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Portrayal Melody and the others witness the Phantom Troupe member Uvogin massacre the Mafia Community members. Peace my ass, Hisoka will be all over that kid. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. It's a pity none of the PT will live long enough to have children. Kurapika I could never see as much of a family guy, but if he had children, they would probably be well educated as you say and maybe a bit snooty to boot. Hair Color [2], Melody is short and stocky. I feel like Leorio would actually make the best (or most normal father). Just a little lighthearted thread before Heavens Arena premiers on Toonami later. It’s hard to be certain whether or not Togashi created Senritsu with the intention of being progressive, but she is one of the most honest-to-reality characters I’ve ever seen.

Occupation She wore a salmon blouse, pale yellow pants, and orange flats. Things We Saw Today: Satoshi/Ash’s Pikachu Might Be Evolving!?

But I'd give it all back to be the way I was again. Lol! Which is why, if you read the main post again, I mentioned how HxH isn't the type to do stuff like that. I just feel that a lot could be done with something like that. And in spite if his complaints about nagging, old ladies, I think he would make the nagging-est teacher out of all of the characters!

Killua I feel like is the same as Gon in that aspect, except he's embarrassed to show it much. She confirms that Squala is the one by simply listening to his heartbeat. How his kids would turn out is an interesting thought, maybe they somehow disappoint their father by getting into the family business, Uncle Illumi is a manipulating bastard after all. Along with Kurapika, Leorio, Gon, and Killua, Melody returns back to Yorknew City. Press J to jump to the feed. Having listened to a single movement of the violin solo part of the Sonata of Darkness she was deformed. [27] On September 6th around 2 P.M. Kurapika wakes up and is brought up to date about all that occurred while he was in a coma by Melody. Though everyone is now in a calm state of mind, Kurapika still insists on capturing Uvogin and manages to do so. So You're Donald Trump and You Refused to Meet With Chris Evans ... How Did This Ludicrously Sexist Emily Ratajkowski Profile Ever Even Make It to Print? [1] She is currently a bodyguard of Prince Kacho Hui Guo Rou. We already know he's the best dad lol. There are many things more important than beauty, and Senritsu is one example of paving the way toward real diversity in the representation of women in media. [16] She updates Kurapika of the situation immediately. I pray that in the unlikely case HxH will reach its ending (and a proper one), it will not be that cliché. [38], On the second day aboard, she watches over Queen Seiko as an investigator from the ship's Supreme Court questions her about Barrigen's incident. Furthermore, they must also arrest criminals and in rare cases even fellow Hunters who have committed heinous crimes. Melody details her flute had no effect on him and deduces that his condition is not due to simple fatigue. I don't want anyone else to suffer like we did. [11] Due to the sudden interference of the remaining Shadow Beasts, the Nostrade bodyguards escape back to Yorknew safely. [42], At 13:44 on Wednesday, Melody is called to the phone by a fellow bodyguard. Her front teeth are pronounced and protrude much like a rodent's. [7] During the watch, Melody asks for Kurapika's goal, while she shares hers: she explains that she wants to destroy the Sonata of Darkness, which caused her drastic change in appearance and killed her friend. But while Sailor Moon was one of the forerunners of this well-intentioned movement, much of the material from Japan which has been licensed for release in the States is marketed toward boys or men, and magical girls have fallen out of popular favor (recent reboots notwithstanding). She is tasked with preventing Fugetsu and Kacho from escaping, with Keeney as her superior. I never expect these shows to be ground-breaking in their treatment of story or characters, no matter how much acclaim they often receive. She can can alleviate the listener's fatigue, Viz translated Melody's name literally: when written as "旋律", ", In the Crunchyroll's translation of the 2011 anime adaptation the music that Melody plays using her Nen ability is titled as ", In the manga, one of Melody's casual outfits (e.g. After the introduction with him, hooded assailants ambush the room and attack Melody and the other applicants.

), I don't believe Mito will have another kid: Gon's her adopted child through and through, Latest Chapter Spoilers, so unless Togashi comes up with a good enough reason/plot device for Gon to have a "step-brother", I doubt he'll make Mito have another child to raise. Anime Debut Japanese Voice Previous Occupation Kacho then asks her why she thinks she is doing it for someone else. Her goal is to find the sheet music for the sonata and get rid of it, so that none suffer the same fate. Palm? I have wondered a little bit if she may be destined for Leorio (after they finally meet at the end of the series MAYBE). [4] She's later contacted by Kurapika, who asks her if she's spotted any Guardian Spirit Beasts, but she claims she hasn't. Her life changed as the result of one night of drinking with a friend. [43] They decipher Mizaistom's code and Keeney shows Melody a picture of his late wife and daughter that he keeps in his pocket watch. Furthermore, she admits she wants to return to her original form and destroy all versions of the sonata.

[3] As a bodyguard for Kacho Hui Guo Rou, she wears a black suit and a tie. I’m Once Again Asking You All to Just Watch.

Manga Debut She enquires about the two princes, whom the investigator has also invited and whose exact degree of willing participation in the escape is difficult to determine. True Hunters dedicate themselves to the protection of knowledge, people, and nature. Don’t Play With Our Emotions. In response to her, Melody states that she has prepared a more fitting piece for the banquet, and Seiko excitedly assures she will take care of the broadcast. For Gon there's no pairing that wouldn't be gay or weird, Chimera ant Kite? [45] She is scheduled to be the second last to perform, right before the twins. That's the idea here. With an original manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi of Yu Yu Hakusho fame, and yet another four-character, all-male cast of protagonists, this promised to me to be a fun romp through a boys’ fantasy world. Episode 45 (1999) Episode 39 (2011) [2] When the Black Whale 1 departs, she overhears Kacho's plan to form an alliance with Prince Fugetsu to take down the other princes and learns that her entire self is a lie. [44], Melody is subsequently detained by the investigative department, where she spends the night. Among the women there is a headstrong black girl butler (a real rarity in Japanese media), a busty sharp-shooting villain with a huge Roman nose, and an incredibly powerful fifty-something woman who maintains the body of a little girl in order to hide her overpowering, unfeminine musculature.

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