moen motionsense faucet leaking

Very clear instructions including taking picture. 0:23 . The seat has a hole in the middle to allow the water to move up through the faucet. This will help them perform better and prevent them from drying out prematurely. Turn off the water valves under the sink and open the faucet to relieve water pressure. I have tried vinegar (in case it’s calcium deposits) and WD-40 both. I’m wondering if the o-ring at the base of the cartridge has some debris on it. There is no set screw and it will not turn to the left at all I have tried channel locks and a wrench and nothing is working. A good way to check this is to turn on the shutoff valve to the faucet handle before attaching the faucet handleitself. You will get much better leverage this way and the cartridge should ease right out (bringing the broken nut with it if you had to take that route). Putting the old cartridge back in yielded the same results as they did for Steve – plenty of pressure and that pesky drip. This indicated a bad seal in the left faucet handle. With the bathroom sink’s new Moen replacement cartridge in place you can now put on the faucet handle. I can’t get the plastic cartridge out of the faucet body – it just doesn’t budge – any suggestions? You saved me a lot of time figuring out how the tap on this particular faucet came apart. Linda, glad to hear your MacGyvered it loose. Rinse the screen to dislodge any debris that's trapped in it, which should increase the overall water flow. And apparently my youngest daughter feels the same way: she came to me the other day complaining about water coming from the faucet even though she hadn’t turned it on yet. Thank you! I had to soften the nut with a heat gun and pry it loose from the walls of the shaft by gently tapping a thin screwdriver between the nut and the wall of the shaft. Off it came and it was then a quick fix following your instructions. I have replaced a Moen cartridge single handle 3 times and still have a drip on the cold water. Another easy fix but I needed to order the part as there wasn’t anything that matched at the hardware store that day. Moen manufactures a variety of kitchen faucets in many different styles, including two handled, one handled, pullout spout, high and low spout arcs and several various finishes. Thank you!!! What the handle really needed was the seat and spring underneath the cartridge replaced. I was able to replace both cartridges within ten minutes…….and no more drips! You’ll then need to remove the rod in the spout that controls the pop-up stopper. When I compared the name brand replacement part to the “comparable” replacement part, I could see that although they are very similar they are not the same.

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