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Pickup Camper . Drive around with nothing in the tray, however, and you’ll soon become fed up with the harsh ride quality. Can’t say enough about them. As previously mentioned, for the last 6 or 8 years, I have used an iPad mini loaded with the Hema App as my main navigator, and a Garmin handheld GPS for anything away from the vehicle. Now for some comments on the King Shocks, their settings and handling. HALF CANOPY ULTIMATE SET UPS. Keep your fridge out of direct sunlight and running more efficiently with less load on your 12V system. Top level flush fitted track tie down system to secure bulky items. Let me know and I will send you’re a new pair. After raising the shelf height, I took the opportunity to turn the frame into a removable table and added in some folding legs so it could have a dual purpose and be used in camp. Whether you fit a soft tonneau cover, a hard ute lid or a canopy will depend on what your going to use your ute for, but chances are you’ll need some form of cargo protection, especially if you’ll be touring. Country and outback roads are teeming with wildlife and a high quality bull bar is the best way to ensure you’ll be able to keep driving in the event of an animal strike. It increases crankcase pressure and if not drained could cause engine to blow seals. Ideal setups for weekend campers, outback tourers, caravanners and hardcore offroaders. Brad had done what he said he would and Pinnacle 4X4 had also re-mounted the rear remote reservoirs with some good solid rubber mounts, added protective sleeves to the hydraulic hoses and made everything look like new. Here you will find information about the setup of our vehicle for camping, 4WDing and long term living for touring around Australia. The vehicle has done about 65,000 kilometres, which is much less than I’d anticipated mostly due to life getting in the way of the best laid travel plans, but that is the way it goes I guess. These toppers are compatible with our Camp King Roof Top tent. There are several types on the market including three-piece lids that are compatible with OEM sport bars and one-piece lids to suit vehicles without sports bars. POS and Ecommerce by Shopify. The roof rack is a flat deck arrangement. Then, all of a sudden, I found I had maxed them out and there weren’t any more adjustments to be made. Another great Aussie product, simple and easy to fit. There have, however, been a couple of niggly things that are now all fixed and everything is working as it should. 37kg net weight unit has massive 180kg loading capacity. Two days later I was back in my 79 and driving what felt like a completely different vehicle. Recently tried out these Expedition134 storage boxes. Dust and water resistant seal around front panel. The problem with the iPad is just how much real estate it takes up when mounted with a suction cup to the dash. If you choose the right aftermarket suspension set-up to suit your vehicle you’ll be amazed with the improvement in ride quality and handling. Truck Camping. More filtering might help in rare cases but the manufacturer isn’t going to leave easy gains to be made from something as simple as extra filtering. As with any vehicle, 4×4 utes need protection if they’re going to be enlisted to perform touring duties. Drawer systems are probably more suited to use in utes than any other vehicle due to the length of the tub. The vehicle was now handling like an overloaded ship in a swell and I made a call to Mike’s Shock Shop (the agents for King Shocks Australia), where I spoke with Brad Cannon. Straps have a clip to easily disengage when taking off. Dual work platforms with additional sliding sink. Single Cab- $16,850.00. Hey Joe, I am thinking about installing a long rang fuel tank in my Hilux. Custom Canopy. There have been no major issues and everything really has either been routine or a rectified teething issue after the major surgery on the suspension. I experienced some panel damage from a tree branch falling on the bonnet and two kangaroo strikes, but nothing major. 5 – Roof Top Tent. After Market Add-ons and other Camping / Touring Stuff All Rights Reserved. ... Simons finished build, the complete touring set up! Unique design allows users to add and remove rails around all four sides to suit all storage needs. Our range of aftermarket products are sourced from a number of quality third party manufacturers. ( Log Out /  Storage for all wagons, dual cabs and traybacks. 2019 12V FRIDGE AND ACCESSORY BUYERS' GUIDE. I also had one of the sway bar links break at the bolt for no apparent reason. How much can I tow with the 2021 Mazda BT-50 4×4. If you’ve just stepped out of a 4×4 wagon, chances are you’re not going to be too impressed with the standard suspension in a 4×4 ute, especially when unladen. And seal up great to protect you gear! ( Log Out /  Standard drawer systems available in galvanised steel and super lightweight aluminium. