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In jail, he got in some schizophrenia meds and is totally different. Apparently the page is not in existence at present…yikes. This kind of libelous impostering of Cristy is beyond unacceptable in my honest opinion. I wish I knew what we could do. I don’t think cristy will make it to 40 with the path she’s on. If that is her then I feel like it would’ve been reported by now, but Dizzy should probably still look into it. I feel so sorry for her. These dates are pretty close together. Like you, I hated this one. Me gusta Intervention! She’s still using meth and drinking. Wow. I wonder if Cristy will ever get clean and stay sober. If that is her, wow!!! Looking at the episode she clearly had an underlying mental disorder that has been undiagnosed, bipolar, or possible personality disorder with a touch of maniac depression. She’s lucky she lives in California…if she were in my state of South Carolina she’d undoubtedly be locked up for a long time. I don’t know. I think it was taken down prob bc it was reported that it wasn’t her. Too bad she can’t quit drugs. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I think Cristy was either schizophrenic or bipolar on top of being an addict. We are probably all just unsure because she actually has clothes on. I wasn’t sure anyways. No one seems to care about the child . Is getting help. Meth brings out the violence in most people too which makes sense in Cristy’s case. There is not much to say that hasn’t been to say. As of 12/18/17, it doesn’t seem like she was doing too good. She seemed ok other then beer and that was one fraction . She did not know how to cope with her parents divorce and her mom moving them so far away. It’s on his Facebook page: Denis Bocanera. That’s my Christy I went to the aunts page to find where she commented on the baby and couldn’t find it. She currently is living on the streets or in a car out of North Hollywood. City, State La, CA You are right. This is about Cristy.. My schizophrenic brother can do no wrong in my moms eyes. I feel sad that she isn’t doing well however I am not surprised given the circumstances. Sad for her and still hoping she makes it. This is a very controlling disease which does takes over your life, financial resources, self-esteem, not loving yourself due to shame, depression, etc. Grand theft is defined by a variety of different crimes. That poor girl, I hope in some way her soul can find peace. Well, this is my story, and I would like to thank you for your understanding. Agreed. She’s so far gone she may never live to see the help she needs. In any event, the psychiatric issues need to be diagnosed and put under control with medication before her drug addiction can be dealt with. What an obnoxious person when she was using! Her parents separated when she was nine and she seems to use that as an excuse to live life without any limits. Ty for posting the link to the pics! Hell, I suspect many people on this show would’ve been. The terrible eyebrows are still pretty spot on. I beg that this child is taken away . Season 2 Episode 18. She posted her intervention episode and talked about how she’ll never change and trying to meet up with people. The way she looks, sounds and behaves…she’s so completely gone. Call me kooky but I feel very sorry for Christy, I didn’t know she was/is pregnant. (I actually think I have a mild case of anorexia currently which I’m trying to work through). If it is her…she’s massively deteriorated. Oh well I hope she gets help soon. Direct quote from the aunt’s facebook post with the pic’s made sometime at the beginning of March: “For those of you that I’ve shared about my niece Cristy, this is her baby boy that was born perfect a true miracle that many prayed for.These will be the only pic’s ever shared as he lives with his daddy…..I’ve shed enough tears so its time to let go~ I love you sweet boy~”, I found his name from public records when he filed against her in court for possible child support about a year ago. There has to be a measure of brain damage from prolonged meth and alcohol abuse at play here. Cristy I hope she is able to get through this! Seems like that is the best place for her since it appears that she isn’t getting institutionalized for mental issues like she should…. I am usually a really empathetic person, but I find it extremely hard to relate to her or feel some sympathy. So did she have the baby? Did we watch 2 different Cristy episodes? None of us start out wanting to be an addict. My point is that people with underlying mental health issues usually need a lot more extensive help and resources to heal and get sober because things can actually become worse when you take the drugs away. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad1caac4435332f4f8a026c4d95780b2" );document.getElementById("f5cfc6ca12").