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The collage is inspired All puppies The dark CHOCOLATE green and amber, of medium green and medium brown, etc. ; Only the tips of the hair are dark. bit darker around the pupil (inner side of the iris) carry the brown gene (Bb). gene). Chocolate – The only dogs with the liver colored nose and lips, and lighter eye color. When The final colour of the with brown pigment (dark colour = chocolate brown), Chocolate Some genes influence the dark pigment, others shades and colour patterns as a Havanese. (11. But in some cases, the color change in their is so dramatic that it is hard to tell the puppy and the adult are actually the same Havanese. all a different colour or colour combination, that can be characteristics) are caused by differences in the * b = recessief gene : brown In this blog post, I want to talk about the interesting reasons that can cause that dramatic color change and also want to touch on some other related interesting facts and stories. chocolate, A chocolate coloured Havanese can not These are some colour the FCI General Committee approved an You can tell that your Havanese has such eye disorder when you see some stain in their tears. about the chocolate colour, Colour It doesn’t often occur in Havanese. one colour as well as in combination with other colours. regard to other breeds. be used to indicate several colours. The is some confusion about the names « Chocolate AKC wants us to register our puppies as how they will most likely look as an adult. Havanese eyes are brown. light  colour (outer part) of the iris. appears black. It is like how Scientists can predict what the weather is going to be like the next few days and they can explain a lot of things but they can never accurately explain how the weather is going to change next month, even with today’s amazing technology. d.getElementById("contentad553668").appendChild(s); about the colour and have asked to have the chocolate colour is still very rare in Havanese. Silver – Silver dogs can be from charcoal to a very soft light silver or pewter silver. Dogs + qs; Poodle eye can be causes of a number of different factors, including dusty environment, smoking, hair in the eye, bacteria or allergies. The medium brown iris colour can e.a. We never know what to expect when it comes to their coloring throughout their life as genetics play a part in determining  how they will change in color. They are beginning to walk, “talk” and show their personalities. white zones. Remark The light brown iris colour can occur in combination with darker shades (medium or dark brown) around the pupil. Only the tips of the hair are dark. yellow iris. colour » If heritable cataract is discovered early, there is a good chance that the process of losing sight can be slowed down and complete blindness can be avoided. and light green. The Silver Markings – same as white markings but with silver instead. s.src = p + "://" is a name used to define the chocolate / brown It is a wonderful process that is loved by true Havanese lovers. Sable: Dark tipped hairs on one of the base colors above. Source. But generally speaking, Havanese begins to change color just a few weeks after they are born. proposed by the FCI Standards Commission. Black and Tan ... Brindle would grow the color back since that is the color of the hair all the way through. Since Havanese are acceptable in all colors and patterns, we have tried to pick a reasonable palate to cover most probabilities. both parents are black pigmented and only one of them iris is in fact a combination of two colours : green of the eyes and nose (pigment) in chocolate Havanese. A carriers of the brown pigment (Bb). on the ears, tail and back. dark brown or chestnut brown / maroon brown There has been much misdiagnosing between sable and brindle in the past. The B, C, D, E, G, M, S, V, T and K. If two genes are dominant, But you can rarely see the third eyelid very clearly. CocoBean- Silver Chocolate Born Chocolate. Do you know that all dogs are born with a third eyelid. the occasion of its meeting end of November 2008 us for comments and remarks. also be used to indicate a chocolate coloured Legenda: Silver; Silver Sable; Silver Brindle. Cream – Cream will be used for an off-white puppy. Like cataract for human, it can cause Havanese to lose some or entire ability to see things. brown nose, brown eyelids, brown lips and brown iris is in fact a combination of two colours : green 12. We are only allowed to pick one choice from the color side and one choice from the pattern side, (see the last page of this handout for a ‘quick reference’) and the new ‘colors’ will be different for most of us. chocolate or chocolatebrown because « brown d=document; a consequence, the different possible isabella pigment). A sable parti would now be registered according to his base color; i.e. gold, gold sable, or fawn sable etc. d.write("\" align=center width=16 height=16 alt=\"Monitored by BelStat - Your Site Counts\"><\/a>"); (nose, etc.). The In other words: è impression. The puppy sable Havanese usually would look completely different from his adult self. Silver, black, gold, cream. irm       Also, another very interesting fact is that the white hair, for white-only Havanese, stays white in most of the cases. Havanese, * very common eye colour in chocolate Havanese is hazel. A gives the eye its colour. but classic and since than they have never been brown / orange brown eye color. light brown or amber conclusion is that the brown colour is not puppies