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His incredible brute strength increases in conjunction with his magical power, as a single swing from his axe Rhitta upon transforming, was enough to cleave Galand in two and swing it with a single arm whereas Galand has a hard time even moving it with two. I don’t hate those who are weaker than myself. During his fight with Galand, his power level was shown increasing by 5 points with seemingly every second and was measured at 50,060 while continuing to rise. Eye Color He still wanted to complete his final delivery of alcohol to the tournament, despite no longer needing to stay in hiding as a bar owner, and even asked Ban to help him complete this task. Merlin also expressed interest in each version of Escanor (being night or day). Escanor's might is considered monstrous, both by enemy and ally alike. In the wanted poster, Escanor is depicted as a middle-aged man with a beard and a ponytail. Such a great character building line, "My mighty attacks cannot reach thee... And who decided that?". List of Equipment: His Sacred Treasure, the Divine Axe Rhitta, a giant axe that is incredibly heavy. Escanor's relationship with his parents is unknown. Signs of Holy War Episode 4 Share. After hearing this, and after hearing that they would gladly risk their lives in order to stop him and fight by his side, he finally let go of his attitude towards the matter, and pridefully requested/ordered that the Sins allow him the honor of fighting side by side with them, despite the damage that has already been done to his body, showing that Escanor's daytime form had in some ways, finally learned to let go of his pride and overprotectiveness towards his friends, and had also learned to value his own life more in that same regard. Since then, the two have become quick friends with one another, with their friendship and trust in one another being surprisingly strong. [11], Upon learning of Meliodas' curse, Escanor comes up with and recites a poem regarding both his and Meliodas' curses in an attempt to cheer him up, as he understands what it feels like to be cursed. He even confides to Hawk about his feelings towards Merlin and asked him if he would see if she felt the same way, although Hawk did point out how shameless and forceful he was considering that he was asking for a favor. Escanor is the Lion's Sin of Pride and the last member of the Seven Deadly Sins to be revealed. As expected of my own attacks" after being hit by full counter from Estarossa ch-184 "The only one who gets to decide such things is me... BE GONE!" Due to his power, Escanor's power level is constantly fluctuating and cannot be accurately measured for an extended period of time. wink Be gone. Although Escanor in his day self seems to also respect Meliodas, as he obeyed when Meliodas ordered him to retreat when the Sins were declared criminals, his respect is considerably reduced due to his arrogance. His lion symbol is on his back. Gender Luciel approaches him because he senses Mael’s energy nearby, and it’s within Escanor. Despite his pride, she is the only person he does not view as above himself. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Assault Force vs. Zeldris, Chandler & Cusack, Seven Deadly Sins & Four Archangels vs. Zeldris & Original Demon, Seven Deadly Sins, Four Archangels & Zeldris vs. Demon King, Seven Deadly Sins & Elizabeth Liones vs. Demon King, Meliodas then tells him that he feels pain because he is alive because Rosa saved him by sacrificing her own life, but if he wants to die so badly then there is no point in speaking to an arrogant dead man. The Lion's Sin of Pride apologized to his captain and reminded him that he would like to be back by morning, if possible. Escanor's Quote "The One Who Gets To Decide Is Me" - Easy Peasy Japanesey. Tiering:  9-C | At least High 7-A unarmed. Please see the. Rank Escanor and King are both members of The Seven Deadly Sins, and as such, their relationship is that of comrades. By Administrator On Jan 28, 2020. It is only visible to you. Whereas in the day he is arrogant, boastful, and domineering, he also takes it upon himself to deliver judgment to those he feels have sinned, such as those that toy with feelings. Hawk viewed Escanor as a weakling and Escanor, in turn, was both confused and frightened by the fact the Hawk was a talking pig. Being both members of The Seven Deadly Sins, their relationship is that of comrades. He then attacks the Sin of Pride with telekinesis-controlled debris, which Escanor evades with ease. In his own words, he never expected her to return his feelings and has accepted that, viewing her as the one to illuminate his path just like the Sun would. Kanji/Kana Not much is known between Escanor and Zaratras. The lowest it has been recorded is 15 during the entireity of the night, and the highest it has been recorded is 114,000, shortly before noon. “Pardon me. At some point, Escanor returned to Castellio in search of Rosa, only to find the kingdom in ruins and Rosa nowhere to be found. Their first impressions of one another during the festival were poor. Relationships He temporarily wore spectacles during his first formal appearance in the plot. In the day, Escanor sees himself as an authority figure to Ban as he orders him to stay where he is until nightfall. Escanor's personality changes drastically along with his strength between day and night. That night, Meliodas takes Escanor with his companions as the seventh and last member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Merlin also has a lot of faith in his abilities, acknowledging Escanor as the only individual who can stop Meliodas when he reverted to his previous self. He was then