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Walking out of Rivendell. Viggo Mortensen broke his toes. They forgot the panel where they're all walking. card. Hobbit Memes r/ Hobbit_Memes. The continuation to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, one of the highest-grossing motion picture franchises of all time, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy was hugely anticipated by the fantasy fan base. I don't think I want to know what the photographer was doing to that kitten to make it look like that. He was super old when they got him, and everyone in Bree scoffed and said, "You paid too much for that." Best part of the Silmarillion so far from Reddit tagged as Best Meme. I knew I should've called the eagles. Although I do wonder if, should this elongated conversation have actually happened in canon, it would've been this easier for Legolas because he actually lived through most of these people's lifetimes. Follow. An environmentally-friendly hybrid? See more ideas about The hobbit, Hobbit memes, Lotr. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. And the bad guys come from a place called...Mt. And the disturbing number of times he hands the ring out. 72. That was not in the script; Sir Ian McKellan did that completely by accident and continued on in character, and it was done so naturally that they kept it for the finished movie. All of the standard fantasy-world peoples and creatures that we see in books. While this means the LOTR films are technically Generation Z it’s a pretty long-ass time ago in Internet Time. Gollum Hobbit Legolas The Hobbit Gollum Meme Hobbit Humor Hobbit Hole Earth Memes Best Puns The Meta Picture. He doesn't want the gold or the glory. He looks so thrilled. Join. "Took a nap on my gold pile again, now my neck hurts like a MF. They get into a massive fight when they first meet at the Council of Elrond, where Gimli flat-out says, "Never trust an elf!" I'm kind of amazed they were able to tag along from Rivendell and get survival lessons on the go. Lord of the Rings has been mocked, satired, and memed so many times, the jokes have their own country in the Internet within the LOTR Empire. 148 comments. In the Hobbit franchise, it's overdone to the point that even the stunts look illogical (looking at you, Legolas' falling tower scene). Rising. * That's just...I mean...damn. If you can acknowledge the fact and admit to yourself that you are a selfish driver who cuts people off and doesn't let them pass, you might as well own it and make it a joke. He already has the hair for it. During the scene, you get the feeling that everyone else in the room has an inkling about what these two are talking about. to help give you the best experience we can. It hadn't been brought up in the books (since Tauriel didn't even appear in them), so there was no canonical basis for it happening. This is a list of pure ridiculous and it only makes me fall in love with The Lord of the Rings that much more. Here are 10 memes emphasizing some of the crazier logic slip-ups throughout the trilogy. Earlier we did a post titled "15 Memes That Will Make Any True Lord of the Rings Fan LOL," (with some Hobbit memes thrown in for kicks and giggles, of course). The biggest logic error in the whole of the Hobbit trilogy is also the most obvious - making it a trilogy in the first… It established the epic fantasy genre and set the tone for decades of writing. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Oh, like the fires of Mt. A lot happens off camera to make your favorite films and shows come to life. Even in The Fellowship of the Ring, where he never rides a horse and has minimal contact with them, he still treats Bill the Pony like a BFF. I get that Frodo was chosen to carry the Ring because he was the most resilient to its power. If Martin Freeman is adorable, then Viggo Mortensen is a badass. Sure, Legolas was one of the most popular Middle-Earth characters ever, and fans had been clamoring for more female representation in the franchise, but the way Jackson dealt with both these facts by simply adding in characters for no reason just didn't work. RELATED: 10 Films To Watch If You Like The Lord Of The Rings (Other Than The Hobbit). Thorin asks Thranduil for his help, but the Elven king refuses - despite having a bevy of talented archers and swordsmen at his disposal. One does not simply study chemistry while reading Tolkien ;), ABOUT THIS OAKENCROSSOVER There's this fellow named Hiccup living in the city of Esgaroth, near the Lonely Mountain, who claims to be an expert on drago... Oakencrossover #1: How to train your dragon - pt.1, I will never see this scene the same way again…, The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a classic. And then there's the fact that Smaug has a Twitter account in the first place. But this is pretty great. You'll never look at movies the same way ever again. "Yeah, of course I can go into a detailed lecture on Sauron's last battle in Mordor that took place three thousand years ago. No, scratch that, he's a Viking in this life. Legolas and Gimli's friendship is one of the most amazing bromances in cinema. Benedict does a lot of that kind of dramatics on Sherlock so I don't need to imagine it. New. Now, I think it's awesome that they turned the Bilbo-Leggo into an acorn for the ending credits. It was originally going to be a two-part series, but director Peter Jackson made the decision to stretch the short source material into three movies. This has completely ruined Frozen for me, thank you very much @actual_smaug. Nice going, Aragorn. Also, rehearsals can be extremely tedious. Maybe that's why the fight scenes in these movies were so good. In his free time, he enjoys animating, playing board games, and grappling with the occasional existential crisis. Tolkien’s famous novels, came out in 2001. Though, to be fair, Bill the Pony was pretty badass. Definitely Smaug. The decision to add Legolas and Tauriel to the film adaptation of The Hobbit was panned by many fans of the series. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is one character we never truly get to see inside the mind of, but we can guess from what Bilbo says of her that she's insanely greedy. Just because none of the human soldiers are fluent in Elvish doesn't mean that they can't read body language. ("Okay, so I'm going to duck for cover over here, and then I'll shoot you in the red hat..." "Aw, man.") The only reason everyone else tagged along was to guide and/or protect Frodo on his very long, very dangerous quest. And I've got a bachelor's in history! What does he usually tweet? RELATED: 10 Things About The Hobbit That Didn't Age Well. When Thorin and company are fleeing the dragon Smaug after he attacks their home, the Dwarves pass Thranduil, who has brought his entire army just to see what the problem is. Then the competitions begin to see who can kill the most bad guys ("That still only counts as one!") Unless it's a large hybrid, then it's Tree-beard. Discover (and save!) Walking through Moria. Hot. In The Fellowship of the Ring, there's a scene in Bilbo's house where Gandalf smacks his head on the ceiling. The Dankest mîms based on the Silmarillion. And if you don't find Martin Freeman adorable, get off this website. Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage. That, or try to get him to shut up like Aragorn. He's written for Listverse, ScreenRant, CBR, TheTalko, TheGamer, and The Art Of Puzzles.

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