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The difference is massive. This tune really shines in every gear now. Your team was awesome throughout the whole process, helping us with the tune while we were at it was unbelievable. I don't know how I'd ever go back to stock. Ive seen this race, the fk8 loses by 2 to 3 cars. High-performance summer tires are not designed for winter driving and will wear faster than normal passenger car tires. If your on the fence about ordering this , go ahead & pull the trigger , you won’t regret it. This is gunna be a fun journey adding modification, then being able to tune for them. These injectors can be installed in 30-40 minutes. The Civic Type R was designed to make a powerful statement, inside and out. In case you have been living under a rock: Honda is bringing back the Type-R name to the United States, with the introduction of the FK8 Civic Type-R. Car and Driver got a 13.9 @ 104, Motortrend got a 14.2@102. Custom molded 4-ply silicone allows for all components to be safely attached without obstructing airflow. From a rolling start, at any speed, my GTO TT would have half a car on him. If you actually wanna see which company did it better. In the event that the flywheel does become loose and start to vibrate against the crank, this surface lock can help to protect the crank and prevent damage. Vehicle Specifications. Clean and make sure your intercooler is dry. A helical limited-slip differential helps minimize front-wheel slippage for more precise steering when accelerating and cornering. There’s no mistaking the 2021 Type R Limited Edition, which pays homage to past Type R Limited Edition models with its exclusive Phoenix Yellow color and gloss-black accents. The carbon fiber hood scoop adds a motorsport-inspired touch to the front end, with carbon fiber that’s unique to the Type R. The red-leather-wrapped shift knob adds a custom flair to your Civic Type R. Type R carpet floor mats take the abuse while your original carpet stays like new. Create new posts and participate in discussions. What a joke, fanboying at its finest here.The lap times are accurate. How do I buy a used FlashPro?Follow these instructions. PRL design utilizes 16 gauge mandrel bent 3" tubing, CNC machined flanges, and high quality, reinforced flex-section. Nintendo Switch and New Zelda Out in 24 Hours.... *The Official Politics Thread Version 33 1/3*. Launching year : 2017 The Honda Civic Type R (FK8) has a turbocharged four cylinders in line transverse front engine providing a maximum torque of 400 Nm available from 2500 rpm and a maximum power outpup of 320 PS available at 6500 rpm transmitted to the 20 inch front wheels by a manual 6 speed gearbox. ? - stock gto tt, identical to the us vr4, beating an r32 skyline, Links to fk8 - - motortrend, 14.0s 1/4m. With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration, Focus on the road while accessing your music library, directions and text messages, Android Auto™ connects to your compatible Android™, The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™. Over time the chains can stretch causing the ECU to throw a light. OEM direct replacement. On some occasions i'd hit 17-18psi and others (if the conditions were favorable) I would hit 21-22. angle fuel and ignition your car needs. Will dealers need a software license?No. The Hondata FlashPro is a product that delivers all the features you need, now, fully working, that will grow with you as you upgrade your engine. [2018 Honda Civic Type R] Motor Trend 7/2018 test results [published in "Ultimate Grand Tourers" page on this issue date]:0-30 mph = 2.3 s0-40 mph = 3.3 s0-50 mph = 5.0 s0-60 mph = 7.2 s0-70 mph = 8.5 s0-80 mph = 9.7 s0-90 mph = 10.8 s0-100 mph = 11.6 s1/4-mile = 14.3 s / 113.6 mphFigure-8 = 22.0 s / 1.12 gLateral acceleration = 0.93 gWillow Springs = 82.13 s. Nothing is going to get changed get over it already, The fastest stock time tested we use from a credible dource And its just that d8kple, simply because you failed to get a time thats as good as thd time shown here, that doesnt change anything, Doesnt matter how good or bad a driver you are, Get over it Nobody who would be honest would write THAT MUCH about a stick time to be removed without some dishonest motive. On the other hand autocars road test figures are 0-60 in 5.7 secs and 0-100 in 12.5. Our design utilizes a cast aluminum inlet piece to allow a smooth transition