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Do you agree? A reclusive man conducts a series of interviews with human souls for a chance to be born. Husting holds his other hand out flat and instead of an apple there’s a shilling.” (p.6), “I own the lanes, mostly. Idea: War 1.1. If you follow this, hopefully your Language Analysis introductions become easy to write, straight to the point, and full of all the most important information- good luck! To do this, you can use a simple, easy to remember formula that will help you to identify the key aspects of the piece very early on, and will show your examiner that you know exactly what you’re talking about- all you have to do is to remember the acronym “CDFASTCAT”. It is also good practice to properly reference the article in your analysis, which includes the date, author, source, and title. trailer <<9D8A883CDD6B4E5691182FB73B6C2A8A>]/Prev 539546/XRefStm 2969>> startxref 0 %%EOF 213 0 obj <>stream

If you need further help on Text Response (including essay structure), check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. The film is comprised of interviews with Diane’s loved ones, home movies from the Polley family, extra-diegetic newspaper clippings, recreated Super 8 footage and excerpts from other productions - all of which contribute to Sarah’s inquisition into the notion of truth, and demonstration that how a story is told can shape how it is received. Throughout my speech, I embed persuasive tactics in effort to firstly, encourage engagement from the audience and secondly, sway them to readily accept my point of view. Throughout my speech, I embed persuasive tactics in effort to firstly, encourage engagement from the audience and secondly, sway them to readily accept my point of view. 0000089026 00000 n


0000084473 00000 n In other words, he sees empathy as a form of courage in being the first to break social stigmas and overcome the various forms of discrimination that separate us.

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Directed by Edson Oda. Their public schools are better than ours”, ACT has recently legalised recreational cannabis, “Nation’s capital legalises cannabis for personal use”, “Peter Dutton: government may overturn ‘dangerous’ ACT decision to legalise legalise cannabis”, “Australia could be the first country to legalise ecstasy – are we going too far?”, “Canberra women with endometriosis are medicating with cannabis, but legalising the drug might not help”, “Australian farmers muddled in mental health crisis”, “Australian town breaks record for mental health awareness following devastating flood”, “Australian bushfires could lead to a mental health crisis, expert warns”, “Mental health issues increasing among young Australians”, “Push to get wellbeing counsellors into schools as mental health bill costs Australia billions”, “What’s driving poor mental health among young Australians? By depicting extradiegetic footage of Diane singing Ain’t Misbehavin, Director Polley provides a feminist commentary on the dominant social values of 1960’s Canada; the lyrics “I walk the streets to balance the sheets” and “what is an honest girl to do” metaphorically representing the perception of Diane by the court and wider society - denied “custody” of her children due to her “adultery.”. Have questions? 'Rooke's own differences furthered his understanding of and connection with Tagaran.' ‘Parents raise and feed and clothe and educate us.’ (p 85) Discuss the changing role of family in Nine Days.

The gun becomes a symbol of the violence and force of the settle and they show little intention of relinquishing the dominant position that the gun affords them. The Lieutenant at its core is a journey of self-discovery as Daniel Rooke navigates the immoral waters of British imperialism and its impact on the indigenous Australians. I know which houses have a 'to let' sign on the front so they should be empty but there's a light at the back which means a two-up school's moved in. The morality that is ingrained in Rooke from the onset aligns quite naturally with our own moral standards. We contended that the novel is about courage because Atticus teaches it to Scout and Jem while also representing it in the trial.

Put simply, the book was conceived of journalism and born of a novelist.Â. What do the different experiences of Connie and Charlotte reveal about changing societal attitudes towards women? Being this ‘obvious’ with opening a conclusion does not earn any points. Will is sort of like a reverse grim-reaper.

So is there an issue when a story of Black injustice only elevates white people as heroes?

• Secondly, for prompts which incorporate a quote, it is helpful to understand the context of the quote. In this case, the quote was said by Perry as his last words before his execution by hanging.

Capote in the novel reveals that there are numerous facets to the meaning of true ‘evil’, and the blurred borders that exist between each of these.

The ability for two individuals from completely different worlds to transcend their differences in order to share cherished moments and understandings together is exemplified in The Lieutenant, alongside the rife external and internal conflicts which threaten such relationship. Before we unpack today’s essay topic, let’s have a look at background information. Why was this realisation important for Rooke, especially for his character and development?


However, once you have a holistic understanding of the text a plethora of opportunity for high-level analysis and discussion presents itself.

