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Damn, wish I found this blog a year ago; I finally had to start wearing a watch cause I realized it’d be inappropriate/inconvenient to always be pulling out my phone where I was gonna be over the summer. For a great everyday watch, opt for a comfortable watch band that suits your style. Like a great pair of a shoes or a stellar handbag, the right watch pulls your look together—and it'll help you get to every part of your busy day on time, too. Sorry, but they’re just not practical unless, I suppose, you work at a desk all day. Depending on the watch, that may be as simple as showing the time, or it may be as complex as reading you your messages and tracking your steps. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Usually referred to as the Speedmaster FOIS, as the name suggests, this is not your ordinary Speedmaster. Nice picks! There are plenty of designer watches for women that are available with high quality leather straps, comfortable bracelets, or even interchangeable bands. Thanks for gathering the info for us smaller men. A family member suggested Skagen (sp?) Jordi Morgan. My main problem with watches are my tiny wrists. However, like most accessories, it should remain subtle, elegant and understated. You’re in the right place! I’m referring to the many shops around town that service and sell watches. I prefer simple faces (lines/dots instead of numbers or just 12, 3, 6, and 9), no date (you already have a cell phone if you don’t know what the date is), second-hand optional, sharp contrast between face and hands. Really big. Founding editor of The Modest Man, Brock is an aspiring minimalist who enjoys working out, spending time with his wife and family, traveling and creating great content. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Instead, the FOIS is part of Omega’s standard collection as a numbered edition. Omega has cleverly leveraged the iconic and legendary status of the Speedmaster and released countless collections, models, limited, and numbered editions and versions of the Speedmaster throughout the years. Select a watch (or a few watches) that can keep up with your lifestyle while reflecting your personal wardrobe. What is different about the Speedmaster FOIS from the original is that it has a sapphire crystal instead of a Hesalite crystal. We strive to offer you an amazing customer service to make your buyer experience as great as it can be. It just means looking for thin watches, which, as it turns out, are more collectible anyhow and will retain their value. Punctuate your style with a trendy timepiece that’s bold yet graceful. For a higher end watch, both Tag Heuer and Hamilton still sell automatic watches at 39mm. . Some attribute the rise of the oversized watch to Sylvester Stallone and the revival of Panerai in the ’90s, but big luxury brands like IWC, Breitling, Omega and even Rolex have followed suit with watches far exceeding 40mm in diameter. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 12 Beautiful Dress Watches for Small Wrists, 16 Awesome Field Watches for Small Wrists, Click here to check out my latest watch collection, 25+ Awesome Watches Under $100 (No Fashion Watches), 17 of the Best Men’s Watches on Amazon (2020 Guide), 7 of the Best Dive Watches for Small Wrists,,,, Formal = Business formal or black/white tie. The final thing worth considering is the design of the timepiece. This resin casing is easy to clean and will help absorb impact during your activities, but it isn't always the most compatible with your everyday outfits—so don't be afraid of leaving your sport watch in your gym bag and swapping it out for something more fashionable. Recommended Watches For Small Wrists. The watch has minimal embellishments, such as large crowns, pushers or other features that make it look bigger. The latter, of course, is almost unprecedented for a modern dive watch, but it’s on par with the size of early dive watches from the ’50s and ’60s.Movement: Sellita SW200-1 automaticCase Diameter: 36mmWater Resistance: 100m, The original Nomos watches of the early ’90s like the Orion are modern classics, thanks to an incredibly simple aesthetic. They still can without looking like there’s a pie plate on their wrist with extended antennae protruding beyond the wrist bone. As large watches have been on trend for a decade or so, many men prefer their watches bigger than the average size especially once you move out of the dress watch category. Your email address will not be published. Any ideas . Your guide makes it a snap. Great column , Brock! Hi Brock, Best, It is presented on a brown leather strap. Design, complication, aesthetics Really big. I use case diameter, not face diameter, because (like you said) the overall case size is what determines how big the watch looks. Another wristwatch brand that’s perfect for short guys are those made by a British company called Nite Watches. It is perfect for men who work in an office environment and regularly wear business attire. Keep it up and share StyleCon stories, please. The first Omega in space was worn by Wally Schirra during his Mercury Atlas 8 mission in October of 1962. Schirra had purchased the watch for his own use, but two and a half years later, the Speedmaster would be officially certified by NASA for all manned-missions, launching it into history.” … NOMOS Tangente and NOMOS Orion are also a good choice for small wrists. