eu4 how to form prussia as brandenburg

The Hansa will Rival you, Poland will break your alliance and you will find yourself in a two front war with Poland, Lithuania and The Hansa. You're pretty much free to pick the ideas that you prefer. Brandenburg starts fairly weak in close proximity to some bigger nations such as Bohemia, Poland and Denmark. There’s a chance they get your dynasty on the throne in which case you can force PU on them. And it will set you back a few decades. Then whenever i take danzing Poland/Lithuania turns on me because they want my provinces then coalition declares and i basically lose You can also buy militarization by spending mil points, but your armies are already unbeatable so its not necessary. Brandenburg starts as an HRE elector. Later change to Teutonic order, Brunswick and others depending on how the game progresses. A fine goosestep– Getting a discipline of 125% with Prussia is not hard. Beat the shit out of Pomerania and take their land. very convenient with no bloodshed. I have tried in many games but when i vassal Pomerania i get a huge coalition of HRE minors to the west plus Austria sometimes. After that the 2 provinces from pomerania you take the mission, then fab claim on the other. How to form Prussia as Brandenburg? They are not worth rivaling back as they always join the Lubeck trade league which makes them fairly strong early game. It is only visible to you. But if they haven’t. © Valve Corporation. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. If you have a lot of rebel issues, you can always choose the religious unity policy later. eta: Also if you stay allied with poland you can usually just sneak in and siege TO so they can't take land :P. Immediately ally Bohemia, Brunswick, and improve relations until you get Denmark too. Ally Poland, set Neumark as vital and wait for PLC to dow Teutons. Until the time you reform your religion, you should be actively trying to become the HRE Emperor for the bonusses it gives you as well as not having the emperor cry about provinces you've taken. Austria, Saxony and Poland, if they look strong. As brandenburg you take Mecklenburg & neumark, then rival magdeburg and fab claim on it. 90% of the time Bohemia will rival you, in which case rival them back. You can become the protestant league leader if you are the first elector to convert to protestant, so always convert on day 1. Cut them down bit by bit, there’s no hurry. 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After sorting your rivals and allies, the first thing you want to do before unpausing is to set your mission to. −2 National unrest 2. As we're waiting for the Renaisance to spawn, continue speaking to your allies and other electors. The only reason you would do it is because you want to form an empire. Enlightened Reforms of Fredrich The Great– Another 25% idea cost discount is huge. Don't let Poland declare on TO ever. Although a fairly small nation, it’s widely popular with EU4 players. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Fabricate on as many provinces as you can from a nation before you declare war on them, to reduce the admin needed to core as well as to reduce aggressive expantion. An opportunistic target. If you take Danzig or stack AE for pommerania before you own the Hansa one of two things will happen. Then attack the teutons when they are vulnerable. Ideas wise, I rolled full mil tech (Off, Qual, Def, Quant) with Innovative and Trade, not in that order. If one turns on you, butter up Denmark. At full militarization, you get bonus for discipline, manpower recovery and land maintenance cost. +3 Monarch military skill (for future monarchs)Note: The Prussian monarchy doesn't set a minimum of 3 for rulers, but directly increases their mil… Instructions not clear, formed germany instead, Why Palatinate though? If not, ally one of the HRE electors to guarantee emperorship. The following requirements are set out in the decision: Before being able the form Prussia, you'll of course have to choose between Protestant and Reformed. You can expand in Bavaria with them. Try to keep a claim fabricated on them at all times. Poland will break your alliance then rival you, and Denmark will take either Lubeck or Hamburg, then rival you. Wait till December 1st. Target your smallest rival first before you eclipse. Poland, Riga, Teuton, Livonians, and Pomerania are all nations that can form Prussia. Next ideas you can go whatever you like. What I usually do is ally Poland and Austria, take everything I need from the Teutons and vassalize Mecklenburg (who usually helps the Teutons), and then take Pomerania. It's not the end of the world if poland annexes the TO, provided you can take lubeck/hamburg. So you can play fairly slow at the start and you’ll still be okay. The only province you should consider paying full AE for as brandenburg is Hamburg. You will need to reclaim Neumark before engaging Pomeranians though, preferably through war. Absolutism– You get free +20 max absolutism late game, which is amazing if are playing a blobbing game. RM them, don’t ally. You want to diplo annex the TO if you can anyway, so just releasing the TO then forcing Poland to return cores works dandy. So I recommend you ally them only if they take the decision to PU Lithuania. Having this government ensures: 1. Bohemia is in the way, and is quite mountainous, making defending pretty easy. Take Danzig only (sit on the non-cored province), Declare on Pomerania, take any province so you can core Danzig, You want to take Danzig before Poland gets a claim on it. Try to get an alliance with the Hansa or Denmark if Poland decides Danzig should rightfully be theirs. I recently did a brandenburg-prussia-germany run, what i did early is ally poland, immedeatly declare war to get nuemark. Magdeburg usually rivals you at start. They can be a strong ally, but they want the same provinces which you need to form Prussia. Poland / Denmark has captured Danzig and/or Königsberg! Only taking what you need and otherwise the best positioned provinces and vassalizing(marches) the rest is much more suitable for a long term Prussia playthough. Innovative– discount on tech and institution cost is huge all game. Focus on the non-HRE east, and slowly eat up TO. Brandenburg starts with 6 provinces in the HRE with only 57 development. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All rights reserved. +10 Maximum absolutism 5. Teutonic Order - Since they start off with both the provinces of Königsberg and Danzig. Austria will usually help you out with Bohemia. If Poland breaks the alliance with you, don't panic. Just be careful that any rebels don't spawn on your low maintanence troops. Pomerania - SInce they start off with Stolp and will provide us with a land connection to, Bohemia - Since they rival us most of the time and will allow us to more easily gain a strong. Brandenburg starts with 6 provinces in the HRE with only 57 development. Missions from this point on is up to you. Expansion into HRE is usually slow, which is fine too, as you don’t get any perks by forming Germany except for claims in north and south german regions.

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