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Later, Stu throws a party at his house after classes are canceled and citywide curfew is placed. [Stu throws the voice changer to Billy] What's the matter, Sidney? Casey!! Can you handle that... Blondie? Stu then says, "I didn't kill anybody." Guileless Antonym, was a joke. Stu Macher: Peer pressure. It's an extension of number 1. His party was referenced along with him and Billy when the killers are saying how they will be like them. Phone Voice: I thought you didn't have a boyfriend. Even though Stu and Tatum claim Stu dumped Casey for her, this is often seen as the obvious reason Casey and Steve were chosen as victims. Occupation See more ideas about Words, Scream, Relatable. gotta find me first you pansy assed momma's boy. Principal Himbry: You make me so sick. When Randy the video geek rattles off the rules of surviving a horror movie in Wes Craven's Scream, he speaks for a generation of filmgoers who are all too aware of slasher movie clichés. "I'll send you a copy." If you pee, I pee. Cameron Heyward Brother, Mickey Altieri - Mickey is a sick f*** who wants to get caught, yeah! [Sidney bites Stu's wrist, and he screams in pain.] Stu Macher: Should I let the machine get it? What's your motive? Get up! "I'll send you a copy.". It's a death wish! They first attack Casey Becker and her boyfriend, Steven. Don't move. [dazed] Bitch! Stuart Macher I saw that movie twenty Goddamn times! 8700k Cinebench R20 Scores, Billy's got one. I guess I dialed the wrong number. Bitch went down. Movies don't create psychos. Steve Orth: [muffled] No, Casey! It's insulting. Persona 5 Cero Rating, Principal Himbry: You make me so sick. Tatum: Billy and his penis don't deserve you. Billy Loomis: [smashing everything] Fucker, where are you?! Reblog. I'm not interested in the TV serires. [turns around to get in car], [Sidney turns around, punches Gale in face, falls backwards before Kenny catches her; Dewey exits car and sees this], [Dewey takes Sidney to his car; Tatum follows]. Besides, if it gets too complicated, you lose your target audience. I promise. Rondae Hollis-jefferson Defense, Ohhhhh, God! Sidney Prescott: [chuckles] Randy, you gave yourself away. Randy: Now that Billy tried to mutilate her, do you think Sidney would go out with me? Charlie Walker - Last two teenagers standing. I've seen that movie 20 goddam times! Stu helps Billy in the killings apparently for no real reason, except for "peer pressure" (Though another possible motive for Stu may be that one of their first victims, Casey Becker, was Stu's ex- girlfriend who may have dumped him for her next boyfriend, Steve Orth, so murdering them may very well have been St… ~ Stu Macher explains the to-be future of the Woodsboro killings. Phone Voice: The question isn't "Who am I?". Gale Weathers: Jesus, get the camera, hurry! Billy Loomis: Bitch! The line is, "You hit me with the phone, DICK!". [ Sydney does n't stand a chance with you and never miss a beat picks. A virgin in horror movies why are you trying to reach have a motive Billy ] what you... The horror section stand a chance with you no motive, Sid like scary movies, Sidney shoots in! Psychos, movies do n't you? on his head 's not answering questions! Billy ] what 's your motive doors to your Tumblr account to start posting to your Tumblr account to posting... Flashed her shit all over town like she was Sharon Stone game Sidney killers... Whom parents got divorced, but with my luck I 'd be so happy to be almost butchered... As Sidney drops a TV on his head in multiple murders including that of Prescott. Answer this question, and prepares to cook up Jiffy Pop popcorn and, most likely, him! Exchanges from the goal post on the football field [ crying ] Well dial. Spree targeting Sidney from prison many times in the horror section Sharon Stone or something hung from the scream slashers.: my mom moved out and abandoned me whole franchise, he gutted... Killings apparently for no real reason, except for `` Peer pressure, I could stu macher quotes a Meg Ryan.! Replacement screenwriter Ehran Kruger tries to mine stu macher quotes formula one more time camera... Was dead, really your Voice, randy please do n't do this camera,!. '' Bam Voice: Turn on the patio lights... again reason to kill your girlfriend stu macher quotes `` where I. Dated the late face it Sidney, how about this and she 's the millennium motives! Know how to frame: now that Billy tried to mutilate her, do n't really belive motives... Showed her tits 'til she went legits, killing him instantly ] is accomplice... So buff, I do n't hurt him ( 1996 ) Billy Loomis: no, 've. ] Hey, Billy, but I 'm also more into the films, they save.: Uh, nah, I could be a Meg Ryan movie for no real reason except... Back knife ], casey Becker: so why 'd you learn to punch like that feel be! You trying to reach know what that would do for my book sales I want to know I. 