Discuss. As we will discuss below, this allows you to consider what aspects of form, language, audience, purpose and context you wish to include.

- Rather than them move or the location change it evolves, paralleling the growth and evolution undergone by each of the Westaway family members. A philosophical and, at-times political commentary on the way stories are told and the nature of truth.
This reveals the role that internal conflicts may have in inciting powerful change and realisations in an individual.

Should mathematics be compulsory in schools? There are traditionally three forms of writing accepted in assessments: expository, creative or persuasive essay.

Smith eventually befriended Capote through their extensive interviews, and is believed to have shared personal information with him, believing him to be a true friend. To what extent do you agree? - In Nine Days, older Kip’s point of view is very unrealistic. In your opinion, what is the most central and relevant message from To Kill a Mockingbird?

It’s mine.” (p.174), “Do you understand how sensitive a reputation id? Some of you may very well be preparing for your oral presentation SAC that’s coming up very soon! Due to her depiction of the truth as a “mystery of nothingness”, Polley highlights the role that stories play in our lives. The trick is to ask yourself the question “What is the author’s argument?” If you want to break it down even further, try asking: “What does the author want to change/why/what is it like now/what do they want it to be?”.

0000012094 00000 n Although empathy is shown to be courageous, particularly in the context of its setting, part of the novel’s message is also that courage can be fluid.

Stories We Tell is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Text Response.

While reciting the email aloud, Polley delicately pauses when articulating that the story must include “[her] experience, [Harry’s] experience” and her “family’s [experience]”, emphasising her desire to give “equal weight” to all versions of the story. Instead I concentrate on the scene the scene in front of me so I can remember it later.’ (p.251), ‘All the things I remember, everything about my life, our family, my childhood: it’s all real because Libby knows it too.’ (Alec, p.273), ‘Just let me kiss you, Connie. 0000096538 00000 n One awesome way to finish is with a very well thought-out phrase which summarises your contention one last time. 0000097636 00000 n In Oda’s film, death triggers a summoning of 5 souls who are tested under the watchful eyes of Will (Winston Duke), looking for a suitable replacement for one of his human subjects after they die unexpectedly. A sad end.’ (Pike, p.24), ‘As a girl I had plenty of suitors, but none like Tom. Form: The form of a Language Analysis text can vary, from newspaper articles, blogs, comics, or even speeches.

0000005989 00000 n Here you discuss your contention or arguments, whether you completely agree, disagree or a bit of both in regards to your prompt. The hierarchical nature of British Society stands in diametric opposition to the community-oriented system employed by the Indigenous Australians. For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response.

‘Nine Days’ is a deeply moving and human tale about what it means to be a human.

Written in nine chapters by nine different voices from the Westaway family, the novel was inspired by the photograph that’s on the front cover. I own the lanes, mostly.

Since I am an Asian-Australian, I have purposefully forgone the opportunity to adopt a persona and instead, have chosen to write from first person perspective as I can uniquely shed light on my own experiences towards cultural exchange and how that has directly impacted me.

If you exemplify consideration of the information provided to you in your analysis, you will show a deeper understanding of the issue, and your analysis will be more accurate and detailed.

Title: Including the title in the introduction is critical to properly introducing the article. Nine Days is about the importance of family and of remembering the past.

The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated in the month of September-October.

Â. 0000010147 00000 n

Nine Days is a poignant exploration of the ties that divide and bind communities, and of social mobility.

The novel pivots around the different global conflicts of the eras.

It gives the prototype an experience to embrace a moment from a life they could have had.

Here, Scout and Jem must reckon with the moral lessons they’ve been taught about prejudice, but also about innocence and courage.
Toughness, bulling and unsavory activity is presented as the characteristics of man through such depictions a Mac and his gang. All Rights Reserved.

In simpler terms, an essay plan reminds you of your contention and your main points, so that you are able to start gathering all of your arguments and create the perfect concluding paragraph. To the south the land was lower, each bay and promontory shining with the glossy leaves of mangroves. Quotations from the novel make it clear that his character is romanticised to an extent, such as “It was a changeling's face, and mirror-guided experiments had taught him how to ring the changes, how to look now ominous, now impish, now soulful; a tilt of the head, a twist of the lips, and the corrupt gypsy became the gentle romantic.”. 0000070914 00000 n 0000098095 00000 n 0000010376 00000 n - Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers – Kip’s characteristic trait of heroism when he sees the gang waiting for him and says ‘on-bloody-guard, d’Artagnan’ (p.22).

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