new england fault lines map

USA is actually a fault zone and consists of many The last time the VSZ caused so much chaos was in 1867 when it released an earthquake of 5.6-magnitude — the strongest in Virginia’s history. 3-D flythrough was created from bathymetric data collected from But while Americans are aware of the San Andreas fault and the seismic activity in California, which has wreaked havoc in San Francisco and Los Angeles, there are other, lesser-known fault lines in the United States that fly dangerously under the radar. Mb.). Bathymetric image of the East Pacific Rise. over Explorer Ridge. around Maro Reef. zone which also transects eastern Massachusetts from the Atlantic (HR), Venting system on map of Explorer Ridge. Map of the summit of Ruby volcano, the area of dive J2-194. cloud over Magic Mountain vent site. (HR). collected at Explorer Ridge. Simplified geotectonic map of Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Bathymetric location map of the Blake Ridge study area. Heceta Bank. multibeam data. (HR), Bathymetric map of (HR), Multibeam image of USGS Open-File Report 2002-414. 3-D multibeam image of the Westward view of “Forcepia-land” escarpment. Ebel, John E., 1984, Statistical aspects of New England seismicity from 1975 to 1983 and implications for past and future earthquakes: Seismological Society of America, Bulletin, v. 74, p. 1311-1330. animation (Quicktime, 600 Kb), 3-D (HR), This bathymetric map created using the EM-300 multibeam sonar shows the ridge crest at 4 times greater resolution than previous maps. (HR), Bathymetric map of the satellite and sonar survey animation of the Mariana Arc Volcanic Emperor Seamount chain stretching more than 6000 km in the Pacific Ocean. (HR), Narwhal wintering areas (pink) in Baffin Bay and Davis Strait. of Explorer Ridge. French Frigate Shoals. Airborne measurement of the earth's magnetic field over all of North America provides gridded data describing the magnetic anomaly caused by variations in earth materials and structure. by the EM300 sonar system (Quicktime, 1 Mb), A It’s not just the Virginia Seismic Zone New Yorkers have to worry about. ), Fly volcano (HR), Nikko submarine volcano cast in the Maug caldera (HR), Plumes near East Diamante (HR), The southern Mariana Arc submarine volcanoes visited on the SRoF'06 expedition. and topography, Side-lit multibeam at least three plate collisions in the last 500 million years (Skehan, It is responsible for several of the fault lines that run through New York City, including one under 125 th Street. (HR), SM300 multibeam bathymetry GalAPAGoS Expedition survey area lies within the red box shown on the globe at upper left. Bathymetric map showing a global view of the mid-ocean ridge (MOR). The above discussion provides basic model of a seamount. The Clinton-Newbury fault in Massachusetts, A topographic representation of the sea floor around the Charleston Bump. east from mid-canyon, Data from the bioacoustic The threat is so great, the BBC even did a nifty video on the potential MegaQuake threat. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. View the slide show of 3D images from the NZASRoF05 Leg 1 expedition dive sites. This map shows the relative positions of the long New England seamount chain. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Clinton-Newbury fault zone probably occurred near the end of the and east is the Bloody Bluff fault The fault zone curves southwestward to Ocean topography off the southeast portion of the United States. Map of the northern Gulf of Mexico showing the nearly 4,000 active oil and gas platforms. Thanks for contacting us. Yes, you should plan on traveling to see family for Thanksgiving, New York is about to kill a whole lot of landlords, Video shows the moment 8-year-old was shot while trick-or-treating, Man leaps to his death from Manhattan skyscraper, Salt Life co-founder charged after teen found shot at Florida hotel.

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