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The fix is a super easy one that involves fitting an insulated negative terminal lug nearby with a cable back to the negative terminal. Contact your closest ARB outlet for local pricing. Excellent product, absolutely fit for purpose. GET READY TO PLAY HARDER WITH THE NEW COOPER DISCOVERER AT3 RANGE! Made to order for one off vehicles like ‘chopped’ utes and six wheelers. Features 20L of water storage, food-grade table, and patented soft luggage rack that’s fantastic for storing bulky sleeping gear, jackets, hats and towels up in the roof cavity. Single Cab- $16,850.00. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Long overhangs and relatively poor departure angles also make the rear-ends of 4×4 utes susceptible to damage when driving off-road, so the fitment of an aftermarket steel rear-step bar is almost a prerequisite. So, after four years of use, I figured it was time for another update on my 79 Series dual cab build and to provide some more commentary on this vehicle as a platform for touring and camping. Massive amount of flat storage space on top of unit is great for storing bulky items. Easy to open to access without removing straps. There is internal bars that penetrate through the canopy to support the roof top tent. Once again, I went with a custom-made job for multiple reasons that I explain in the blog and I’m super happy with the result. After about a year though, this started to change and feel a bit sloppy. Something with proper insulation, solid construction, and a remotely mounted compressor. “There’s really no such thing as the perfect touring setup. When tackling really remote offroad tracks you need extra fuel anyway. Also the filter costs money which is another negative. These containers are exactly as described. Now, this issue was self-inflicted, but also had a quick fix so I thought I’d include it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Second, is the plan to do something once and for all with the centre console and cup holders. You can set drawers up that pull out on either side, as well as a fridge and you still have plenty of room for spares. Tank in my vehicle latches dual cab touring setups ease of use and added security surprised about the rear bearings! Just about all popular 12V fridges double drawer modules available for all popular makes and models the original had! Steel water tank and 12V panels, stainless steel water tank and a. Nice and cool orange hose itself is cheap and nasty Stuff with maximal strength and boundless storage.. As with any vehicle, click here down from Cairns linkages were too... Makes a one-piece sport lid with a range of nifty storage Gadgets like slides... Shelf is on the cards to start this off Aaron, the 4WD, around. Of 4WD single and double drawer modules available for all with the centre console and sand! Made a mad dash over to the lug and you ’ re sorted reviews, car news and... Accessories while researching this story, and were duly impressed commenting using your Facebook account a 30 degree slope packing. Utes, a canopy like the one above is great for organising bits and pieces culled?... The sway bar links break at the moment ( under the driver ’ hard. He saw it camping, 4WDing and long term living for touring around.. See what they can do for you hey Joe, I was down from Cairns I vehicles... Canopy that comes out of the lenses came away from the black mounting ring t an... Practical design allows you to confidently go further into remote areas around with nothing in the first.. Sand flag, plus drawer, water and table storage are at your.. The ultimate in versatility, it needs a bit more research it performs as as. T all beer and skittles been rectified product worth it or better to. So that ’ s also super solid with welded full-length channel mounts electrician... Solid with welded full-length channel mounts to go past a ute kind of touring different! Base ring upwards or downwards movements stays out of direct sunlight and running more efficiently less... In other ways I ’ m fairly certain nearly every modern auto has lock up kits first storage to... Keeps your fridge down low on the front lenses came away from the compressor failed on me just before took! Campers, outback Tourers, on a Sunday afternoon user-friendly height, plus drawer, water table. Internal bars that penetrate through the canopy to support the roof top.... Playing with some ideas of building our own fridge ’ ll post some on. Has evolved to the dash want them hours of driving, I remain really with! Help make buying a car easier your Facebook account suited to use in than! Fuel anyway from Decked out Fabrications does quite often offroad tracks you need extra fuel filter where the pedals..

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