sazabi vs sinanju

I was wrong and as cool as the Nu Gundam Ver Ka is, it does suffer when it comes to being solid due to the use of poly-caps. I believe Char will win. I know you mentioned that you painted your Sazabi using Mr.Hobby Gundam Red #3 but being from Australia it seems we only have Tamiya branded spray paint. The failure of a UC kit to stand up is pretty much a fail in my book, god they had ideas for the Rezel Revils, guess the failure of the delta comes to mind. There is also something you can do with the Long Rifle but more on that later. I'm working on it. Please check out our [FAQ]( first which has a bunch of useful information!! Despite not really finding much I like about the looks of the originally Sazabi MG, I absolutely love the Ver Ka. December 21, 2013 at 10:32 pm Give it a try, it doesn’t hurt the polycap or the ball joint, so its an easy non intrusive solution. 0093, he ordered his engineers to create a new mobile suit which would fit his piloting skills and Newtype powers. Do you have problems with the ball joint in the hip? Bocalt says: The fact that Katoki put Sinanju in Sazabi was just so glorious. I have built Sazabi Ver.ka. Having not watched Char’s Counterattack I wasn’t aware of the significance of the Sazabi. The original MG Sazabi didn’t stir much interest in me aside from the fact that it is huge and that in itself draws attention to it. If you like to play with it a lot (you could go blind and end up having heary palms) joints will wear our eventually. and currently working on Sinanju ver.ka. Titanium releases seem to occur a year or so after the kit is released so it probably won’t happen before November. That huge back skirt is enough to cause the Sazabi to lean backwards and I wonder just what I can expect the life span of those poly-caps to be. then again, it seems like sometimes some people’s kits have issues that others didn’t, like how my crossbone ver ka is just fine but a lot of other folks have a myriad of issues with it. I picked Sazabi because of the Bazooka and Speed, he picked Sazabi because of the funnels. Give it a try, it doesn’t hurt the polycap or the ball joint, so its an easy non intrusive solution. But Sazabi … I can see the plastic connector on mine is already developing stress marks so was wondering if you had found a workaround. I wrote that thinking that it would use the same design as the Sinanju, no poly-caps. A shield larger than most regular MG kits, that big Beam Shot Rifle, the appropriately named Long Rifle, two Beam Tomahawks, and the beam sabre handles. so this gunpla is my next wishlist . Another area I want to highlight is the lower torso, specifically the yellow piping that wraps around the waist. I already have asthma, and I wouldn't want to risk anything. If that is the case, the tech shouldn't be too far off. And then attach to the underside of the shield. Trumps even my titanium Sinanju. This goes contrary to my understanding that polycaps are something of a tradeoff, causing joints to sometimes sag a bit, but helping minimize and prevent joint wear from continued posing over time. Yes, it also means certain areas can break if you’re not careful. That shifted the balance considerably. It’s part Sinanju, part Nu Gundam Ver Ka, part Gelgoog (oh so many thrusters), part Marasai…. I recommend Sazabi. And another thing that I have come to really appreciate, the frame parts that were moulded in the silver. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. One day I'll try hand painting, but I'll never airbrush. Like the Sinanju, you can attach the Beam Tomahawks to the shield. The poly-cap-less design means that the Sinanju is rock solid and the joints don’t deteriorate under the weight of the kit. Colors: 10/10 Articulation: 7/10 There's nothing wrong with asking questions (definitely nothing wrong according to the Policies), but the frequency of requests without much of a followup concerns me. Though no option of using dry transfers like you could do with the Sinanju so those who may not be comfortable with waterslides better start practicing. I disagree that force impulse have same ratings with the beast. But when you tilt the model a bit forward (put the stand in a place between MS and MA mode) and you get one of the best looks of any gundam ever. Unghh.. Been reading this thrice now and I still haven’t got the budget for it. You get so much stuff here. Stats wise, in the Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost game, Sinanju is a 2500 unit, while Sazabi is a 3000 unit. I’m curious, have you ever considered building the Ex-S kit? I would say get the sazabi. Just curious for everyone else, who’s turned Char’s Counterattack while building this beast? Overall Look: infinity/10 (okay, 10/10) It's also HUGE!! Because of this kit..I also got the sinanju ova together with this one..luckily the ova also got with the bazooka..yeayyy..cant wait for my shipment to arrive..chrismast has been hectic at hlj they only ship mine after 3 days of paying my shipment :)), Wow it got a better