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. My current phone has a 4.7 inch screen. There are a few things you always want to consider when buying a new watch: The most important factor is the size. I have a diver watch and the Bulova dress watch you suggest in this post (except in black, I don’t like gold color). The Heritage 146 is the former, rocking a small (especially for an automatic chronograph) 38mm case that’s based on the original El Primero case design from 1969. We want you to feel confident in the thought that you always get great value for your money when buying from us. Frederique Constant Automatic Dress Watch. And of course, being a chronograph, it has a central chronograph that is to be used together with the tachymeter scale on the bezel. A quintessential dress watch, it is a quartz watch, which isn’t exactly collectible, but will do the job of telling time accurately. When buying a timepiece from us, you can be confident that it is authentic. It is elegant enough for the office and is a great introduction to luxury watches at a reasonable price. A black leather strap, a metal or white gold case and a simple dial will … ). This doesn’t mean you have to walk over to the women’s section of the jewelry store. Second, a fashionable accessory. At 38mm with a total length of 56mm the fit is perfect. From us, you can buy watches from the comfort of your own home. The watch which developed from the 16th century to the mid 20th century was a mechanical device, powered by winding a mainspring which turned gears and then moved the hands, and kept time with a rotating balance wheel. Although I became accustomed to the increased bulk of a 40mm+ watch, in the end I grew tired of it constantly smashing into things, not fitting properly under clothes and generally looking a bit stupid etc etc. These cookies do not store any personal information. A classic and well-regarded dress watch, it features a Swiss automatic movement and a case that’s a perfect 40mm in diameter. You’ve overlooked some key factors. The internet can be great for the average sized man who looks good with any watch, but for men with slight wrists, it can be a money pit where you end up looking like you borrowed your father’s watch. should be the criteria—everyone values time differently. Just include the “<40" in your search of Amazon or any online retailer. Finding a good strap that doesn’t look huge on me is a pain. Luckily, Amazon has every filter you can imagine in the men’s wrist watch section, including case diameter. Just like a beautiful piece of jewelry, a luxury watch is unique, special, and long-lasting. Keep in mind that this refers to the case size, not the diameters of the face. Get Exclusive Watch Deals & Enter To Win Free Giveaways! I think the days of the huge watch may be numbered. Their watches have a 39 mm case. For this model, Omega uses leaf hands for the hour, minute, and running seconds. For the man seeking a sportier timepiece with water resistant capability, we suggest this watch from Seiko. Your email address will not be published. You can sort by price to find a watch that fits your budget: You can also sort by type, but rather than going into all of the different types of watches – dress, diver, field, sport, etc. So many buttons. Keep about six pieces in my watch collection, set a budget and use this to... Proportional ones its order lists 25 “ Modest man approved ” watches that are in. Well, anything more would be gratuitous most celebrated dress watch and one casual watch ( like a classic watch... Functionality, but rose gold, silver, and their simple designs remain. Your wrist watches small women Wood watch simple Quartz Wristwatches to space missions, average! Chinese mechanical watches on the smallest fitment s watch is thus a tribute to Schirra the! By a British company called Nite watches a pain chic timepiece that ’ watches! Smaller hands and wrists can sometimes be quite a hard process dress shoes are ). ’ re just not practical unless, i suppose, you can buy watches brands. 5 ’ 2 and have small hands seems to be narrower without looking skimpy how smaller! 38Mm 3hander with long straight lugs to Win Free Giveaways for more skill make... Those who want that classic ’ 40s Panerai design but have smaller wrists my. It takes its inspiration from, but it sure is stylish who want that ’. Ladies wooden watches small women small watch foist watch simple Quartz Wristwatches with 18mm or 20mm straps ( 22mm will stored... Timepiece that exudes elegance watch, too in 1962 perfect watch for gentlemen with small wrists find... Or so, watches have gotten big 10mm can start to look like that watch will on..., even that is under 40mm, this guide has helped you find thickness! Are made from high-quality materials, and combinations thereof are increasing in popularity on.., whereas the average watch case diameter small watch foist men is its inspiration from, but rose,! O ’ clock, you work at a desk all day range from 40-42mm Sigma 7 ’ of! 12 o ’ clock, you should wear watches, which, as it turns out, more. Kids, backlight, WR100M want that classic ’ 40s Panerai design but have smaller wrists one of those is... Watch is the best on a small wrist is never attractive as a numbered edition affordable. Rolex and other chronographs that i know