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Thanks for asking. They do not denounce her character — they denounce her writing. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, This Anthology Explores the Historic 1915 Parade, Rachel True Wants to Heal People Through Tarot, Arianna Davis Finds Inspiration in a Feminist Icon, The Rebel Girls Movement Is Betting on Immigrants, Victoria Bond Reimagines Zora Neale Hurston’s Life, Talia Lavin Is Exposing White Supremacists Online, Alix E. Harrow Is Getting People to the Polls, Maria Hinojosa Details Her American Dream, Now Is The Time For Comfort Food, Says Ina Garten. Not to mention how much this may affect them. with additional project "Letters to Strangers" included, with bonus illustrations and handwritten unreleased lyrics. SN: What are some of the things that you do, outside of music and writing, for daily self care, especially during a global pandemic? To her, there is no simpler yet complex way to express perspectives other than words. give yourself a break . GH: You know what? And with Percy... By Mahpharah Khan As disturbing as this may be, it is also important to remember that Gabbie Hanna also claims to be a mental health advocate. That is just sad. It is hard to be an aspiring writer and to eventually become published. I'm a poet.”. There are many problems with this statement. But there comes a line where I am ready to argue and I don't care about what you think about it. S o, just a few days ago, YouTuber Gabbie Hanna tweeted that her poetry book, Adultoscence, was picked up by Urban Outfitters.It was a delight to hear as it always is fun to see someone progress. In her YouTube video titled, “Time to Talk About My Bad Poetry,” she introduces her new poetry collection, “Dandelion,” and contradicts herself throughout the entire video. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! So that is actually where I'd like to go in the future. Why is Shakespeare still taught today? So it's kind of like dipping my toe and testing the waters. Dandelion simply feels like a book written by an author who is coming into her own creatively and even more willing to tackle mental health, trauma, and loneliness head on in raw, fresh ways in which Adultolescence merely scratched the surface. What do you think about the fact that Donald Trump not only couldn't bring himself to condemn white supremacists in the first debate, but he actually dog whistled them at the exact same time? Comedian Gabbie Hanna brings levity to the twists and turns of modern adulthood in this exhilarating debut collection of illustrated poetry. Her poems are funny because they are so ridiculous, but they also deserve the constructive criticism they get because Hanna conveys that she wants to be taken seriously as an artist and a writer. Once a writer demands a reader to pay money for their work, anyone has the right to criticize it. The epitome of Hanna’s laziness is shown in one poem titled, “IDK”: “I dunno, yanno?” That could literally be a tweet. GH: What's so interesting is that I actually started writing this book three years ago, and now it is landing at a I actually have a poem in there called “Quarantine.” That was written a year or two ago. So for me, writing is just a way to express what I'm feeling and experiencing. And also, of course, practice, listening to criticisms, listening to feedback, and taking out the things that didn't work so well, without compromising my style too much. And I did write this somewhere in the book: When I write stuff down, it's like I take the thoughts out of my brain, and then can leave them on a nightstand because sometimes — it's probably the ADHD and overthinking and anxiety — I just replay things over and over in my head, trying to sort things out, telling myself “Oh, I can't forget this. It is obvious that Hanna does not appreciate literature — it is evident in her poetry, and it is evident in what she says. Constructive criticism does not belittle people. So, knowing the type of writer Gabbie Hanna is, we know her words are graphic. A post shared by GABBIE HANNA (@gabbiehanna) on Sep 19, 2020 at 4:49pm PDT. This content is imported from Instagram. Somebody who doesn't allow somebody to speak. It was a delight to hear as it always is fun to see someone progress. So, it gets more annoying when Hanna claims there is no constructive criticism when there is — she is just not receptive to change because she believes she is right, all of the time. The epitome of Hanna’s laziness is shown in one poem titled, “IDK”: That could literally be a tweet. this book opened up so many doors for me, but it also opened ME up to expressing a side of myself that i had always hid away for safe-keeping. I feel like if we had an answer to that question, then we wouldn't be in the position we're in. Fans of the Youtuber are turning their backs on her after realizing just how harsh this is. So this week, I'm going to start hopefully doing yoga every day and meditating at least 10 minutes every day. And we'll see where that goes. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. People have read classic authors who are highly respected, and will still say their works are bad, for whatever reason. They don't want to see the other side of what they believe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So writing that book, to me, was therapy. She is a popular influencer on social media and promotes her music on YouTube as well as create interesting and creative videos more », Written by: Alek Anderson, Gabrielle Hanna. I want to do this.” And there's really no risk. It feels like it was almost written specifically for the time we're living in. The popular writer and influencer talks to Shondaland about her new book, dealing with haters, protecting her mental health, and more. Gabbie Hanna is a singer/songwriter, author, and YouTube star. SCOTT NEUMYER: The first thing I really want to know is just simply how are you doing? Think you know music? When Adultolesence came out — and I'm actually experiencing it right now as Dandelion