2019, 5:29 pm, by The theme seems to be toxicity today. The heroes I used were: Caedmon 4* at 4/30~ // dps Rigard 4* at 4/00~ // healer Aeron 5* at 2/70 // healer Hu Tao 4* at 3/60 // dps Chao 4* at 4/00~ // dps. So it’s mostly about killing the two side enemies, and then meticulously ghosting tiles on the sides without hitting him much or ever, and using your special skills to kill him. November 2020 Calendar – Full Quest/Trial/Event Schedule, Challenge Events Schedule & How To Win Them, Get More Class Emblems In Empires & Puzzles, Best Strategy To Beat Rare Quests (Mount Umber, Shrikewood, Morlovia, Shiloh Desert, Frostmarch & Farholm Pass), Empires & Puzzles Life Hacks That Really Work, Empires & Puzzles Alliance War Strategies To Win, Empires & Puzzles Talent Grid – How To Choose The Best Talents, Elemental Chests Guide (Rare Wanted Missions), Best Team Building Guide – Empires & Puzzles.

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