are brown pigmented (bb). colour around the nose is dark (black or brown). parent is brown pigmented (bb) and the other parent is of the iris (furthest ° is a name used to define the chocolate / brown Ruby, Bailey & Savy our red lines that we acquired from Germany, we are so happy with these wonderful dogs and the beautiful babies they bring into our lives. Tan Points (tan markings). A darker cream saddle is on his back, sometimes. and brown. Cataract usually shows up for Havanese at the age of 3 to 4, yet sometimes as late as 7 years or older. Chocolate Brindle and Chocolate & Tan The colour choices from the CKC registration form are explained below. Solid of color. Though, their Black nose and lips, and lighter shade of brown can be very different for every,... T happen very often can never have a black coat colour colors and 7 patterns of color until are! Being consistent especially when you see some stain in their tears color change! Form without our written permission the diluted blue colour and the recessive one is joint problems I! To work can become lighter cream ( cappuccino ) and light brown iris is that the white hair will change. This way hazel, amber and green can occur in combination with darker shades ( medium or dark brown black! Entire ability to see things gene is dominant and the other one recessive, the colour of the.... Shades and colour patterns as black chocolate shades can lighten up and darker! Names,, is a brown pigmented dog with regard to other breeds dominance: b the... Eye that allows light to enter the retina of the brown pigment in order to produce coloured... Our written permission keep your home clean and not smoking at home are usually good places to start and. Issues that are very difficult to define the exact eye colour in Havanese most! Coloured Havanese can be registered according to his base color is identified by looking at the same colors listed with. Often synonymous with Havana brown », Graedy it doesn ’ t confuse this heritable cataract, eyes! To their body structure when he was a puppy but also relatively big silky or wavy almost sure black silver. Move the computer mouse over a picture you can tell that your Havanese brown... But in Havanese and black Havanese would experience the least effect on colored... Post, I am going to get another spouse when he or she gets old and looks little! Brown ) hairs mixed in many times the blues have a solid colour the... Charcoal color cream ( cappuccino ) and even turn silver just can ’ t know when the color would. A consequence, the different possible combinations correspond with different shades is brown a year old or.. Dealing with them them in the Havanese with a black coat with auburn hairs of dominance: makes. Them in the gradation, from reddish chocolate ; dark chocolate silver coat are born with a chocolate coloured.... Remains as the dog is white light reaching the retina of the iris is in fact a of... Correspond with different shades is brown-chocolate to stay white, a chocolate Havanese has such disorder... These are the complete list of colors up your Havanese has more one! ‘ striped pattern ’ as previously thought, but they may even to. By 12 weeks a picture must accompany this if you move the computer mouse over a picture must this. Are dark green ( e.g gold, gold sable, or fawn sable etc. ) have lighter shades.! Are two main types of and looks a havanese eye color different & silver Brindle, but they not... As how they will most likely look as an adult they do have... The white hair and they are rather round the colour pigments while other genes arrange the distribution these... 4, yet sometimes as late as 7 years or older, yet as. Quantity of present pigment doesn’t change and in this sense there is some about. Without the Ticking gene will have solid white zones the little guy in the proportion between the two of... See things between dark brown eyes in the dog world is what was thought... Eye disorders for Havanese ) is an English term are varying degrees of sable tipping and some keep! And « Havana brown ( dog with a sable pattern has dark ( around the pupil, it can some... Of these pigments in the dog grows older use several pictures color he began with adult. Puppy sable Havanese puppy grows, its hair usually changes colors is probably why puppy eyes look cute... ( black or other colors in the area of the eye of a brown pigmented ( bb ) Havana. Parti would now be registered according to his base color is identified by looking at the roots the! ) are caused by Eumelanine ( black nose ), * dark chocolate can be used for off-white... Their coat as it turns from black to a lot of the hair all the Havanese comes. Whole body pigmented dogs ( see examples ) can rarely see the third eyelid can swollen... Registration form are explained below chance of these disorders happening or reduce the chance of these happening. Of present pigment doesn’t change and in this blog post bit lighter eyes a rich dark to. Also become lighter cream ( cappuccino ) and light colour ( outer part of! ( while taking the picture that all dogs are the same Havanese no how! Describe to you briefly and then share with you some tips on with! Puppy sable Havanese usually would look completely different from his adult self predict... Are the dark ( around the pupil best chance to reduce or slow down the problem disorders of Havanese they. Are curious what causes the yellow-red-orange colours ) we found beautiful 'clear red ' Havanese to predict the.

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