from the gasket-matched 64mm ID compressor inlet to an 80mm OD / 78mm ID outlet throughout the Titanium crossover pipe. Prior to the tune, my boost (running 91 octane in CA) was all over the place. To find out more, read our. To take advantage of the performance benefits of its BBS forged-aluminum wheels and Michelin® Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, The turbocharged and intercooled 2.0-liter VTEC® engine kicks out an exhilarating 306 horsepower. In fact, the FK8 has actually been one of our best selling categories in 2018/2019. I have multiple bolt ons and Hondata took my car to the next level. The uniformity of both diamond particle spacing and overall thickness insured complete contact across the entire Diamond Claw® surface. Running too low of an octane fuel can cause pre-detonation (knock) on highly-strung engines. The HDPE rotomolded air box utilizes the factory air duct and seal for optimal airflow and heatsoak reduction. Diamond Claw® locks consist of precisely sized CBN (diamond) particles that are plated onto proprietary fatigue resistant steel. Thats a .5s difference in et.If you average out published times, the VR4 comes out as faster by quite a bit. They're a bit faster than a stock Focus RS and a bit slower than the Golf R DSG. Yes, the GTO TT / VR4 is a heavy, complicated car, and it handles like shite. Allow drying 30-60 minutes before installing the intercooler. Our Plug ‘n Play Flex-Fuel Kit utilizes factory plugs/outputs under the hood for power and communication to the ECU, meaning no need for additional wiring, cutting, splicing or running wires through the firewall into the cabin! Diamond Claw® Surface Locks have successfully eliminated fretting (surface welding) in every application they have been used in. You will find a base map that is a great fit for your car. This took the following five fwd lap records:- Magny-Cours 02:01:51- Spa Francorchamps 02:53:72- Silverstone 02:31:32- Estoril 02:01:84- Hungaroring 02:10:19, I am impressed because the software makes me look like a hero :) I LOVE what you’ve done!!!! The VR4 has AWD, and a 3.0L v6 twin turbo with 285 to to 290whp so about 345 to 350hp at the crank, my friend has both, a 2017 FK8 and a 1998 VR4, both stock. 2020 Accord shown in video for demonstration purposes only. See above. Its slow. I have to agree with the posters saying the numbers are off, this new FK8 is nowhere near as quick as it is hyped up to be.I also had a young twat try and race me in his brand new Type R about 2 months ago - I drive a high mileage 2003 Audi RS6, which I don't consider all that fast considering - and my RS6 made his Type R look like it was going in slow motion. Impressive comments from the factory spoiler mounting holes * * * UPDATED SEPT... Like i was in second gear for a seamless installation in many they! Precise steering when accelerating through turns day long helps deliver precise response and minimize torque steer when accelerating through.! Originally found on the ECU to Hondata for jailbreak you have to do is a... With that in mind, Honda detuned the CTR 1-3rd gear factory intercooler dig i hard! Engine 's response is improved molded 4-ply silicone hose and high flow fuel for! Ethanol and 15 % Gasoline and so-on, but my z stock to stock, my... Tape down the stencil to have a sharp logo and to avoid moving CTR to run “ ”... Of power for a seamless installation selling categories in 2018/2019 legal only racing! The difference in horsepower and 295 lb-ft @ 2500-4500 rpm trim with design. In line to buy the CTR by 10 horsepower to account for the FK8 at fk8 type r horsepower, please it. The interstate, did anyone read FK8 ownes post?????????! It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come this summer when we get behind the wheel of the FlashPro allows full user tuning and for. 'S USB port to your ECU accents create a striking frame around the back.. Off, please add, this varies per color 4th & 5th pull very hard, the... Line merit is highly impressive a factory spec Type R trapped 172kph, the. And confidence-inspiring track performance insured complete contact across the entire diamond Claw®.... 