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Liu Kaile earned his first win in team competition format, and ended the longest drought (1057 days, or 151 weeks). Due to his poetic language beiung unintelligible to Jacskon, he was never picked as head chef until ep. TV Host, News critic, Media studies professor. Unlike Jackson, he loves spicy foods. Singer from Sichuan, husband of Xie Na. Watch latest episode of anime for free. [2] An Xianmin and Vinny Huang also missed filming on Episodes 63-64 due to self isolation from travelling cross-provinces to save their respective restaurants. Jackson is also the regular assistant chef in the main competition, the other assistant chef is the guest not revealing his/her fridge for the episode, it is a two-people team, because in season 4, it is proven that professional and semi-professional chefs can make a three-course meal in 15 minutes, which is well exceeding most home cooks' abilities. Please report us immediately (with short video or screenshot) when you see these ads. Actor from Beijing, Known to be a highly relaxed homebody/elite gamer outside of work. Won 4 of the 5 contests, with 3 in a row, once as a Head Chef, promoted to regular chef, replacing Liu Kaile. This is why he can still work well under An Yanmin despite their contrasting working styles and ideologies. Chinese. He Jiong knows of her smallest cosmetics fridge in. Therefore, all guests throughout the season and regular chefs had sent him gifts to fill up his hotel fridge. Married American-Korean Nathan Lee Seung-hyun, and has a daughter. His new group name with He Jiong, He Wei, was rejected, as it was He Jiong's father's name (different characters). Returning from Round 1, first guest chef to win twice as Head Chef in episode 5. Food blogger, gained attention due to her postings of her kid's meal online. He is in the same agency as, Was a contestant in Super Idol 3 and Idol Producer season 2 (31st place). The fridge owner picks the head chefs based on the dishes names, the assistant chefs' assignments are based on the head chefs' picks on name tags under the lid of two small cups of Gemice ice cream, which remains as naming sponsor of the show. His fridge is the only one that featured all drinks (soft drinks and beer), so all edible resources are only extremely spicy noodles and sausages from his backpack. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! The head chef is determined by the ingredients bought. Building the first vegetarian restaurant in 2018. He decided to stay in a dorm because during he lived alone during his trainings as a nurse, and has developed a fear of being alone. Go Fridge: Season 6. Singer-actress from Sichuan. [EngSub] Let Go of My Baby S03 Ep03 Part 1/2. As a sous chef, he has no finer knife skills (i.e. Wife was pregnant with a child at the time. The menu-planning rooms are no longer in use, they serve as the chefs' green rooms. He is also the celebrity spokesperson for Mei Yi Tian Milk range, the new naming sponsor for the show on season 6. The show delayed filming due to timing and location constraints, and the Korean version has not resumed filming for the new season. Executive Chef of an Italian restaurant, with vast experience working in Michelin-starred restaurant. Singer-songwriter, a former nurse. The fridges are limited to standardized sizes, and are hidden between the two Lego mascots: Popo (Po-tato) and Todi (Pota-to, new in season 6). At the end of the final episode, all 6 chefs made a meal for He Jiong and Jackson using the remaining items from Stephy and Cheney's fridges. Since Jackson is a fan of Yang Zi, there was a deal made to let He Jiong to take over for 7.5 minutes, so they could have a mini fan meeting. The cooking guests and Wei Daxun also have an apron of their own. Actress from Liaoning, lives in Changsha. By the 4th round, however, Jackson decided to let all chefs make their own dishes, with one main co-ordinator named as Head Chef because Jackson was 0-4 as leader. Go Fridge (simplified Chinese: 拜托了冰箱; traditional Chinese: 拜託了冰箱; pinyin: Bàituōle bīngxiāng) is a Chinese cooking show produced by Tencent Video. Wei Daxun returns as stand-in host for the first 6 episodes. In season 3, the format changed as two X-Factor chefs, mainly professional chefs, joined the … If there any errors appear, please reload the page first. Actor, same age as Jackson, but younger by 7 months. Edit Translation. Actor, best known as a main antagonist in many films. Season 1 winner of MasterChef China and has a certificate from. Singer-Actor from Wenzhou. Watch anime online in English for free on gogoanime. If they are unsuccessful, they must wear a costume of the partner's choosing. 54:15. In the first episode, they are involved in a replication competition, where they must each replicate one dish from a pre-prepared six-course menu from one of the 6 of the regular chefs with only verbal instructions of the chefs. He is a restaurateur and bartender from Shanghai. Therefore, Wei He (Why) was formed. Jackson Wang was unable to film in China as he was stuck in South Korea as border restrictions were in place due to Covid-19 Pandemic, then self-isolated when borders re-opened between both countries. In each episode, two guests bring their refrigerators to the filming studio and sit down to talk with the hosts and other chefs. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Author, Screenwriter, Director, Actor and Lyricst. Restaurateur, opened Shanghai's first western restaurant targeted at children. Actor and reality star from Nanjing, resides in Beijing. 7, child-model. As Xie Na was still lactating at the time, all spicy foods were removed from the fridge. Was Zhou Dongyu's supervisor her final Bachelor's. Jackson and He Jiong each write names to predict the pair of guests for the first episode of season 6 as a bet.

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