is about to come out — I got so sick, just thinking about “Oh my God, I've never talked about this stuff. One cannot write well without reading; it creates an intrinsic requirement to appreciate literature in order to write and convey one’s feelings well. How do we get people to read books and educate themselves and see that they're on the wrong side of history? What a great mental health “advocate”. You can follow him on Twitter @scottneumyer. Hanna’s poetry was somehow able to be published — her collection is for sale at any bookstore. Like I noticed when I start to get emotional and cry, sometimes it makes me embarrassed. Just because it was written in a different language or time doesn’t mean we cannot relate to it. Are you gonna lose your job if you do it? And I mean, it's pretty straightforward, but it's not detailed. Mary J. Blige Gets the Real Love She Deserves, 5 Books by Black British Authors to Read Right Now, Meet the Real-Life Women of Mexican Wrestling, Brain Break: The Best Text You'll Get All Week. After reading this I want to go vomit in a trash can now to cleanse my soul. So I got them as these feral little kittens and they actually made me sit still and appreciate that I have to hold them so that they learn how to like humans and get them to come out of their shell. What do you want me to call them?” and Chris Wallace said, “White supremacists,” and Trump pivoted. GH: Yeah, definitely. Because once you really break down a situation like “Oh, I want to try this. Writers have always studied those who came before them, and it is essential to be an avid reader in order to become a writer. No. Every item on this page was chosen by a Shondaland editor. Instead, her book reassuring sentences like “no one gives a shit if I do” can potentially trigger suicidal thoughts and feelings in the reader. Dankanator - For Millennials. It looks more like the garbage pail to me. So why aren't you doing it? i’m so excited for her sister, Dandelion, to be introduced to the world pre-order to get a bunch of freebies & exclusives ☺️ thank you all forever from the bottom of my heart for all of the support over the years as i transition into this new chapter in my life eternally grateful & in love with you. SN: As someone who's been writing about mental health for years, I found your dive into the subject interesting and insightful in a fresh, raw way. all of our lives changed this year. Focus on what you want to do. Will Gabbie Hanna’s “haters” come for her again? Can you talk a little bit about some of the mental health issues you’ve faced and how writing a book like Dandelion has been helpful? And I know, it's hard not to focus on that stuff, but you just can't. What else can you do? *, Zoe LaVerne Checks Herself into a Hospital, Tony Lopez and Sarah Jade Bleau get Halloween nail art. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. SN: I just listened to your very impassioned podcast episode about Black Lives Matter and the systemic racism in the country. Padma Lakshmi Is Mistaken As Priyanka Chopra By The New Yorker Mag, ‘Uncharted’ Movie By Sony Loses Its Director Travis Knight. The title says it all — she knows her poetry is horrible. I'm Gabbie I'm a high roller Rollin' through in a brand new Toyota Corolla Live alone in a two-bedroom apartment But it's real cheap, you can tell by the carpet That's OK 'cause I'm never home I'm at the gym as you probably know The last time the social media sensation released a book, 2017’s Adultolescence, the internet fired back hard.Not only did she unfairly catch flack for simply putting her heart on the line, albeit in coy and sometimes jarring ways, but she even became a meme. Her poor writing infantilizes the seriousness of the topics mentioned in her poems — it is a shame. SN: I almost feel like the long form stories at the end of the book are exactly what you should be doing and the other stuff is you kind of hedging your bet. Gabbie Hanna knows the spotlight that’s shining on her is about to get even brighter. In other words, her poetry book is a money-maker rather than an authentic work of art. Hanna is not a poet; she gained recognition through the social media platform Vine as “TheGabbieShow.” Then, as Vine died out, Hanna moved to YouTube as “Gabbie Hanna” and gained a large following. Gabbie Hanna | People Aren’t Happy With Her Poetry Book ‘Adultolescence’, Fans Are Canceling Gabbie Hanna After Jessi Smiles Video. That's how I process. And we're living in this world, and I'm experiencing mental health problems. Like I'm super, super vocal about BLM and have been for years and people say, “Get politics off your page.” It's not politics. Courtney Summers’ “Sadie” is a young adult thriller that discusses revenge that is triggered by murder, pedophilia, sexual abuse and drug addiction. Gabbie Hanna is a singer/songwriter, author, and YouTube star. And I love that the way I feel I write is almost poetry in prose where it's, you know, like the repetition or the callbacks to the other things. Hanna believes the intent behind her poems exonerates her from having poor writing quality. Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna (born February 7, 1991) is an American Internet personality, singer-songwriter, author, and actress.She started her career on the short form video service Vine, under the name The Gabbie Show, then started a YouTube channel with the same name a year later; both were nominated for awards. They don't want to see the truth. That's how I understand. The First 'Bridgerton' Teaser Trailer Is Here! And that's how I feel about this whole situation with Trump. Comedian Gabbie Hanna brings levity to the twists and turns of modern adulthood in this exhilarating debut collection of illustrated poetry. By Millennials. “Constructive criticism doesn’t belittle people, it doesn’t name-call, it doesn’t say your work is bad or terrible,” Hanna said in her poetry video. We are just surprised that her projects can get such backlash even after 2 years of being out on the market.

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