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But instead of having "Hess gasoline" written on the trailer's side, the new company name was printed on it instead. This 1023-piece LEGO set allows you to recreate the vessel brick by brick. The oldest Hess toy trucks from 1964 are typically worth around $2,000 or more with values steadily declining by year up to the current year's pricing of $19.95, as of 2015. Here, staples like Park Place and Baltic Avenue are replaced by the Armorer’s Workshop and a Jawa Camp, with boot and thimble tokens making way for Mando, Baby Yoda, and Moff Gideon pieces. Whether it’s a wordy epic that chronicles the show’s backstory or an orchestral piece that lends itself to. It came with a detachable ladder and a rotating red emergency light on top operated by a battery. After several years of green and white trucks, Hess decided to change things up in 1970 by issuing their first fire truck. Thanks to this variant, it can sell for $375. Even your feet can join in on the Mandalorian hype with this set of Baby Yoda socks from Disney. About 3,000 trucks were manufactured. The mid year release of The Hess Mini Sampler was a huge success with the trucks selling in only 4 states, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey … The most valuable trucks mostly hail from the 1960s and 1970s – when fewer trucks were produced and consumers weren't stashing them away the moment they bought them. Hess 'Red Velvet' Truck (1967) // $2550 The 1971 Hess Toy Fire Truck, a repeat from a year earlier, is a finely-detailed replica of a fire engine from the old Port Reading Refinery. This special edition toy was released solely to company executives to announce a new company name after the Hess Oil and Chemical Corp. merged with Amerada Petroleum Corp. How to store your Hess trucks safely for long term storage: pull battery save everything . Here, the Mandalorian, real name Din Djarin, is decked out in a special chrome helmet variant meant to resemble his fancy beskar armor. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. The first-ever Hess truck issued is not only rare, but it came with a feature not commonly found on subsequent trucks—the ability for a child to fill up its reservoir with water and then spray it out a nozzle. Hess released a patrol car as its annual toy in 1993. "A lot of people were disappointed with that, because they didn't get the colorful box. Hess truck valuations are highly speculative depending on the year, model, condition, rarity and the current collectibles market pricing. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Law enforcement has 'delicate balance' at polls on election day, The 20 best things to get at Aldi this year, according to shoppers. Other inexpensive Hess toys include racing toys, box trailers, construction, and recreation vehicles. Amazon Echo Dots have become so popular, it seems most homes have a couple lying around. Sales soared and, as a thank you, Hess sent out a special edition toy tanker truck to bulk customers. ", The tanker truck is similar to the model Hess released in 1968. Not too many modern-era Hess trucks sell for considerable sums because collectors treat the products and packaging with reverence. The regular version sells for around $375. The Razor Crest set even opens up to reveal a cargo hold, cockpit, and an escape pod—which are all the perfect size to fit the minifigures of Mando, Greef Karga, and Baby Yoda that come along with it. In his clutches is Baby Yoda, and the pair strikes a pose that's perfect for displaying on a desk or bookshelf. Sign Up Today: Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter! Collectors don’t offer as much for a model that’s missing its box or parts. It's not just that Baby Yoda's grinning on the box; the cereal itself also has marshmallow pieces shaped like the character. Most expensive Hess toy sought by collectors today . Click on IMG to view vehicle. Based on the age of the toy, its condition and its packaging, Hess toys can be priced from around $15 to nearly $2,500. Another important factor in valuations for Hess toy trucks is the condition of the toy as well as the original packaging material. And, of course, when we're talking about Mandalorian merch, we're really talking about anything with Baby Yoda's face printed onto it. You can expect to pay $1500 if you find one. Hess made roughly 150,000 of the 12-inch trucks, and one that’s mint in the box is valued at $1800 or more. The oldest Hess toy trucks from 1964 are typically worth around $2,000 or more with values steadily declining by year up to the current year's pricing of $19.95, as of 2015. The packaging states “Home Office in Woodbridge, New Jersey,” which didn’t typically appear on the boxes. The first Hess toy truck sold in 1964 for a mere $1.39. The second season of The Mandalorian is here, and that means a tidal wave of new merchandise is already on store shelves for eager fans to devour. The boxes were not sturdy. This fuel truck is sought-after for its unique accessory: a … But for years, lots of families included another ritual to the fall holiday– a trip to the local Hess terminal. (It would be 1980 before Hess issued another truck. The truck mimicked the regular edition, but replaced the Hess name with "Amerada Hess" on the side of the tanker. Hess 'Red Velvet' Truck (1967) // $2550. And it's all because of a few words that appear on the front panel of its box. It can sell for $375. You’ll need to look at the box to find out why this model is so desirable. It is the only oil tanker in the Hess production line, which makes it very unique. But there a several special editions that also command a pretty penny. The truck is a hot seller and extremely hard to keep in stock. © Provided by Mental Floss Our Corporate Values reinforce our commitment to traditional Hess strengths and underscore the qualities that define us as a leading global independent energy company. While not the oldest of the Hess toys, they are some of the most valuable. After Hess ran out of boxes, they shipped that model in a plain box and had retailers put a “Season’s Greetings” sticker on it. Back in 1964, gas station magnate Leon Hess decided his chain of Hess stops could contribute some seasonal cheer by offering one-of-a-kind toy trucks. View cart for details. Hess truck values of very unique items can fluctuate according to their demand by collectors. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}, Hess Truck 2008 With Front Loader 2day Ship, Hess 2005 Emergency Truck With Rescue Vehicle - N128, Hess 2002 Toy 18 Wheeler Truck and Airplane BRAND, 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster 2day Ship, Hess 2009 Race Car and Racer - Maserati Mc12, Hess 2010 Toy 18 Wheeler Truck and Jet Never Displayed.

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