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If the puppet has a big future, I recommend you talk to a lawyer. I found one on Etsy for $7500. Do you want a sock puppet with plastic googly eyes and a tuft of hair?

Non-Exclusive puppets are the sole property of Axtell, but you may use them on stage and in media.

For this reason, most professional builders want Antron fleece. Jack Houston's ImagineLand. It can mean a puppet builder makes for personal use or sale, a puppet of the builder’s choice.

Before we can even consider the cost of a custom puppet, we need to know what we want. $20 – $40 will probably do the trick. So that you can watch and make sure you will receive what you want. Nutty Puppets has some amazing custom puppets. A custom portrait puppet/look alike puppet, Through Creative Ideas, Innovative Design & A Touch of Whimsy, About Chris Chappell – Owner of Chappell Puppets, We’re Here To Help You Imagine, Build, Inform and Entertain. This can really cut building time. Puppet version of the comedian Sam Kinison. There are many ways Axtell Expressions can help you make your dreams come TRUE!

Placing Your Order, Costs, Materials, and Methods.

Do you want a half body or a full body with legs? A custom puppet is a one of a kind puppet. Contact Steve Axtell for a quote on your custom puppet. CUSTOMIZING EXISTING AXTELL PUPPETS - If we customize existing Axtell Expressions characters for you, we retain the rights to the character and any customization.

We can also make a matching puppet that is radio controlled or animatronic that you can program and run an automatic performance.

Note: we don't always take on non-exclusive work. Deadline * Letting us know when you need our custom puppet or mascot can help us give you a more accurate quote. Note Custom Orders over $1000 need to be paid by ACH, Check or Wire Transfer Only. But if I was to perform on a nationally televised show, I would not use my possum. Decide which hair color , hair style , skin color , nose color , and facial hair options you want your custom Little People™ puppet to have. This has become a very popular style with ventriloquists and for television.

I perform both as a ventriloquist and with my family with a stage.

This makes for fast assembly. You can find virtually any puppet you want, be it a red-haired girl, a talking book or a chicken. CUSTOM ANIMATRONICS - Custom Animatronics can be made as well. Our famous lookalike puppets are frequently used on TV and on stage, by comedians, ventriloquists and celebrities. Axtell reserves the right to photograph and publicize the process of making all custom puppets. When your puppet will be ready we will send you pictures of the puppet.

While you would have some input on the look, this new character remains the property of Axtell Expressions, Inc. (you would receive the first one but not own the exclusive rights to it) and we would add it to our line of products for others to purchase at lower production pricing. Some puppet builders fabricate their own puppet accessories and mechanisms adding time, cost and quality to the build.

Contact Steve Axtell for a quote on your custom puppet.

blinking eyelids, moving eyes, raising eyebrows.

What kind of puppet do you need? EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM PUPPET - We can make an incredible custom designed character for you (cost is depending on size, complexity & rush fees) this will exclusive rights. For most shows, this is not a real problem, after all, folks are not watching that many ventriloquists.

Puppets from a photo can be custom made from a photo of you, your favorite person, or a celebrity or character. It may be your original idea, but the builder owns the design and you cannot have it reproduced by someone else.

What Are The Best Types Of Puppets To Make With Children? If you selected other, please let us know how you intend to use your custom puppet or mascot.

You want to own the property. The price of your custom puppet will also depend on the builder you choose. I have been performing with puppets for 14 years.

Stay up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram! Instructions for customizing your own Little People™ Boy Puppet: First, review the photos and text located in the main "Description" tab found below.

A custom puppet is a one of a kind puppet. Send a photo of person – yourself, a loved one, your favourite celebrity – and we can make them into a custom puppet. Different building styles also make builds go faster or take more time. With creating an original custom character, we’ll help you achieve the look and style, as well as specific functionality of the puppet you have in mind. I have been performing with puppets for 14 years.

Some will line the inside of the puppet head with fabric.

When you submit a drawing or concept to us, please understand that our line of nearly 100 characters is constantly growing to include a multitude of new animals, creatures and people types.

It can mean a puppet builder makes for personal use or sale, a puppet of the builder’s choice. Steve Axtell with President Obama Caricature Sculpture Puppet Design * Yes, I have my own design I'd like you to use. If you want a puppet that has a sort of particular "look," and can be satisfied with something that kind of suggests what you need, then a Stage 1 Custom Puppet might be exactly right for you at a price that is rock bottom in the industry.

Whether you are here in Raleigh or across the country, Chappell Puppets can create a custom puppet to meet your specifications.
But you will not be the only person with that puppet. Even at a modest $20/hour, that puts the value of the labor put into a custom puppet at $800 and up. Professional ventriloquists and puppeteers often want a custom puppet.

If you actually saw the materials cost and watched everything that went into the build, you would likely see why the one would be more expensive. Our unique custom puppets can be based on picture, photo or description.

Ours is a highly personal bespoke service, and we can make your puppet to your … It can also mean a puppet specifically commissioned to have a certain look or style or specific features such as blinking eyes. If you check out the photos on their page though, it appears that they are only using one or two patterns. Each of their puppets is unique and one of a kind. I would use one of my unique, one of a kind builds. NON-EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM PUPPET - On a limited basis I might do a Non-Exclusive Puppet and keep the rights, If you don't need exclusivity and we like the character concept and find it could be a fit for our catalog, we can make the character prototype for you at a price that includes some of the development costs, (cost depends on complexity and rush fees) which include stage and media rights. The materials cost a builder $50 to $200 for foam, fleece and costuming. You can find a lot of custom puppets for sale on eBay and Etsy.

Animations such as blinking eyelids or animatronics are extra. They require 20-100 hours of labor. We made ours come true...why not yours?

They want a one of a kind character to keep their shows unique.

I perform both as a ventriloquist and with my family with a stage.

Singing legend JIMMY OSMOND Custom portrait puppet I built for the owner of Arkham Comix, a local comic book store. I am an author, educator, and puppet maker & performer. A custom made puppet can take 40 or more hours to make, depending on the complexity of the build. What is a custom puppet?

Sewing a costume takes time. They often are shocked when seeing the price. You won't own the rights to the modified character.

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