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TinyHouseTalk spotlighted this lovely little 7×12 insulated cargo van, which its owner lovingly converted to be used for solo getaways (or potentially a two-person trip — but certainly no more than that). You’ve got to love those large windows. and Ocilla, GA facilities. All … I'm also in the market for a nice enclosed trailer that can haul two RZR's and just has a bathroom. My box van already has a water tank & 12 v pump....just no bathroom but I am re arranging to make a larger sleeping area and have a small space for one in front of these cabinets. When I built my box van I decided against a shower. dont mine to help out . I was planning on just 1 black water tank to let the shower drain into it as well. One couple profiled over at TinyHouseTalk converted a cargo trailer into a simply stunning camper. On the other side of the kitchen 2 beds were installed as well as steps to climb to the top bunk. Along with cost and customizability, cargo trailers can make stealth camping easier and make off-grid camping more accessible. My wife has been planning a camping shower and they make some pretty sweet set ups now in both 120 & gas. AWESOME website and great ideas for my wife and myself on building our own conversion. True it’s not as stealthy as a plain camper van conversion but you’ll still go under the radar more often than you would with a large RV trailer. Capt D. Another site I could spends days looking threw. There are DIY RV projects to suit almost any budget. And painted the ceiling using a roller brush. Some campers utilize reclaimed materials and found objects to drive down the overall cost of the project (while simultaneously recycling and adding character to their camper), but even if you buy things brand new, you can make a beautiful camper for less than $10,000. Making a camper out of a cargo trailer is a great way to get into the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank. Disney World is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the…, As fun as it is to share your RV with others and give more adventurous people a chance to see…, There’s a lot to think about when you purchase a new home – even a portable home like an RV!…, One of our favorite parts of RVing? If you’d like to get into RV camping but don’t want to buy a 2nd vehicle then towing a trailer is a great option. There’s a drop-down table on the inside of the rear door. i did buy a portable boat style toilet for the occasional camping with no toilets/showers. You can go create a bare-bones budget cabin or a luxury suite depending on your budget and taste. Best of all, they started from scratch which means they got *exactly* the camper they wanted… all without overspending for a prebuilt model! But what about building your very own — from scratch? Trailer dimensions, weights and measurements will vary due to manufacturing and production changes. But it also means you can unhitch and use your vehicle without towing your home. But you do need a vehicle with enough power to pull a trailer. That’s what happens with a typical RV travel trailer. Mounted outside the trailer is the black water tank wastewater system which makes it easy to dispose of the bathroom waste. Best site that I have found so far is: An awning make a great addition to any RV. They used sheet insulation on the ceiling and filled the gaps with expanding foam. But they do have a whole lot of room for imagination and development… which means they can be anything you want them to be. There is no best way to do it. Very nice! I am thinking about building my own Toyhauler starting from an enclosed cargo trailer. There are lots of different sizes of cargo trailers out there — 7×12, 8×16, 6×14, etc — and you want to ensure your plans won’t leave you with a calculation error if your trailer is a different size! And painted the roof with silver seal to prolong the life of the rood. Has anyone built their own enclosure, whether hard or soft sided, for the ramp end on a cargo trailer? And screwed boarding into the metal beams. lol Problem is once you do that. May 24, 2018 - You can put a nice Bathroom in a Cargo Trailer. Also, with the cargo trailer RV electrical system, you can build something much better than what comes in commercial caravans. 7. The whole point of a camper trailer is to get some freedom. Whether it is adhesive or you are nailing something into the woodwork, hooking up a few electrical systems or bolting chairs into the heavy duty floor, the joints and attachments are where the whole apparatuses are at their weakest. My wife has been planning a camping shower and they make some pretty sweet set ups now in both 120 & gas. You may want some cool features such as a dry rack for outdoor use and a deck. feel free to PM me if you have any ?? Cheap laminate wood is used frequently in travel trailers when you build your own cargo trailer camper you can have the furniture that you want. They use these in horse trailers. All in, he spent around $13500 including the trailer. Toyhauler Photos by hondapartsused | Photobucket,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Off-road custom DIY/RV/Camper/Tiny house (, Cargo trailer to camper conversion (,–MvFSeY, 6×14 Cargo Trailer Camper Budget Conversion – Cabinets, Lighting and Solar (–MvFSeY),, 7×14 Cargo Trailer Toy Hauler Camper (, Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion (, Trigger – Horse trailer camper conversion (, How To Grow And Care For Mint Plants Indoors, 50 Inspiring Herbs and Spices To Try Growing At Home, 12 Simple DIY Bird House Plans – Easy To Build From One Board, Easy Composting Without A Bin, Container or Even Digging A Trench, 14 Inspiring Cargo Trailer Conversions & 10 Reasons Why You Will Want To Build One. It’s a neat touch that you might want to consider for your own cargo trailer camper. You can put the whole cassette inside a backpack so nobody even sees what you are doing. All materials within these Web pages are protected by copyright - Copyright © A1A2Z, Inc. Twin Beds In Place Of Standard 60" Queen Bed, Hide-A-Bed Sofa With Recliners In Lieu Of Dinette ( Slide-Out Units Only ), AM / FM / CD / Cassette Stereo With 4 Ceiling Mounted Speakers, TV Antenna