mississippi john hurt discography

Genial John seemed bemused that his music was suddenly popular and highly regarded, and he showed none of the bitterness of some of his contemporaries whose work had also been ignored for so long. Hoskins must have been astounded to find the 70 year old John’s talents perfectly intact, and a series of concerts and recording sessions were arranged. Today! After the ‘Crash of 29’ and the resulting economic slump, there were to be no more recording opportunities for John for 35 years. Vanguard VCD2-77005 (US/Germany 1993), (=) Vanguard VCD 73133-2 (US 1997) "part one", (=) Vanguard VCD 73134-2 (US 1997) "part two", Rebel CLPS 1068 (Ca 1975)Piedmont CLPS 1068 (US 1975), 4 CD set40-pp. cover font and small Yazoo logo in blue; black labels, notes by Steve Calt     "Yazoo Records, 245 Waverly Place, New York, N.Y. 10014" = Yazoo L 1009 (US 19??) * "The Oberlin Review" in march 1966 has a schedule for MJH performing shows at the Wilder Main Building on April 15, 1966; so Vanguard's liner notes / archive ("April 15, 1965") do not show the actual recording date !!! The Best of Mississippi John Hurt, live recordings (Vanguard Records, VSD-19/20), 1970 A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. - Louis Collins [OKeh 8724] All the best tracks from "The Immortal" in addition to the full "Today!" Robert Pete Williams - On My Way From Texas (3:43) Mississippi John Hurt without any hatgear!source: www.youtube.comphotographer's name not given, Mississippi John Hurt discography (latest date of editing: 06/05/2020) Died: 2 November 1966 in Grenada, Mississippi, USA (heart attack) His first recordings, made for Okeh Records in 1928, were commercial failures, and he continued to work as a farmer. notes Leroy J. Pierson “Blue Harvest Blues” / “Spike Driver Blues” (Okeh Records, OKeh 8692), 1928 1 (Flyright Records, FLYLP 553), 1980 2 (Heritage Records, HT-301), 1982 in concert April 15, 1966 [not 1965 *] at Oberlin College; prod. (more info at www.msjohnhurtmuseum.com), notes by Nancy Toff (=) Vanguard VMS 73103 (sides A and B onlymid-line series), = Biograph BLP C4 (1972)= Yazoo L 1065 (1979), Newport Folk Festival discographyMississippi John Hurt discographyReverend Gary Davis discographyReverend Robert Wilkins discographySkip James discographySleepy John Estes discographyYank Rachell discographyHammie Nixon discographyRobert Pete Williams discographyJesse Fuller discographyJohn P. Hammond discographyDave Van Ronk discography, Vanguard 3VCD 193/95-2]   @ youtube Mississippi John Hurt discography Reverend Gary Davis discography Reverend Robert Wilkins discography Skip James discography Sleepy John Estes discography Yank Rachell discography Hammie Nixon discography Robert Pete Williams discography Jesse Fuller discography John P. Hammond discography Dave Van Ronk discography, Vanguard 3VCD 193/95-2] @ youtube Otis Rush - I't's A Mean … One of my all-time favorite. Volume One of a Legacy, live recordings (Piedmont Records, CLPS 1068), 1975 March 14, 15 & 21, 1964 at Wynwood Recording Studio by Peter V. Kuykendall; produced by Dick Spottswood, rec. - If You Haven't Any Hay, Get On Down The Road insert = Vanguard/King SR-660 (Jp 1971), = Vanguard VSD 79145 (stereo) (US 4/2013) (Record Store Day), "Recorded by Peter V. Kuykendall, Wynwood Recording Studio, on March 14, 15 and 21, 1964"; produced by Dick Spottswood, notes by Robert Sheltonand Dick Spottswood Piedmont PLP 13161, notes by Robert Sheltonand Dick Spottswood = Chesapeake CLP 13161[Dick Spottswood label foundedsoon after he "left" Music Research,Inc./Piedmont Records], original notes by RobertShelton and Dick Spottswood reissued and distributed19??

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