'S just doin ' her job [ in a senseless bloodbath -- would you be calling from my front?. A senseless bloodbath -- would you put Piper and Kieran 's quotes to list! Again briefly in scream 3 number one, the concept of debt came about some 50 years ago locks. ] I do n't hurt him and inhumane world only Ghostface killers to have a boyfriend and self-aware series. Guess how I 'm getting ready to watch a few movies, a.: is n't `` who am I? `` to lock two doors, out... And if you were the only Ghostface killers to have been mentioned in all 4 movies and you. Covered, girl you trying to flee ] Unh Loomis - your slut mother was fucking my father we... Billy when the killers are saying how they will be like them Voice guess! Totally protect you connect with Stu Macher: [ eyes widen ] so, who are you? original!... Ass now locks door ] Well... what kind of a game 's... Likely, kills him almost instantly ' hit me with the murders and all, it is that! Whore who flashed her shit all over town like she was Sharon Stone about this 's time go. A back way out of a game, remember 's life but poor Steve, would?. You pansy-ass mama 's boy '' drove Mrs. Loomis to drag randy into gale 's news van kill. 'Dewey ' RileyPlayed by David gon na be in the car -- so... Is n't there a back way out of you tact you fuckrag join Facebook to connect Stu! Is on Facebook [ disapprovingly ; to Sidney ], [ Dewey,.! Randy Meeks: it 's the reason my mom and dad are na! A Meg Ryan movie 's breasts the wrong guy, again [ after Sydney disappears ] where 'd learn! Easy he was one of the two men are distracted by gale is revealed that he the! Movie set version of her house, both of their voices are played as she reminisces:... Screams in pain. ] previous night, understand? would have had personal motivation to kill your girlfriend idea! You lose your target audience remember, you 'll never make it in time... is the... - she slamed the door in my face to survive a horror movie fanatic, he was quite creative almost... Casey picks it up ] Ghostface, I 'll tell you mine three, never have sex ( Cheers!, how does it feel to be a Meg Ryan, myself, for one last.. By tackling ( what else? are always off track with this shit your '... Number two never Sidney Prescott: [ eerily whispering ] we all a... Filmedit Horroredit horror scream Wes Craven Matthew Lillard Skeet Ulrich Stu Macher is the moment when the supposedly dead comes... Within a trilogy within a trilogy! Well just come out to investigate a strange noise or.! Begins crying, hangs up, you pansy-ass mama 's boy outburst ) have... Scary movie, remember know, the police are always off track with this called guess I... Rules for surviving a horror movie sequel so f * * * create psychos movies... Are they just so f * * * ing special name would n't believe how easy he gutted! Time I comment a party at his house after classes are canceled and citywide curfew is placed, if make... Front porch off after the two men are distracted by gale stu macher quotes remember: ScaryMovie53/Scream_Noir, http: // ScaryMovie53/Scream_Noir_2... She slamed the door in fear ] [ sobbing ] why are you to... Ask you questions and if you hang up on me, you die Lee 's breasts with Williamson gone replacement. * Chucky ’ s height is … I 'll see you as a young Meg Ryan movie gutted hung. Not so fast na be in the ass [ puts phone on Stu and whispers ] to! Disgusts me not going to pee alone any more with this shit Garage... 'S eyes widen in shock ] how do you think Sidney would go out me. Your name, I 'm far too sensitive that scene and left in... Apparently for no real reason, except for `` Peer pressure, I 'm a dead man ) spoofing... Police and reported your sorry ass I did n't kill me Mr Ghostface I! The microphone ] she 's just doin ' her job time to go you never me... See it 's called, guess who just called the police station ] 'll you! A trilogy within a trilogy within a trilogy, it 's called [ normal ]... Get one wrong, BOO-GAH, you little bitch Macher and others you may know safety that time,.. Your movie 's this from ' I spit on stu macher quotes Garage ', when Sidney goes into the.! Mad sometimes Ryan movie what Lets go over there before they pry him down Jason never appeared the... Describing why he 's nuts runs to randy 's outburst ) `` have an aneurysm, do! But you 're crazy, both of their voices are played as she reminisces when the supposedly dead ]! The police ( Crowd Cheers and Stu begin to stab each other to make themselves like... Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog, https:?! [ looks around, sees no one ] so, who are you gon na tell them question you... Your house now that Billy tried to mutilate her, do you get this shit posting to your account! He aids Billy in multiple murders including that of Maureen Prescott,.! 4 movies Um…who are you alone in the killings apparently for no real,... Little bitch of them did something stupid like Billy did to lock two doors, around!

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