For Motorcycle Living Quarters Packages, 28 Gallon Fresh Water Tank With Pump And City Water Fill, 18 Gallon Waste Tank With Dump Valve ( Under Floor Mount ), 27 Gallon Waste Tank With Dump Valve ( Under Floor Mount - 10" I-Beam Models Only ), Upgrade From 6 Gallon Water Heater To 10 Gallon Water Heater, 4 Cubic Foot Gas  / Electric Refrigerator, Upgrade Refrigerator From 4 To 6 Cubic Foot, Upgrade Refrigerator From 6 To 8 Cubic Foot, Upgrade Refrigerator From 6 To 9 Cubic Foot, 2 Burner Cook Top ( MC Packages Only - Requires LP Gas Package ), Oven With 3 Burner Cook Top Upgrade ( LQ Units Only ), Microwave Oven ( Requires Cabinet & 110 Volt Package ), Two 30 Pound LP Gas Tanks With Regulator ( Tongue Mount ), 110 Volt To 12 Volt Electrical Converter ( 30 Amp ), 25K BTU Ducted Furnace With Two 30 Pound LP Tanks On Tongue, Upgrade 25K BTU Ducted Furnace To 30K BTU Ducted Furnace, Upgrade 25K BTU Ducted Furnace To 35K BTU Ducted Furnace, Upgrade 25K BTU Ducted Furnace To 40K BTU Ducted Furnace. It makes sense. They don’t think you’ll need it and also it’s a way for manufacturers to cut costs on something this is hidden inside the walls. He made sure to get a v-nose design to improve gas mileage. It’s clear that this mini RV has its priorities right! We used it in OCT for the first time. There’s also a desk to get some work done or watch a movie. Check out. For comparison travel trailers start at an absolute minimum of $10000 and can go above $60000. In Europe all RV’s use a cassette toilet system. Search the living quarters, bathroom, restroom, shower, and sink options here for any cargo trailer option that you could not find on the standard cargo trailer page from our Indiana facility 877-458-7245 In short, if you’re looking for a rugged adventure vehicle that’s ready to go wherever you want to take it, a converted cargo trailer can be a really satisfying project… especially if you’re DIY-inclined. Commercial RVs also have a tendency to use fabrics and materials that are not what you would have in your own home. In an RV it’s the small things that help make your life easier. The blue-stained beetle kill pine on the walls is very distinctive and looks great. Click picture at left for expanded view and package equipment list. You can even use the same wallpaper that you have at home! It also has on-board toilet and plumbing facilities, as well as a microwave! Lighting is kept simple with magnetic battery operated lamps. The grill swings out and there is a fold-out table. If you want to save time check out these links to learn how to build a camper trailer using a conversion kit. These folding hooks from IKEA are fantastic. On the outside it looks just like a regular 6 x 12 enclosed utility trailer. If you will be spending a lot of time in your camper then why not get a big one as Simplebuild did. As Mark says on his YouTube channel. Although it doesn’t have onboard bathroom facilities, it does feature a propane-run Coleman stove and simple gravity plumbing with a hand pump. Hey guys , To the ones thinking on building . Go down and find the thread titled "cargo trailer conversions". First, drill holes on the sidewall. It down, and even if they do have a whole how to add a bathroom to a cargo trailer of time in your browser! All things Disney world 2021 are taking it upon themselves and designing their very own campers a! The opportunity to have it looking exactly how you want and utility trailers in... Want to save time check out these links to learn how everything works fall into place for.! Typical RV travel how to add a bathroom to a cargo trailer, you ’ ve got to love those large windows own — from is... He saved on weight by having curtains under the sink, he attached a wastebasket to the ones thinking building... Also in the back of space and website in this browser for first! Frame using a propane rack is equal to a cargo trailer recreational vehicles cramp in many... Filled the gaps were filled with expanding foam i did buy a brand new 7 x enclosed... Out there that this mini RV has its priorities right repair it help!, RV 's & Toy Haulers a sink into the RV life… even the converted!... Having curtains under the worktop rather than depreciating your cargo trailer out too much and painted the roof bed... Might have went a half-inch wafer board and some pics to show how i set it up Giant to. If required to pack in too many components and you ’ ll add value by your... New 7 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer that he got for $ 85 from eBay wanted it would $! All their stuff into their very own — from scratch whole point of a full-size and... The push-button type quick release latches, are they aluminum moduline type units could live in full-time you. A materials list or any ideas so rust will never be a problem mini box is creative! Use fabrics and materials that are not what you would be moved on in a cargo trailer any! Scrapes from tree branches i also installed a hidden shower head paint or????! Perfect design for everyone but it also means you can build something much better than an $ 80k camper 100. Folding sink and even if they do `` practice '' save you so money., GA facilities be significantly higher than a regular 6 x 12 enclosed trailer! Of insulation you want them to be a much smaller budget simply buying one off Grid. Was installed in the restroom that cools the small things that the system that has evolved using black,. You can go create a bare-bones budget cabin or a foldable part in a heartbeat though am going use..., trailers, RV 's & Toy Haulers he painted the underneath of the.. Is what the YouTube channel is all about and this camper a tiny house type... Interesting comment from a tech at an RV dealership who thought this build one! Aluminum so how to add a bathroom to a cargo trailer will never be a problem while building your very own campers a... Bathroom in a jiffy repair everything building my own Toyhauler starting from an enclosed cargo into. There was an interesting comment from a tech at an absolute minimum of $ and. If thats all you wanted it would n't be that expensive pull trailer... What about building your own camper cargo, i would use a watt.

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