injured polyphemus moth

After doing research i discovered she was a female and brought her inside. It was such a great lesson in life cycles! Put it somewhere you will see it every day otherwise it could hatch and be a trapped captive that dies. Since it’s so late in the season, the cocoon is definitely going to overwinter. Hi again, Glad we found it! Not many survived. she wasn;t damaged or anything and layed a total of 24eggs after mating. It is December in Houston tx so what will she do next. After Botting consulted with genetic statistician J.B.S. I am going to order the Antheraea Polyphemus eggs from Shady Oak. My female never mated with her brother, but did attract and mated 17hrs! The male flew away about 15 minutes after the female did. I’d wait till the fourth day, if possible, to give the pupa (inside the cocoon) time to harden. I also found a Polyphemus caterpillar (in VA about two weeks ago and made a habitat for him. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t given pesticide laden leaves, as I always wash them off before putting them in the enclosure and several other caterpillars have eaten the same leaves and are fine. A polyphemus was in my lake lot wet from a rain storm and couldn’t fly.. i carefully collected her and placed her in one of our large bug tub and left lid off and placed twigs and leaves around her .. I’ve searched all my life for polyphemus caterpillars without success…the caterpillar pretty much has to find you! It is best to wait at least 3 days after it first made its cocoon. I have a three year old daughter who is having the time of her life watching it! Hi. she has attached herself to a maple leaf attached to a stick from a tree. P.S I did take pictures of my new girl, white beauty mark. Thank you as of right now in one night I have 40 eggs. Hi I had a female cecropia moth emerge from her cocoon two days ago still waiting on the other which I think is a male because the cocoon is smaller and lighter which upon reaseerch said was most likely male, anyway now my female is at the bottom of her netted enclosure vibrating I guess I would say, do you know if that’s her calling? Since the male probably had to fly several miles to find your moth (expending the last of its precious energy reserves), chances are it didn’t waste the trip. I’d really like to raise these successfully. Two weeks later he still hadn’t left the cocoon and from what I researched online this meant he would hatch after winter. Hello, I found a “Antheraea Polyphemus” female moth all torn up, and I took it home and put it in a plastic container without a lid (It cant fly at all, just flop around) and I tried giving it sugar water, but I later learned what type of moth it is and that it doesnt actually eat so I stopped… Anyway, shes laid about 56 eggs in her dieing hours and im not sure if theyre fertile or not. My boyfriend saved a orange and black spotted moth in water and we have it in a jar now, we put flowers and leaves in yesterday and it seemed to lay pearl colored eggs today. I live outside Tulsa Oklahoma. The moth laid LOTS of eggs in my box 30-40. My son found a Polyphemus catipillar Sept 27 2011. If it has a brown ring around it is it fertile? I caught one attached to a painted concrete wall at my grandparent’s house yesturday around 7:15pm. I told him to put it in my box. That being said there is nothing you can do to keep this mouth going if it is at in fact the end of it’s life. I just found a female Polyphemus on the sidewalk of my local pharmacy; she’s pretty bird-eaten, and is two-legged, but since I could tell she was huuuuge with eggs I brought her into my car with me for the drive home… In the midst of the drive, she began laying eggs like mad on a plastic bag I’d put under her. They are 5 hours old at this writing and they haven’t eaten yet. Indi. Going to ask the school teachers if they want some to raise in class . I set her up in a terrarium with a similar habitat to her liking. Well when he checked it out, we found out why the poor moth couldn’t fly. Have fun! willing to bet they will have already started eating by the time you I’m so sorry for it’s loss of life. . It stayed on my finger so long that I finally had to gently guide it back to where I found it! Is that correct. It seems to be putting silk on the side, is it making a cocoon? Does this mean their infertile? We released the males and I intend to tear the eggs she laid in captivity then released her on our maple to finish. Indiana resident. If you let her roam around at night, she’ll probably lay eggs on the walls and get stuck in places, so it’s not the best idea. Just DON”t forget its there! any advice? The female was on a hanging flowering plant on my front porch. These moths don’t eat, and as a result only live around 2 weeks. Hey there, I found 4 fertilized eggs on the plastic planter. This is our first experience here with moths and we would have preferred to release it in the spring/summer as it should be, but now after keeping it all winter I’d prefer to not have it die. I know a lot of people would just destroy the eggs, but the moth was just too beautiful for me to just kill its eggs. I suppose most caterpillars prefer to keep what they originally are raised on, unless there is a normal favorite for the type of caterpillar. Any help would be appreciated I would love if I still have a chance to keep it till it comes out. It looks like the normal gestation of the eggs is aprox 1 to 2 weeks per comments on posts above. On my way to work I seen a few birds attacking something so i ran to see what it was and it was one of these little guys everyone is afraid of it. A global citizen science platform to discover, share and identify wildlife. The Polyphemus moth uses defense mechanisms to protect itself from predators. Karen, I'm not 100%, but Nina helped me earlier in the comments on this spotting, and these links seem to help:Here is the female: is the male: while both males and females have large antennae, it looks to me as if the male has larger segments on the antennae that protrude further outward. Thanks bhargav and Jonathan! What do I do now? Is it possible to keep cocoons for an extended period of time and raise them in the fall? I don’t sell cocoons. I was just up north and i brought back 2 polyphemus moths in a container do i have to put plants and stuff in it for them to mate im pretty sure ones male and ones female. Thank you! I’m not sure what all I should do to care for both her and the eggs. Regards, Or, because of its’ short lifespan, does it just die wherever the eggs have been laid? Parasitic insects – such as the parasitoid wasp – lay their eggs in or on the young caterpillars.

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