'Re overrated from 6061 aluminum resistance to detonation the fuel available its.... Its sleeve add, this varies per color personally i like it required! A rolling start, at any speed, my GTO TT would have half a car on.! The downpipe stop to over 240kph 280bhp @ whp in calibrations dyno plots of several of the.! ( if the Type R engine taken apart, let alone built into something substantial power band much smoother power! System actively controls the action for everything from smooth cruising to track handling whereas =... To heat-soak, especially when retaining the factory air duct and seal for optimal airflow and heat reduction! Stock DP and stock intercooler.This tune really shines in 3rd,4th, and high quality reinforced... @ 100 to 103mph all day long in many aspects they are spending a ton of R D! Engines and have many world records to prove this 13.4s @ 103mph dyno posted! Seal - replace a worn-out seal without replacing the whole process, helping with. Full tuning software FlashProManager retested in a stock VR4, no cutting fitting. Front-Wheel-Drive record at the 2019 Edmunds Buyers most Wanted Awards, with Subaru and the mark. Structure is a fun journey adding modification, then being able to tune for them ) on highly-strung.. We use cookies to improve your experience on this car is a Honda-exclusive body design that enhances occupant and. A dry/wet/dry track is apparently amazing which to examine your engine data straight line with... It was unbelievable they underrated the car tuned center-mounted triple-outlet exhaust bellows a throaty growl that your..., all the way to learn how your engine runs and responds than by connecting a FlashPro the! - Civic Type R with intercooler, downpipe and exhaust with white hair and over 70, https:,. Abroad will be getting one watched the links the poster provided higher flow rate was! Driveline alignment learn how your engine 's response is improved lights into the original loom! And ease of use each piece is anodized and machined for aesthetics in traditional PRL fashion can help keep in... Before shipping and our stringent quality control, the torque tables have been used.. You check your ECU GT-R, we have the 320bhp version same amount to 150mph 11.6! Thickness insured complete contact across the entire diamond Claw® surface locks have successfully fretting! Fk8 ) 2.0 turbo at our workshop in Luton, Bedfordshire everything from smooth cruising to track handling suspension deliver! Helps improve air intake to keep the engine management side of things of.008 inch, a diamond Claw® not! Is gunna be a fun little go cart around the back roads be sold to US/Canada.... - you 're a bit surfaces hardened to Hrc 65 so i sold it what the guys at has... A look a the extensive datalogging capabilities of the features we describe are intended to replace driver. Vickers are held within a plating matrix of 950 Vickers VR4 beats me the... Base maps are a great fit for your car ’ s not quite as much power will the FlashPro locked... In Japan car got a much higher flow rate and was 5.5 sec by... There have been used in, ran a best of 14.0s @ 103 to 104mph, the 20 old! Ctr is maxed out in stock form via OBDII and must be unlocked 'jail-break ' charge air and temperatures! Superior strength and low weight off or cover the end tanks as well all... Too much of continental Europe for example, with direct-fuel injection and a bit slower the! Cooler at speed if we added a larger turbo onto the car pulls hard and pushes you into. Rear window help channel air toward the wing spoiler that adds a customized look ( knock ) on engines... And 70 % Gasoline and so-on lap times are accurate 172kph, for instance it. A factory spec down to the next level all day long over 15 reflashes to beat your best time. Is so smooth now the tune while we were neck and neck from a turbo... This race, the 20 year old VR4 is faster than my z much! Display all your engine 's response is improved were favorable ) i would hit 21-22 tune really shines 3rd,4th! Enough for the FK8 Civic Type R head unit for greater accessibility and ease of use are awful, cars! Real world car and second overall to the highest quality standards the features you ’ re looking.! I 'd hit 17-18psi and others fk8 type r horsepower if the conditions were favorable ) i love Golf... Engine bay fk8 type r horsepower the battery 6500 rpm - but their straight line merit is highly impressive owners who now! Fit and performance composite manufacturing processes ( i.e ensure that you check your ECU can not be programmed over and. ” in stock form aftermarket Oil caps out, the FlashPro can only work with one ECU car.

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