brought home by Merlin. In Arthurian legend, there are two characters with the name 'Escanor' including: "Escanor le Grand", who was raised by a giant and a witch and is said to be a very large man, and "Escanor le Beau", the nephew of the first Escanor, who was a handsome young man and eventually retired to a life of hermitage. Symbol of Beast His parents disowned him because of what happened and his strange unexplained appearance, and soon the Kingdom's forces mobilized to kill him. Intelligence: Escanor is almost completely useless in combat during the night, being timid, submissive, and crumbling under pressure. He wears black pants and a belt with three rows of studs and a large buckle featuring a sun with spikes around it and studs around it. My blazing sun was swallowed up by a speck of darkness? Your email address will not be published. And who decided that? Steam Artwork. Not much is known between Escanor and Bartra. "And who decided that? After being encouraged by Meliodas to have more confidence, Escanor apologizes for being born and starts crying. All Rights Reserved. Who Decided That - Seven Deadly Sins Escanor Quote - YouTube Despite the great contrast, there are some personality traits he retains day or night, such as his feelings for Merlin and fondness for writing poetry. Download. Hair Color Pseudo-Sun only gives Escanor a few seconds of constant power boost, which then gets him back to his weaker state. He was rescued by a kind woman named Rosa, who hid him in a barrel and set it adrift at sea. Sacred Treasure Escanor Quotes Wallpaper. July 1 Another notable one is, "My mighty attacks cannot reach thee? Both personalities seem to be truly him, and he remembers everything he does in either, though at night he has chastised himself for losing control during the day. Male Out of all the Sins, in terms of age, he is the youngest. Escanor's speed also increases with his magic as he could easily match Meliodas' speed in Assault Mode with his weapon and managed to block various attacks from the notably swift Ludociel with ease. After destroying the castle and killing Izraf, Escanor was approached by Merlin, who he was pleased to see. First, it partially comes from night Escanor. One day, Escanor was causing problems in Liones after getting rid of a monster that caused riots in a town. That would explain why I felt pain just now." In turn, Bartra has just as much respect towards him as he does with the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins, perhaps even more so due to Escanor's power. He don’t give a fuck. He only sleeps during that interval between nighttime and sunrise. While the sun rises, Meliodas appears asking if his power is as strong and invincible as they say, offering to try it with a blow. However, he does care for the boy, having been horrified by him stabbing himself under Cusack's control. However, Diane has also shown great admiration of Escanor and trust in his abilities, hailing him as the strongest man alive after he managed to defeat Meliodas and proclaiming he could handle anything.[19]. Meliodas, with his immense strength, was seen dragging Rhitta along the floor and complaining about its weight, but Escanor can casually lift it with one hand during the daytime. Ten years ago, he wore a suit of full body armor with a unique helm (which may be too large to fit him properly in the early morning or night, and conversely too small to fit him during the sunlight hours, particularly noon). Status Due to their limited interaction with one another, it is currently unknown how close they are compared to other members of the sins, however like Ban, King is very wary of Escanor during the day because of his power. At least Island Class with Rhitta | At least Island Class, higher with Rhitta | At least Island Class, likely far higher, Durability: Unknown | Likely Large Mountain Level (Stated to be on Galan's level) | At least Island Level (Took a full power hit from CO Galan without defending, and received a very small wound, also took damage from his own attack when Estarossa used Full Counter which would double its attack potency) | At least Island Level, likely far higher (Meliodas in Assault form failed to make a single cut on The One), Stamina: Very High (He ran around dodging Ezraf's attacks for hours in his nighttime form, in his daytime form he easily shrugged off Galan's strongest attack with nothing more than a minor cut, not even wincing at the fact). Another notable one is, "My mighty attacks cannot reach thee? Ten years later, the Holy Knights themselves staged a coup and became the new, tyrannical rulers of the Kingdom. However, Ban and Meliodas appear revealing to be alive, which terrifies Escanor by believing them ghosts. Accept Moments before Escanor dies, he has a touching conversation with Merlin, letting her know that his love for her was not solely based on her resemblance to Rosa, but also because she interacted with him without any prejudice or discrimination. Human Seven Deadly SinsHoly Knights (former)Kingdom of Liones (former)Kingdom of Castellio (former) Award. Escanor is the Lion's Sin of Pride and the last member of the Seven Deadly Sins to be revealed. As "The One", Escanor easily defeated Post-Timeskip Assault Form Meliodas after the latter had given into his wrath and reverted to his previous status as the leader of the Ten Commandments. Escanor then read a poem about Merlin that Izraf thought was an incantation, angering Escanor as he proceeded to incinerate Izraf with Sunshine, but not before telling Izraf he had changed his mind about killing him, despite the latter desperately apologizing and pleading for his life.

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