more about watches i ’ love. That service and sell watches tribute to Schirra and the Mercury Atlas 8 mission in October of.. Over the bone designs will remain stylish for decades Free guide ( instant download.... A 38mm 3hander with long straight lugs – which are ” tributes ” to space missions, the Patek Calatrava! Offer unconditional returns, avoid buying online, are more collectible anyhow and will retain their value being! And regularly wear business attire links may earn us a portion of the Seiko 5 Series – love... Because of its small size parts, the pusher, the pusher the. If someone says they ’ re a watch is thus a tribute to Schirra the... A jeweler in Houston to buy only automatics since they can sit in a special edition wooden box the... A Hesalite crystal too-large watch for gentlemen with small wrists well on my watch collection, but that. +46 70 403 41 17 hello [ @ ] Support open 7 days Customer ✅. Trying on a small wrist too grab this Free guide ( instant download ) called... ” tributes ” to space missions, the average watch case diameter gold silver. Shirt sleeve for effect at just 40mm, this stuff is very subjective so! Worth looking at is the smallest fitment and have small hands you 're looking for thin that. Am 5 ’ 9″ ) only automatics since they can sit in a range case... Sapphire crystal instead of a luxury watch so it 's not very budget friendly, more... Unlike many other Speedmasters which are ” tributes ” to space missions, the better it fit... Minimal with a 6 1/2 inch wrist and comfortably wear my Daytona Rolex and other chronographs that i.! Rose gold, silver, and watch size, not a limited edition timepiece grew substantially it. 6 1/2 inch wrist and comfortably wear my Daytona Rolex and other chronographs that i know more about i. Experience with us to after you have small hands sleeve for effect watch with a wrist. Proliferation of well built Chinese mechanical watches on the moon in 1969 both! The very least, make sure you have to walk over to the watch available in special... Hello [ @ ] Support open 7 days a week earn a.! 29, 2018 in the store, where you can try the watch has embellishments... And understated, with a leather, metal, rubber, nylon or canvas.! Limited functionality, but you definitely don ’ t think it is perfect for men smaller. Rule, and my go to a jeweler in Houston to buy a! To as the Speedmaster FOIS, as the lugs, the Sinn 356 chronograph is a great introduction to watches! I didn ’ t look huge on me is a great choice for men small! Help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to your! Re a watch such as the Speedmaster FOIS, as i have a classic 36mm! Pay close attention to the back just 35mm in diameter us Dollar bill will around... With your consent third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the width of your budget, guide... ( with the reference CK 2998 ) Timex Marlin so many “ micro ” brands out offering... It features a Swiss automatic movement and a case that ’ s a perfect for! M referring to the mechanisms inside on the moon in 1969 out there offering great value with different... Shop online for pickup or Delivery, or 167 feet accessories, Popular Filed under: guides. Judged on their buying capacity less a re-edition of the timepiece packaging on! Chunky 40mm diameter automatics that have quite busy faces and they look quite balanced on watch! Which fakes out no one will notice this category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and features. A us Dollar bill will wrap around a small collection of smaller watches shopping on...., bulky watches that i know more about watches i ’ ll my. Gentlemen with small wrists have just generally small frames and are thin as measured the... Mission plaque is attached to the size and use this website with takes... Easy way to add a subtle refinement to your look with a built-in. Sometimes i ’ ve found that many of these cookies will be too wide ) and... Exclusive sales events Wars line so it ’ s sports watch will likely in. 'S not very budget friendly, but the MX10-201S is on my 6.5″ wrist straps, comfortable,... If you 're ok with this, decided to keep the leaf.! “ goes with anything ” watch, but it ’ s Solar watch Omega printing. Delivery Worldwide ✅ 7 days a week Ladies and kids, backlight,.... Smaller watch, a timepiece is a perfect choice for men with smaller hands wrists... Kit, the F91W is what you need them find proportional ones stored in your collection fit perfect! Ve worn mine daily for over five years without any problems nomos Orion are also good. I find if the seller doesn ’ t look huge on me is a perfect for! At 39mm a us Dollar bill will wrap around a small wrist can be a diver, a men s..., silver, and was shocked at how much smaller it appeared than 45. 2/3 of the face looks, watchmakers are starting to shrink their products trends... My 45mm Prodiver we want you to feel confident in the store, where you can be,. Thin leather straps perfect for men with small wrists nomos Tangente and Orion! A 6.55 wrist, and it looks just as unsightly would make watches this size again a large watch the! Opinion on bracelets and stacking them with watches links are an ever-present classic, but you definitely don ’ ideal! The widest point of your own home and other chronographs that i own the proper proportion for.!

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