score than Sinanju it must be good. If you have a Bazooka from either the Sinanju Stein or Sinanju Anime MG kits you can put the two together like you could do with the Sinanju rifle. December 22, 2013 at 2:40 pm Do you know what a similar or equivalent color would be to the Mr.Hobby #3 in the Tamiya range? I'd say Sazabi has more brute force and brute strength, while the Sinanju is more refined with more finesse. I am after a darker red color. The red on the Sazabi is quite dark so I would go with a dark grey or black for panel lines. They then clip together along the shaft. Made even more sweet by the sheer size of this guy. You’re given two figures, and those huge effect parts and, being a Ver Ka, you get the watersides as well. The back of the arms have small panels that slide out. It’s more cosmetic so you may end up wondering what you’ll do with it. Love the opening parts on its legs. My guy is standing up just fine now. Sinanju is beautiful and equally well engineered. I'm also considering sinanju stein, not really a fair comparison given the sazabi is a much newer most expensive kit. The side skirts expand and thrusters appear. our great dilemma has just begun! There is no separate part for the leg socket, but rather the upper leg frame is just two solid pieces. lel Ver Kai The front skirts open slightly revealing that cool silver frame. This means the legs can only rotate until the poly-cap in the frame reaches the point where it will start to slip off the ball joint. Sydney if you are wondering what the cockpit ball is all about, it’s meant for the Nu Gundam to hold to recreate some of the events that happen in the final scenes of Char’s Counterattack ( no spoilers ), Lol.. That depends on what you like to do with your kits. same here. I tried putting some blutac onto the ball joint and it works like a charm. The buzz about the kit and even the possibility of this kit was enormous. Their asymmetrical shape ensures they go on and stay there. There is so much going right for the Sazabi Ver Ka that it overwhelms the one thing wrong with it. Does anyone know of any way I can either find a new piece or strengthen the joint? Anyway TC like someone else said, they are technically the same unit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The result was the MSN-04 Sazabi, which was later built by the Luna-based contractor Anaheim Electronics . It is graded upon the expectations of Syd within the kit, and there is a limit in the scoring aspect. This build takes time (I calculate maybe 6 hours) but every minute is enjoyable as each assembly is likely something you’ve never encountered before. That other MG is the Sword Impulse, which also got 95.7%, and also 4-5 years old now. I don’t need to build another kit from this point on as I’ve reached the pinnacle of this hobby. The problem is that your review of your Sword Impulse had three 9s and the rest is 10. This tiny little piece is used to join the Tomahawks together. me too.. Best experience I’ve ever had with a Master Grade model. First off all, the transformation! Yes, this is something you find with other MG kits but in the case of the Sazabi this cockpit doesn’t go into the kit at all. Bandai has not announced one. Wow. Think i won’t be able to hold long before finally buy it. When it comes to looking for a certain colour from Tamiya I suggest looking at their colour chart. Good luck! That's true, however Sazabi in Extreme VS was originally 2500, he was 'upgraded' to a 3000 in fullboost only because it was too overpowered for a 2500 suit, I don't believe it was intentional to have it as a 3k mech. This is where I expected the score for the Sazabi to drop and it does but not by much. The rear skirt elongates revealing even more thrusters and silver. The fact that Katoki put Sinanju in Sazabi was just so glorious. Looking forward to more kit reviews. I’m leaving it like this, I think it looks amazing “as is”. The MP2 hands made for the Sazabi are a step up from the MP1 hands we’ve seen on the other newer kits, though the connection isn’t as secure and the hand may come off easily but that’s fine with me because it’s not breaking when it does. In the end, i believe it all comes down to piloting skills. It’s standing right beside my Nu ver Ka now. Though it scores the same as my beloved MG Sword Impulse (this is due to the low articulation score) if I had to choose between the two I would side with the Sazabi Ver Ka. Joint wise, that is. Cheaper replacements that last longer or stiffer joints that offer better friction but wear out faster and cost more to replace. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I think it'd really come down to the pilot. Build Design: 10/10 If money was not a problem, but only had a choice of one, I'd spring for the Sazabi. I can still remember my SD Sazabi from before. My Captain! With a kit as expensive as the Sinanju, I’d definitely want to be able to fix it cheaply and have the joints last as long as possible.

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