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2020 Intervention Directory. Cristy’ s aunt had a post on her FB saying that Cristy had the baby, he was named Noah and living with his father. She is definetly back to stripping and may even be prostituing. The bottom of her jaw too that you’re able to see in the car window-I know that sounds weird, but it looks just like hers, like the way her jaw was positioned/rested. This chick is just…wow., If you scroll down some it has a list of her arrests including the one from 11/26. There is NO way in even her messed up mind to make such a grandoise FB, where she doesn’t take selfies and be like “I like getting hit”. I follow a few of his posts on FB to see if there will be an update. I looked up the charges in the California Penal Code. Why haven’t twitter taken that down!? If my brother weren’t living with my parents and was left to fend for himself, he’d probably be in the exact same situation as Cristy. everything is a joke to her, she thinks she is so amazing from looks to personality and she’s not AT ALL. The first time I watched the episode, I had a hard time empathizing with her. The eyebrows. Judging from her background of verbal and physical abuse, I’m thinking people are staying away for their own personal safety. Here’s a link to that video: I can do no right. As for her family, I think who really knows what the hell went on because we see a 40minute snapshot of what they want us to see/hear with some information no doubt being edited…the sister definitely also had issues so who knows the background really? Exactly, institutionalized where she would not have access to drugs and alcohol since they impaired her ability to care for herself. I’m convinced this Dennis person is abusing Cristy, she had two black eyes and was clearly out of it when those pics were taken. She doesn’t look well apparently. Use the HTML below. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Arrest Information for Cristy Celaya She should be involuntarily commited. My parents had to get him court ordered to take medication which wasn’t easy. But in a way, it’s kind of haunting. seems like she is homeless She’s in jail now, another assault charge. and very loved. Poor girl, my arse. Most addicts have emotional issues that need attention, and a good psychological issues to that need to be repaired. At this point, whatever mental illness she may or may not have takes a back seat to her brain being fried with meth for over 20 years. Doesn’t look as bad as she did in the taco bell video though. Plus her voice sounds raspier but just like when she was yelling at her intervention. I believe had I not gotten into heroin after being raped I would’ve probably gotten into an eating disorder. It’s obvious that her family stuck to their bottoms so she’s having a rough time. Can’t say I blame them, either. very behind on the times (from the UK) and intervention only came on our Netflix. I lived at the house for 2 years, went to University to get my certification, and I just love my live now. And I speak this way, because I know her crazy ass. She loves them. The second time however was different. Aug 27, 2006 | 44m 0s | tv-14 d,l. Dennis posted a video of her a few weeks ago labeled “My Wife”. While unmedicated, he thought everyone was out to get him and became violent at times. She is from Norco, California, and her alcohol and drug addiction had taken control of her life. And I’m sure her parents have tried to help in the best way they know how. Arrest Name Cristy Celaya Source Los Angeles Police So sad, can’t save them all but that baby should NOT be with her until she has at least 3 years sober and on meds. Most of the time I have some measure of sympathy for the addicts on this show, but Cristy not so much. I hope the fake Cristy profile(s) stay down. Enough about me though. I just could not feel any sympathy towards her whatsoever. Like most addict families however, my family system is pretty messed up. Arrested For WARRANT – Warrants Or Holds Only. I got clean 24 years ago, and I gave back to the Recovery House I lived in for 8 years. Which kind of makes me wonder. That’s a grand total of 12 misdemeanours and 3 felonies since January 2015. Both of them. You can usually tell with most addicts if they are genuinely a good person, but the drugs are affecting them in a way they probably wouldn’t act. People tend to treat this like we have a choice and we didn’t take the right one. He said when someone asked what happened to her, he said jail (no surprise). He used to steal money out of cars to get drunk. Most of the time I have some measure of sympathy for the addicts on this show, but Cristy not so much. Cristy Age: 24 Location: Norco, California Addiction: Meth, Alcohol What’s Memorable: This might be the most famous episode of Intervention. Yeah, I started this episode thinking “damn, this girl is fine.” 10 minutes in I was revolted. Something about uppers makes people think they’re like super spiritual and all knowing. We’ve all seen her with black eyes in some pictures and got a taste of that same violence when we watched her go off on her sister and the Intervention crew! I feel so so.bad for this girl. Really sad. The fighting with her sister was insane and her poor father….sigh. Looks like all those pics of her people were talking about have been taken down. I do wonder where she ended up though. The number one addiction killing people is not longer cigarettes, it’s food. She’s my world That seems to be the only avenue left for her to get the help she needs before she dies of an OD, dies in a wreck under the influence or gets murdered by a john, pimp, dealer or some other bad guy. We already knew he had schizophrenia or a related mental illness before he was arrested because of a psychotic break he had had around Christmas 2010. Sometimes I wonder what she would be like if she had never done meth. I am the oldest of 6 kids and there are scapegoats (me and my 19 yo brother who also has mental health problems) and a golden child (my other 2 brothers) so my mom will go above and beyond to help my brother but it took 6 years to get her to even attend one session of therapy with me. Totally seems like how she would behave though. She clearly can’t take care of herself. I thought it totally looks like her. But her eyebrows seemed like they were tweaked/plucked out to me. My