guinea pig giving birth

Therefore, if you have to move a guinea pig due to conflict, you should move the one that isn't pregnant. Follow these steps to care for the pregnant cavy: You can see when you should take your guinea pigs to the vet in this article. I find it stressful to care for my pets from time to time, so I research their care and stay diligent about their environment and diet. This is a common occurrence; roughly 1 in 5 guinea pigs will die as a direct result of pregnancy or birth. How do I care for a rejected baby guinea pig? This article has been viewed 285,409 times. For more information regarding newborn guinea pigs training and care, subscribe to my newsletters to receive updates and new tips. Females must eat the placenta after birth to start the production of their milk, so you do not want to interfere with this process. Pick another answer! Most are eating, or attempting to eat ‘hard food’ within 24 hours, but it is not a cause for a worry if they don’t. Almost! A house for your guinea pig to privately have and clean her babies is also recommended. Neutered boars should be kept separate from sows for four weeks after surgery. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Hi Everyone, My 6 month old guinea pig Fudge is pregnant - was accidental, one of our male guinea pigs somehow got into the females cage!! % of people told us that this article helped them. To prevent high stress levels, which can lead to disease, keep your guinea pig away from direct sunlight. Boars become sexually mature at three weeks, so make sure you separate them from their mother and sisters at that time. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Can the boar remain with the sow during birth and help her care for the young? Thanks a lot.". You have to separate them. Is it OK to leave the non-pregnant girl with the pups? Last Updated: August 9, 2019 For any questions or queries, feel free to comment below. ", "My pregnant piggie is huge and I came here to see the normal length of time they stay pregnant. Mother strains for 15 minutes without producing a pup. The pups do not require a heat lamp or heating pad. Kent Garrett is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Not exactly! Approved. In fact it is one of the most difficult animals to accurately predict. Females can have five litters per year, but this can be quite dangerous for their health. That's right! ", needed available in a clear, concise manner, super simple, and now I feel confident in my unexpected blessing. Not quite! Guinea pigs pregnancy normally lasts between 60 and 75 days. It is crucial for the newborn guinea pigs to stay with their mother therefore, they cannot be with their father. Most pups lose weight for about three days post-birth before starting to gain again. Yes, baby guinea pigs can survive without their mother. This is a similar situation to what happens in the wild. They should be kept at the same comfortable temperature as the adults. Immediately after the birth sows will often look after their own needs first before gathering the pups around them to drink. The ultrasound, is a non-invasive procedure and can confirm the pregnancy. I would like to remind you that different species have different needs. Read on for another quiz question. When it comes to people, most children stay with their parents for the first eighteen years of life. (Hold And Catch My Guinea Pigs). What's the easiest way to prevent your sows from getting pregnant? The vet may try to manipulate the piglet into a position where the mother can pass it. The ultrasound will also be able to confirm how many pups there are, and how many of them are alive. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. Guess again! If you wait too long, you risk more breeding. Do not intervene or touch the pups unless you need to. The mother’s weight will vary for a few days whilst she re-adjusts but should settle within five days. I found all of these facts about guinea pigs and their babies so interesting, I wanted to share them with you. Although your guinea pig's abdomen may swell when she's pregnant, her stomach stays the same size. True or False: A day after being born, a guinea pig pup will usually weigh less than it did at birth. This was my biggest fear about guinea pigs giving birth, In my guide “Before And After Getting Your Puppy” I talk in a big section about all the solutions to avoid that. Post the number on a piece of paper next to the guinea pig’s hutch/cage. If you need it, you don’t want to have to hunt around for it. But longhaired breeds tend to get their hair dirty and tangled, so you need to do something to keep your guinea pig clean and healthy. Having somewhere to hide will reduce stress. Whilst a pup becoming stuck in the birth canal or born breech is common, never intervene yourself. In muesli, the individual components of the feed are identifiable, and your pregnant sow might only eat some of them, causing nutrient deficiency. Females experience a natural stiffening of the symphysis as adults. Try again... Not quite! There’s a better option out there! A repeat pregnancy is very dangerous for the mother. This taught me how risky getting her pregnant would be. Watching their mother drink from the water bottle can also encourage them to copy her behavior. It's good for a pregnant guinea pig to get extra vitamin C, but that's best accomplished by giving her a vitamin C supplement. Not quite! I would consider four weeks to be the maximum amount of time male guinea pigs can stay with their mother. If there is not an out-of-hours vet in your area, discuss this with your vet to come up with a plan. I'm a lot less. Laber-Laird, Swindle, & Flecknell. If you notice signs of aggression, it is crucial to separate the cavies for their safety. Yes! Even if your pregnant sow is not getting into physical altercations with the other guinea pig, she'll still be under extra stress if she has to live with a pig she doesn't get along with. It's better to take other measures to prevent your sows from becoming pregnant. You can get this awesome inexpensive cage for around 30 bucks on Amazon (click the link to check the current price). I can feel there is a little bump at her side. There is a high maternal mortality rate for guinea pigs (about 20%) as they are vulnerable to complications and illnesses such as toxemia. Pregnancy is hard work for a female guinea pig. Just follow the care tips listed above to ensure the pup grows up properly without the watchful eye of their mother. Determining their gender is crucial to separating them later and keeping them safe. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? The temperature outside or in a garage/shed usually becomes too cold at night for a pregnant guinea pig. Only a skilled and experienced veterinarian should attempt to manipulate the position of pups before they are born. Moving to new housing is stressful for any guinea pig, but even more so for one that's pregnant. A lot of love and attention is necessary, but you are more than capable of caring for them. The sound she makes before giving birth is much more distinctive. There is no need to remove other sows, they may even help with the pups. You will not be harming your piggy if you separate them from their mother. This can happen to small and large pups, and both are very capable of making a full recovery with little or no intervention. Kent Garrett is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Pregnant guinea pigs do need significantly more calcium than other guinea pigs do, but pelleted feed isn't higher in calcium than muesli. When a mom rejects her pup, you will have to step in to keep them healthy. Never provide a multi-vitamin. This article has been viewed 285,409 times. When is the best time to separate baby guinea pigs? I worry about my guinea pig’s safety and health as a pet parent, so I like to do as much research as possible to ensure they are properly cared for. Instead, you should do something that limits the need for grooming as your sow nears her due date. In most cases, the female instinctively knows how to care for their young. You can get this awesome inexpensive cage for around 30 bucks on, If you have chosen to allow the father near the newborns, they should not come in contact. Read on for another quiz question. Get a recommendation from a friend or family member for a vet or search on the Internet for vets near you. Read on for another quiz question. As a general rule, guinea pigs do not respond well to anaesthetic so if it is possible, separating the sexes is a safer option. (. This only happens in rare cases, but there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. Female cavies can have between one and eight newborns per litter, don’t forget to read “Before And After Getting Your Puppy” It’s full of beautiful photos and lots of good information. Doing otherwise can cause pregnancy complications or miscarriage. This helped me, "Glad we got educated early. This level of inbreeding for cavies does not produce healthy babies and can lead to very complicated and dangerous pregnancies. ", Unlock this expert answer by supporting wikiHow, Aiutare un Porcellino d'India in Gravidanza, s'occuper d'un cochon d'Inde durant la période de gestation, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Females are not more likely to eat their babies if you touch them. I recommend trying to keep the brothers together.

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