metro man vs tighten

Bizarro: No! Hmm... these two kind of reminds me of a certain hero and a bald villain... Wiz: In their many battles, Metro Man always prevails in stopping Megamind and putting him behind bars. Superman: I don't know. Boomstick: Furthermore, by Tighten's own selfishness and stupidity, he neglected further studying and utilizing more of his powers. Tighten: It's Tighten! Boomstick: However, its more that meets the eye. Wiz: Bizarro endured being tortured, electricuted, being smashed by a wrecking ball through a building, tanked hits from Wonderwoman, and survived a half-kiloton explosion that would otherwise be fatal to the Man of Steel. Boomstick: Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Wiz: Bizarro is also been discovered to be more physically powerful than Superman and is on par with his might. Bizarro laughs at him. The latter began shooting at them in panic. The Bizarros dogpile Tighten in the air, bringing him down to the ground. Wiz: Anger and pure brawn aren't the only solutions in winning everytime. Bizarro delivers a great uppercut which sends Tighten flying upwards. I don't think Homelander has ever shown levels of strength remotely comparable to that, and it's implied that Metroman is significantly stronger than Tighten while also having years of experience constantly fighting Megamind. I don't know much about him but from what I do know he would stomp all three. Hehehe... Wiz: After Hal gained Metro Man's powers, Megamind, who disguised himself, prepares to set his grand scheme into motion by---. Leaving Roxanne stranded on the highest skycraper in Metro City). Not a second too soon that Megamind gasp for air as he resurface from the water. Wiz: Right. Boomstick: And being a copy of the Man of Tomorrow, Bizarro dons a similar costume but with paler/washed-out colors, an inverted/reverse S-shield and... a number one stone amulet with his name on it? At first glance these two were of seemingly similar aspects, durability included. Tighten: Oh, come on! That killed him? Just then, someone taps him on the shoulder from behind. Wiz: *Clears throat* Patience, Boomstick. Flies around while his foster mother holds onto him, Lifts a desk with his teacher on top of it, Blocks a dodgeball from hitting his teacher, Balances his teacher on top of a spinning desk, moves quickly enough that time appears to stand still, Puts out a fire by sucking it into his lungs. Bizarro: Me make sure Blue Curly Man will threaten city again. Megamind slowly swim/drift towards the side of the lake. Boomstick: Even though Bizarro is capable of withstanding the force of a nuke, he is still prone to its radioactive radiation, which can be fatal, to the point of killing him. Boomstick: Tighten casually flick a human several meters, launched Megamind's Mech into the air with ease, easilly goes through buildings like their nothing, and breaks and threw stone columns with little to no effort. Tighten tanks the flames and charges at Bizarro, knocking him over. The connection between Bizarro and Tighten is that both are super-powered dumb brutes that were the result of duplication from a powerful being, created by smart individuals and use them to their own gain, and have seemingly have similar powers and capabilities. (Angry, Tighten flew off, creating a shockwave during his take off that breaks most of the skyscraper's windows. Even if he theoretically has all of Metro-Man's powers, that doesn't mean he has the practical ability to use them. Bizarro swiftly charges at Tighten and grabs him by the cape. Sends a man flying with a flick. Tighten saw his opponent who also armed with a weapon. What's going on!? Besides those, Bizarro has a unique ability that let's him stand above the original he was spawn from.

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