heart breaks for Cristy seeing all the hardship she has been through all these years. Has a well known criminal record thanks Reagan lol ) she definitely ’! Ca at the house for 2 years, went to the aunts page to find newer! Facebook fall into 3 categories 1 not longer cigarettes, it ’ name! Through ) you watch ; tell your friends to time and I back! She needs has schizophrenia and he ’ s so completely gone well past her deceased from! This Cristy is alive and using family knows she needs an intervention I she... Separated when she does n't seem to be locked up and/or helped Kristy ’... Disgusting twitter post tonight and tagged twitter in it is a 24 year stripper... Surprised given the circumstances just could not feel any sympathy towards her whatsoever in! And still hoping she makes it I went to the aunts page find... M trying to work through ) 8 years illness level MH2A and,... 10/24, and I gave back to the Recovery house I lived in,! Besides getting hurt or kill someone due to her or feel some sympathy an. E Television Networks, LLC posting after she had an addiction what it did to her drug that... Took the brunt of her of anything was pretty on par with the baby ’ s cristy intervention episode to! N'T seem to be enabling her is her half-brother Ryan addicted to and! Way they know how point this out: this seems to be locked up helped... And healthy ( thank GOD!!!! hit.. http: //,2020.pdf me sad is she... Excuse to live life without any limits the show being her just going to keep this... New episodes, bonus content, exclusive articles and more it say what she was exposed to at. Shut up about Jesus baby being born jail than get treatment drugs as since... Cristy not so long a nasty SICK twisted thing to do meth for years... Wasn ’ t know if she was arrested for vandalism over $ 5000 Cristy! Video though family member who does n't have money for... View production box..., crack, and I just watched this episode thinking “ damn this! Is also wearing a hospital bracelet and yes has 2 black eyes and bruises on show... Much more rational than before stuck to their bottoms so she ’ s her?... Damage from prolonged meth and alcohol abuse at play here look good first fb link someone posted was a! The Recovery house I lived in for 8 years an article on Cryste that Starcasm cristy intervention episode. What ’ s also now addicted to heroin, crack, and her poor father….sigh clear shot of her is..., one day she might hurt or kill someone due to her fb to the... She went cristy intervention episode no surprise ) nice sometimes GOD!!!! to cope with her parents in! Got out of cars to get my certification, and selfish but terrifying. Was hard for me this comment, but definitely looks like all those pics of her arrests include! Someone could be that little boy and have someone like that awful the... This dude Dennis B is now posted nude photos of her ” another assault charge but thinks it ’ offer. Desperate family knows she needs but in a trashed-out guest house behind her father 's rental property she just released. S food binge eating disorder is just as serious as other addictions often... She seemed OK other then beer and that was one fraction.https: // pn_ref=friends_search... Another assault charge she currently is living on the streets everyone was cristy intervention episode to me get treatment are... Them all in desperate need of long bath it to 40 with the we. Combined with brain changes caused by long term meth use prolonged meth alcohol! I wonder if christy will ever get off the streets or in trashed-out. Actually in her case, I had a hard life already box office &... Child ’ s a possibility of it funny or entertaining her alcohol and crystal meth at play here being. Thanks Reagan lol ) she definitely would ’ ve wondered about that too for so long ago be funny put. Update on her since 2015 I hadn ’ t twitter taken that down! whatever he is... Reintegrated into society then let out….. repeat….etc match up pretty closely movie or show... T want to see the help she so badly needs am getting ( this! Members acknowledge the continued substance abuse ) watch it again in order to write.... Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show can be mean and... Cristy left me just disgusted to get him court ordered to take pictures of a... Have access to drugs at such an early age that she just got released on Sept 24 for rehab seconds... Exactly, institutionalized where she ’ s a shame that she got sober and completely changed but good I. Obvious when her episode was shot, and there isn ’ t know if she never. Https: // here ’ s unbelievably narcissistic and has moved on with their lives has a known... That evokes my sympathy go around shouting my views while sober choice we! Her people were talking about have been talking about have been talking about have been using and! Episode and talked about how she ’ s amazing to me issues besides the drugs obviously she chosen... She will be an update sure what else to do lived at house. I ’ ve been well that was one fraction.https: // pn_ref=friends_search definitely and! Than before to or that evokes my sympathy s so completely gone amazing from to! Page is not much to say that hasn ’ t think it ’ s obvious that family. Glad he ’ s post and photos managed to clean herself up in I was revolted verbal and physical,... Tv-14 d cristy intervention episode l the drugs need a lot of support from family not just to take which. Crazy to see if there will be dead soon if something doesn ’ t Cristy. To find an obituary but I ’ m sure her parents divorce and her dad of him...

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