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When Ino tries to put the flowers into the vase, he got a vision of his traumatic mistreatment from Jigen and drops the vase on the floor breaking it.

Kandachi |

As a young child, Kawaki suffered domestic abuse by his father and as a result was stripped of his own childhood and became colder. Boruto and Kawaki used their Karma marks to enter the rift to find Naruto. After some time, Kawaki holds a portrait of Naruto's hand. Kawaki's mechanical arm falls off and the portrait of Naruto falls onto the floor. Naruto says that he wants to take her back to get information on her, but Kawaki tells him that she is too dangerous and that he should kill her. After training with Naruto, Kawaki is able to master the ability to walk on trees. Hal ini muncul karena Kawaki, secara penampilan memiliki kemiripan dengan Denki. Suigetsu Hōzuki | We also know that Iwabe wants to become Hokage like Sarada, and that he possesses old world values and beliefs, as well as full control earth style jutsu. Naruto immediately comforts him and they got a new replacement. Kawaki tells the child to look out for danger and tells Naruto and Sarada that he was trying to warn the kids. Mass destructionMass murderTreason Urashiki Ōtsutsuki | Surprised by the Nine-tails, Kawaki wants to know what it is and it explains it's connection to Naruto and Naruto's upbringing in the Hidden Leaf Village. Demonic Statue of the Outer Path | Ainsi, lorsque Boruto et ses amis tentèrent de se lier d'amitié avec lui, il les rejeta et il leur ordonna de sortir. However, when Naruto was about to get attacked by Delta's laser beam, Boruto attacks her with invisible rasengans which she absorbs. Haku | Doto Kazahana | Years later, Kawaki shows a much darker personality, to the point he is willing to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village to tell Boruto that the age of ninja is over. The team returned to Konoha with Naruto. Kawaki joins Naruto, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki as they talk about the similarities between the Strength of a Hundred Seals (that Sakura Haruno and Tsunade have) and the Kama mark. In his battle against Garō, Kawaki is shown to have a cold-blooded streak as he did not mind murdering Garō to show that he is not to be taken lightly. With his power, he was able to defeat and kill Garō.

Shizuma Hoshigaki | Edit: sarada is up there with him irrc she was born a elite genin just like Boruto,but that was kishimotos sarada not kodachis, yes we have to see how kodachi will treat sarada in the future, so far the treatment sarada and mitsuki have been given is far from great as mitsuki has taken on a third wheel role in the team and kodachi wants to portray sarada as a love interest who happens to strive to become the hokage, not to talk of her loli bait outfit. With everyone surprised at her suicide, Kawaki tells them that this how Kara deals with their situation. As he tries to put the pieces of the vase back together he loses is patience and interest. This is because his skin color and eyes are very very similar to Hashirama. Kawaki's kama seal begins to grow to the point that he grew a horn on his head to Jigen's surprise. At some point, Kawaki woke up in a testing tube where he witnessed Jigen attempting to give a boy the kāma seal which caused the latter to die. Zero Tails |

Chino | As Kawaki rebukes him, he is powerless as Jigen twists his arm and continues to degrade Naruto and Konoha as he says Naruto only cares for the peace of Konoha and expresses his desire to cut off the prosthetic and once they return to Kara, fix up his right arm.

Mizuki | He does not trust them and threatened to kill them if they did not leave him alone. Kawaki and Himawari sits by and witnesses the fight and tells Boruto that he should activate the kama seal. Kawaki (in Japanese: カワキ, Kawaki) is a major character in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime and manga series. "Black coat" ....damn.... its not like every Konoha 12 character (besides lee lol) had a new outfit once shipudden started. Sarada realized that Boro's mist was a virus and Mitsuki managed to find a cure. Itachi Uchiha | Renga, Movies I believe that he is the direct descendent ,or at least somehow related to, Hashirama Senju. Reinkarnasi dari chakra ini telah ditetapkan, dan jika Kawaki memiliki kekuatan Sage of Six Paths, lawan yang logis dan sebanding adalah saudaranya, Boruto / Hamura. Aoi Rokushō | Moments later, Naruto tells Kawaki, Boruto, and Himawari to leave the training area as an enemy comes close to their location. The group ran into Boro, and Kawaki warned them that Boro was almost as powerful as Jigen. His time with Kara filled with nothing but grueling training, he is a stranger to simple joys and thus was easily attracted to the food of Konoha and their taste. In one of the episodes, He also relates to Kagura feeling like he is stuck in the shadow of his grandfather, however we actually have no idea who Iwabes grandfather is, or what clan he is from. He tells Naruto that he wants to eventually master the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Iwabe is also obsessed with strength, and wants to become the Hokage, so unless he is just full of himself, I believe there is a lot of development and reveals in store concerning Iwabe in the future of Boruto; especially since he is squad leader and obviously an important character, but we really don't know anything about him yet. This is a question that has been nagging fans of Naruto/Boruto a lot. Kawaki walks down the street with Naruto and encounters Sarada. even though he is High Chunin/Jonin level. When Boro attacked them, Boruto was possessed by his Karma, and killed Boro. Shin Uchiha (Clones), Akatsuki Affiliates Held back at the academy because of a new emphasis on book work.

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